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‘Supergirl’ recap: 4×21 “Red Dawn”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 21, “Red Dawn” May 12, 2019.

The penultimate episode happened and it was amazing! Unlike Game of Thrones’ penultimate episode that same night, Supergirl actually kept true to the story. Everything we needed to happen did. There is so much to discuss. Let’s review the top moments of this week!

Ben’s Revelation

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Mr. Lockwood’s naivety finally catches up to him. Ben roams around this episode with his self indulgent BS. Everyone’s had enough of you, Sir. Lena finally lays the smack down on him. She confronts the bigot and gives him the facts.

  1. He is dying from the heranel.
  2. He will lead her to Lex. (Inadvertently he does.)
  3. Bro, you are a just Lex’s pawn.

Ben is genuinely shocked to learn that Lex organized his rise. Lena rolls her eyes at his stupidity. We all do really. 

“You really didn’t know?”

Lockwood is about as useful as Otis Graves, I swear it. Ben injects himself with more heranel and heads to his headquarters. Lena and James follow him.

Brainiac has returned.


Brainy, Dreamer, and J’onn hunt down the kidnapped aliens. Funny enough they are the same location as Ben Lockwood. Two birds. Dreamer and Brainy get captured. They find out where the aliens are. J’onn is searching the grounds. When Brainy gets captured, unfortunately some bad stuff goes down.

  • The Children of Liberty torture him.
  • He refuses to tell them anything.
  • They short circuit him and a new person emerges.

Those of you comic fans out there, know who I am talking about. The original Brainiac returns. The genius, powerful, psychotic computer nerd returns. He wakes up and kills everyone. He then sacrifices Dreamer to find out where the missing aliens were portaled to. Can J’onn stop him? Nope. Brainiac knocks him out.

Red Daughter vs. Kara

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Supergirl and Red Daughter finally have their all out showdown! Kara tells Red Daughter everything she knows about Lex and his plans. Red Daughter doesn’t care. The battle begins. I think Kara put it best.

“What do you think is going to happen? We have the same powers!”

She is correct, but it doesn’t make the battle any less epic. These two fight for keeps. Red Daughter gains the upper hand for one reason only, she takes the Sun away. No we don’t get an explanation for how she does this. It must have something to do with the suit Lex gave her.

Kara gets her butt handed to. During the fight, Alex begins to get flashbacks with every blow. By the time Supergirl hits the ground, Alex remembers who she is. Kara’s heart stops. Alex begins to cry and tells her not to give up. She reminds her that the forest around her has sun seeping through. Kara begins to take it in. (Once again we get no explanation on how Kara gains this new power?) Kara awakes. First words out of her mouth are.

“Alex, I missed you.”

Bye, Red Daughter


I know what you are thinking. Where did Red Daughter go? Home girl just flew away mid fight. We don’t find out why until the end of the episode. Why?

Lex set Kaznia on fire. He made it look like Supergirl did it. Red Daughter went to try and stop him. She failed and he-


Can you believe it? I mean we can, but it was still shocking as hell. The news drops. Lex’s plan unfolds. Here’s what he did.

  • Lex killed Red Daughter to make it look like he killed Supergirl. 
  • He wants it to look like he saved Kaznia and by proxy the world.
  • His whole plan was about his savior complex.

Next week, in the season finale, we get to find out how the world reacts. What will the team do? What happens to Dreamer? Will they figure out Brainy isn’t the same? All of these questions will be answered next week in the season 4 finale! Tune in!

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