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Breaking down the ‘Batwoman’ trailer

The CW released the first looks of our new resident DCTV hero, and we’re excited to see Batwoman standing her ground with authority in this Arrowverse. Here it is:

Batman’s bat-cation

The first shots of the trailer show a police-force type organization called the “Crows” as the protector of Gotham ever since Batman left. And yes of course Batman left.

We talk about our bat-heroes like there only could have been one singular enforcer for our dear and dreary Gotham. Like Batman’s “bat-cation” subdues his heroics and Batwoman is taking credit. But honestly, the discussion of Batman on this show could have gone 1 of 2 ways, in efforts to allow Batwoman to be it’s own thing:

  1. Batman is never mentioned and never exists in this universe.
  2. Batman is talked about but is just not here.

And they went with option two, which is the preferable avenue because any and all “Batman speak” will be addressed, so we can move on to what is most important: which is Kate Kane, because it’s her show.


In Kate Kane, We Stan

The first glimpses of Kate show her past in the military, and perhaps an old (but possibly new) flame Sophie. Sophie gets kidnapped and Kate is compelled to save her. There’s shots of them kissing, and looking at each other longingly. I spot the signs of an epic ship being developed!

We also see a major villainous foe for Kate, who is also a woman. And once again, my heart is made happy with more female villains on my television screen.

Kate is cool. She looks comfortable in her skin, and is maybe ready to start a caped crusade of her own. Venturing into Bruce’s bat-cave she finds the bat-suit, and wants to redo it because it strikes fear in the hearts of criminals and hopefully some hope in the citizens of Gotham. She says things like “[the suit] will be [perfect], when it fits a woman,” and “I’m not going to let a man take credit for a woman’s work.”

So clearly, the altered bat-suit isn’t a thing for long and Batwoman is born. And if those two sentences tired you because of it’s pro-feminist leanings, then I recommend just going back to sleep, because Batwoman WOKE, friends.


We’re ready for Batwoman

So far, this series looks to be fresh and gritty, all the while smiling at the classic superhero tropes we love. We’re ready for her, and her particular brand of heroism.

Kate Kane is standing in the dim streetlights of Gotham, a proud queer woman of DCTV, a superhero, and not giving an inch.


Batwoman has been added to The CW’s 2019 fall slate! Catch her when the leaves change.



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