‘Arrow’ season 7 finale review: 7×22 “You Have Saved This City”

Arrow season 7 finale review: Season 7, Episode 22, “You Have Saved This City” Aired May 13, 2019.

I’m not ready to say goodbye. But saying goodbye was made much much easier by this emotionally impactful and sob-inducing finale.

“I just wanted to be a Queen.” -Emiko

Emiko’s reasoning for her out-right hatred for Oliver (Robert I get) this season, has admittedly been spotty. However, I did like how the episode addressed that somewhat with her conflict with the Ninth Circle. The Ninth Circle just wanted to profit off of Star City’s destruction, while Emiko made it personal with her vendetta against Oliver.

In turn, the team saved the city from Emiko’s attack, and Oliver tried to save Emiko. He followed Angel Tommy’s advice and let the best parts of himself dictate his actions and not the worst parts.

In the end, it truly did seem like Emiko would have been on her way towards a redemptive path, but the Ninth Circle got to her first. Her last words were quite heartbreaking, she just wanted to be a Queen (I mean same).

The Mark of Four

Courage, compassion, selflessness, and loyalty. The last shots of Team Arrow featured them creating The Mark of Four. Even though the scene needed room to breathe (they were rushing to get to what’s REALLY important), it was still nice to see Oliver reflecting on his legacy.

They saved the city together, and his legacy is inspiring people to be heroes, and to continually work at being the best versions of themselves.

However, I will say this, I think one of the reasons why fans love OTA so much is because their relationship was actually allowed to develop and grow. Unlike with other characters where we are told we should love them because of X, Y, and Z. And any other meaningful relationships the show has took time in developing, and earning, (besides Olicity) are with people who are gone or were killed off. One of the failures of Arrow was never making the whole cast of characters feel like a family.

And even when we don’t get too many quality OTA moments, the ones we do get, we can always feel the history and the love that the three of them have for each other. The original three.

That’s why that moment with OTA saying goodbye to the bunker was so emotional and beautiful. Because the three of them and their hero’s journey is what makes the show.

The Future Generation of Heroes

Seeing Mia Smoak makes me tear up, she’s truly the best parts of Oliver and Felicity. And our baby girl saved the day, there’s no more wall dividing The Glades and Star City. She’s so badass, kind, complicated, and beautiful.

William and Mia also genuinely developed a nice rapport and affection for each other, which was so satisfying to see. I love the Smoak-Queen children and would die for them, kill for them, and follow them into a spinoff.

Olicity, and The Love That’s Bigger Than The Freaking Universe

Oliver and Felicity are poetry. They are the epitome of heroism, strength, and all-consuming love. One beautiful aspect of “You Have Saved This City” is the acknowledgment that Olicity is the heart and soul of this show, and in knowing that, they took the time to give them a proper farewell, along with some time together as a family. The bad guy plot was secondary to what is MOST important.

The Monitor shows up to take Oliver to help with the looming “Crisis,” but Oliver thought he would have years with William, Mia, and Felicity before that happened. But that time is now, and he has to say goodbye.

Oliver is always the one that sacrifices the most, and gives the most, in this Arrowverse. I get frustrated with him over it, but I also truly, truly, love him for it. And that’s how Felicity feels, “why does it always have to be you?” she says while looking back and forth between her husband and The Monitor. Oliver is sacrificing everything for the safety and security of the universe. And that’s Oliver in a nutshell.

He goes to prison to save undeserving newbies, and he will go to the multiverse with The Monitor because he made a deal to save Barry and Kara.

And the goodbye Oliver and Felicity share will always be the most impactful, and emotionally resonant moment of the show:

She promises to do everything in her power to keep William and Mia safe.

And wherever Oliver goes, and whatever happens, he’s not allowed to leave her.

They are the very best parts of each other.

And THAT ladies and gentleman, is so much bigger than the freaking universe.

When Oliver returned home he didn’t think he was capable or deserving of love. But then he met Felicity, and she opened up his heart in ways he didn’t think were possible.

His only regret is he didn’t tell Felicity he loved her sooner.

But they can’t have regrets, not now.

Felicity will tell Mia that her father loves her every day.

And he knows she will grow up to be as smart and as beautiful as her mother.

Felicity promises that she will find him again. It’s her will.

He loves her.

She loves him so much.

And that’s goodbye, for now, and for 20 years.

Oliver and Felicity are together again, twenty years later, wherever he is. Their love story is protected now that Felicity (physically) will not be part of season 8. And I couldn’t have asked for a better ending for the beloved Felicity Megan Smoak. She’s happy with her husband, after knowing that her children are safe and okay, and have each other.

But what’s in store for season 8? Who the frack knows.

Stray Musings:

  • Curtis continues to be the worst. Is your name Overwatch? Why are you the one sitting in the chair when it’s Felicity’s job? Didn’t you ghost that one dude a long time ago?
  • That one “don’t die” line was funny though.
  • Low key wish we got a Laurel and Felicity hug. I know I’m surprised too.
  • John Diggle and Felicity Smoak are the cutest beans, I love their friendship.
  • They were so setting up a spinoff no one can tell me otherwise.
  • Bronze Tiger! We don’t know what happened to him yet but I wish we got more of him. He’s just a really fascinating and enjoyable character.
  • So like… what was the point of Roy? He did literally nothing.
  • They had Felicity not get joint custody of William because…? They wanted the Mia reveal to be a surprise? Still could have been with William knowing his sister but whatever.

You can watch this episode of Arrow on The CW website! Be sure to check out Pure Fandom’s Spotify for the Olicity Playlist, where we feature “The Other Side” by Ruelle which was playing during the ending scene. And we won’t keep you hanging over hiatus, keep a look out for some fun articles we have in store!



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