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‘The Flash’ season 5: FINALE + season in review

Season finale recap + the best of season 5

The Flash season 5 finale, “Legacy”, aired 14 May 2019.

Here we are, Flashies. Another season gone.

Looking back how did this season go for you? I’ll admit, at times I wasn’t sure where the show was heading. Despite the mixed bag however, this week’s finale wrapped things up nicely for most part.

To start, remember Ralph figured out Thawne’s plan to destroy Cicada’s dagger is to save himself. The dagger is what contains him in his cell. Ralph throws himself in the way of the dagger and dagger-destroying ray. This allows Gracicada to escape. The team now have a decision: stop Cicada or stop Thawne?

the flash reverse flash
the CW

I don’t feel so good

Nora has an idea for them to do both. She has to connect to present-day, comatose young Grace’s mind and convince her to take the meta-cure, which would change evil, future Cicada Grace. Young Grace has a vision of two versions of her uncle – his vengeful side and his caring side. Nice Orlin wins out. Grace wakes from her coma and takes the cure.

However, the dagger’s dark energy represses the healing effects, so nothing happens to Cicada Grace, who moves to stab Nora. In desperation, Barry destroys the dagger to save Nora. Young Grace finally heals while Cicada Grace disappears from existence, Infinity War style.

In 2049, Thawne relishes his regained power and kills all the guards. Until Barry and Nora run to the future to confront him. This turns into a massive race through time and into present day, with the rest of Team Flash showing up to join the melee. Nora manages to pin Thawne down and, angered by his manipulation, nearly vibrates her hand through his chest. Barry and Iris stop her, just in time for Nora to start dissipating a la Grace. The new timeline is affecting her too. Thawne escapes while the family make tearful goodbyes.

Bye bye Vibe

Vibe pulled off some serious chops in the battle against Thawne. It was his last hurrah, sadly, as Cisco ultimately chose to relinquish his powers.

the flash cisco ramon
the CW

Earlier, he had revealed his role at Star Labs and ability to Kamilla (pulling off a cool trick with his coffee in the process.) The photographer took the news very well. She told Cisco she wouldn’t ask him to give up his powers. However, Cisco doesn’t want his powers to be his legacy. He wants it to be his intelligence and relationships with people.

It’s fitting that he asked Caitlin to administer the cure for him. She has been his longest friend, and they started working on the cure together.

Afterwards, he tells her he left her something – a token of their friendship – in his workshop. It looks like a new Killer Frost suit. These two are so cute.

Frankly, I’m kinda iffy about this. Cisco’s journey towards this decision was done in fits and starts, and at times felt like just a means to an end rather than letting his character develop organically. But at least the Cisco dying rumours were false.

Singh pulls a sneaky one

Captain Singh calls Joe, Cecile and Barry in for a meeting. He announces he’s been appointed Chief of police, and nominates Joe to become CCPD’s new Captain. Whoop whoop, congrats, Joe!

Singh then also reveals he knows Barry is the Flash. “I’m a detective too,” he says as Barry stutters. Good god, is it possible for me to love Singh even more? I hope his promotion doesn’t mean we’ll no longer see him on the show.

Speaking of detectives, Sherloque praises Ralph for figuring out Thawne’s plan and upgrades him to “adult giraffe”. Ralph takes it in stride and gets a stuffed giraffe toy to put in his office. Sherloque then leaves to join Renee on another Earth, leaving Tom Cavanagh free to continue marauding about the Flash universe.

the flash
the CW

P.S. is it just me or is Ralph’s giraffe toy the same as Lydia’s “mountain lion” in Teen Wolf?

And then there were two

So, things ended kind of nicely for team Flash. We see Cisco spending time with Kamilla, Caitlin smiling at her new suit, Sherloque reuniting with Renee. Ralph opens a case file labelled ‘Dearborn’ – hinting that Sue Dibny (née Dearborn) is around the corner. But for our main couple, there was no happy ending, only a journal of pictures and a video recording to remember Nora by.

the flash
the CW

I was expecting a reprise of “We’re gonna need more diapers.” I.e. Iris finds out she is pregnant…with the tornado twins.

But no, instead we get sad Westallen with even more sadness to come: the ‘Flash Vanishes in Crisis’ article is now dated to 2019. What?! This probably has to do with the impending Crisis on Infinite Earths event.

How did you rate season 5? How would you rank it with the other The Flash seasons? What do you want in season 6? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Once again, it’s been a great season writing for you all!


  • “Can’t we just blast some Gaga and hope he wakes up?” – Cisco
  • “I am the only speedster who knows how to manipulate the timeline to get what I want.” – Thawne
  • “She showed me what it’s like to have a daughter.” – Thawne on Nora
  • “Just a way to say thank you.” “For what?” “Being a great friend.” – Cisco and Caitlin

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