‘iZombie’ 5×02 Recap: “Dead Lift”

Plot twists, unexpected deaths and more!

iZombie 5×02, Season 5, Episode 2, “Dead Lift,” Aired May 9th, 2019.

iZombie‘s fifth and final season is official underway and their second episode caused for many shocking moments and surprises. Plot twists, unexpected deaths and more occurred in the most recent episode and I’m about to break it all down for you.

Here is what happened in iZombie 5×02!

Missing Woman Found

The missing woman, Lisa, from the previous episode was soon found and it turns out that she is the girlfriend of the worried man and she is still well and alive.

Liv, Clive and Lisa’s boyfriend found her in the woods on a psychedelic trip and having an affair. Whoops… that was one mystery solved quick and on top of all that… Liv and Clive find out that the attack was fake and there is no dead woman.

The whole situation was propaganda, in order to convince Seattle that Zombies were attacking them and there’s no surprise there, as pretty much everyone are zombie-haters and will do anything to cause fear and commit terrorist attacks to rid of them.

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How ironic though… humans are on a mission to show how dangerous Zombies are, yet they’re the ones currently looking like monsters.

Smuggle Gone Wrong

Liv’s smuggler, Barron, who we previously saw trying to smuggle a Oliver, a sick boy, and two girls in to Seattle, manage to hot-wire a police car and escape from detention, soon arriving at the Seattle wall.

Everything seems successful, however, the eeriness and silence amidst that had me wary that something bad was about to happen and the arrow just missing one of the young girl’s heads, proved my worries and a group of human vigilantes attack them – unfortunately killing Barron in the process.

Although Barron was breaking Liv’s rules of how to smuggle people in to Seattle, his intentions were good-hearted and he died a hero, distracting the vigilantes and allowing the children to safely make it to Renegade’s safe house, where they inform Liv of the tragedy.

Zombie Rules Broken

Liv heals Oliver’s illness with a scratch and, although the two young girls are perfectly well and just wanted an escape from their foster homes – Oliver also scratches the two of them, turning two healthy girls in to Zombies.

I don’t know if Liv is going to react to this at all, but it had me riled up a bit. The whole point of Liv’s scratch is to heal people who are sick, so to go against these rules and start turning any random people in to Zombies, baring in mind Major is struggling to feed the Zombies in Seattle already, it could cause a serious riot!

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Soldier’s Lost

Filmore Graves set up a meeting regarding the suicide bomber in the previous episode and one by one, each of Major’s soldiers are doubting and questioning his motives and his policies.

Major is most certainly no Chase Graves, but that’s what makes him the better person for the job, as he considers and respects everybody – human or Zombie – and has everybody’s best interests at heart. Chase only had himself, his colleagues (sort of) and other Zombies at his best interests.

Whilst out on duty, the Filmore Grave soldiers are attacked by a sniper, causing two soldiers to pass away, one including Jordan, who we have all witnessed begin as a homeless Zombie, to a well trained soldier with the help of Major himself. Major was devastated about the news and showing his vulnerable side around colleagues caused them to mock his methods.

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Major has always been a hit and miss type of character for me – sometimes he’s likeable, sometimes he unbearable and through season four and the beginning of season five, he has shown a whole new side of himself. He is capable of standing up for himself a lot more and doesn’t allow people to walk all over him and because of this, I have a new found respect for him.

He genuinely is such a caring person towards everyone and sometimes that can come around and smack him in the face, however recently, he’s shown us that he is able to balance caring for people and also putting them in their place when necessary.

Fitness Junkie Brain

Episode two see’s Liv consuming the brains of a fitness junkie, which prevents her and Clive from fully working together, as all she wants to talk about is how many calories certain foods have, what Clive can do to up his exercise game and every now and again, you’ll see Liv in the background working out instead of actually doing her work.

This did cause for a funny scene when her and Clive was supposed to be interviewing a woman, as Liv shows off her muscle strength by pushing two trash cans up a driveway and then continues to conduct a full exercise routine, leaving Clive to get all the information they need.

Fitness Junkie Liv was fun and everything, however, I miss the good old days where she ate brains to solve murder mysteries. This brain had no connection to any mystery that they were working on and was just something she consumed for her dinner. It’s great that the show is looking at the political sides of the Zombie/Human war currently breaking out, but at the same time, I hope they start to fall back in to the path of when iZombie first began.

Drive-By Shooting

Liv and Clive arrive at a drive-by shooting in one of Seattle’s human bars and Major also comes by to investigate what went on.

The humans question Major as to how Filmore Graves plans to cover up this shooting and when Liv tries to give the injured man medical help, they all turn her away, assuming that she will heal him with a scratch. Because of their hatred towards Zombies, Liv is unable to treat him and the man passes away.

The humans did anger me in this scene a lot. I get that they believe all Zombies are going to turn them, because that is pretty much what is going on with all of the sick and injured, however, when all of the humans let the poor man die because of their judgemental opinions – it just shows that Zombies really are the better side to be on at the moment.

Misleading the Public

Filmore Graves manages to find the people who carried out the drive-by shooting, unfortunately two of them being Filmore Graves soliders, who had earlier on in the episode, questioned Major as a boss.

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Major punishes the two by faking a video of them getting put on the guillotine, when he has actually put them both on ice. This gives the public hope that Filmore Graves are still on their side and it also allows Major to track down the people who made the video and smuggle them out of Seattle.

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