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Our favorite TV couples as Taylor Swift songs

I love TV and I love Taylor Swift, so why not put it into one post? It’s a great idea, I know. From Once Upon a Time to The Good Place, comes some of my favorite TV ships. Of course, each relationship on TV has its own characteristics, and each Taylor Swift song has its own meaning. Check out which songs I think align with my favorite TV ships!

Emma Swan and Killian Jones (Once Upon a Time)


There are so many Taylor Swift songs that I can label Emma and Killian’s relationship with. However, I think the beautifulness of “Enchanted” describes their love story on the show. Because they were truly enchanted to have met one another and fallen in love.

“All I know is I was enchanted to meet you.” This line alone represents their love. Emma and Killian never knew they would meet anyone who they would love for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, they met one another and the rest is history! Also, I love “Enchanted,” and I love Captain Swan, so I think they deserve this honor.

Eleanor Shellstrop and Chidi Anagonye (The Good Place)


“Wonderland” may not be one of Swift’s most well-known song, but I think it aptly applies to Eleanor and Chidi’s relationship. I am comparing Wonderland to The Good Place because in a way, it sort of was. I mean, they did “find Wonderland” and pretended that “it could last forever.”

Unfortunately, as with Wonderland, The Good Place is a place that is out of this world and unknown. Eleanor and Chidi were hopeful that their love could persist, but between reboots galore, it couldn’t. Yeah, I am still upset about last season’s finale. I need them back together stat!

Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt (Parks and Recreation)


Leslie and Ben are definitley Swift’s latest jam, “Me!” It’s such a fun and energetic, postive song, which is exactly how they are as a couple. Leslie and Ben are probably the couple that makes everyone want to embrace their more colorful and fun side, like in the song “Me!”

“Me!” is all about embracing your quirks, and as a couple, Ben and Leslie continually encouraged each other’s quirkiness. Leslie was okay with Ben’s nerdiness and his love for writing fanfic; Ben was okay with Leslie’s need to be perfect and work every second of every day.

April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer (Parks and Recreation)


There are hints of April and Andy in “You Belong With Me.” You may remember a time when April knew that she liked Andy, but she wasn’t sure he was over Ann quite yet. Thankfully, they belonged together, so they made it work.

Like in the song, there’s a conflict because the guy is with a girl who doesn’t get him, while a girl that does is sitting on the sidelines. April was that girl on the sidelines. Andy and April clicked and understood one another. Thankfully, she got her man in the end.

Snow White and Prince Charming (Once Upon a Time)


We’re going to throwback and be ironic for this couple. Snow and Charming are “Love Story,” one of Swift’s fairytale, romance songs. This OUAT couple was truly a one-of-a-kind love story. Something everyone dreams about…and sings about.

Swift sings about Romeo saving “her,” and Charming saved Snow after Regina overtook the Enchanted Forest. Plus, there was that whole thing where he woke her from the sleeping curse. No big deal. He was her saving grace and her fairytale happy ending.

Rachel Green and Ross Geller (Friends)


I don’t really ship Ross and Rachel, but I had a really good song to relate them to. “We are Never Getting Back Together” perfectly defines the iconic on-again and off-again couple. The first lines alone illustrates them as a whole: ” I remember when we broke up…the first time.”

Eventually, Ross and Rachel did get back together. However, if you recall, Rachel yells at Ross after temporarily getting back together with him that they were “SOOOOO OVER!”

Now, excuse me while I go jam to some Taylor Swift because I am feeling inspired. What’s your favorite TV couple and what TSwift song can you relate them to? Sign off below or tweet us!

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