‘Riverdale’ 3×21: 8 biggest highlights from “The Dark Secrets of Harvest House”


Riverdale 3×21, Season 3, Episode 21, “Chapter Fifty-Six: “The Dark Secrets of Harvest House,” Aired May 8th, 2019.

The season 3 finale of Riverdale is just around the corner and things have taken a MASSIVE turn in Riverdale 3×21. Betty is now all in at the Farm, giving her every opportunity to explore their deepest and darkest secrets, which might I add, there are plenty of them.

Archie and Veronica are on their quest to take Hiram down once and for all, and after playing the hero, Jughead finds out the true identity of the Gargoyle King…

This episode definitely topped last week’s episode as the most tense one of the season and I think I’m going to need some serious therapy after all of this is done.

Here is what happened on 3×21!

Serial Killer Genes

Alice, Polly and Edgar sit down Betty and tell her that at eight years old, she was tested positive for ‘serial killer genes’ – baring in mind Alice, Polly and Hal were all tested negative – however, they’re still worried that she could follow in her father’s footsteps.

They waited NINE YEARS to tell Betty that she has SERIAL KILLER GENES? I can’t with this family anymore. Betty deserves more, I know it, we all know it. At this point I want Betty to run as far away from Riverdale as possible and then make a spin-off for her new life.

Dark Betty

After hearing that she has ‘serial killer genes’, Betty has her first session with Edgar, where he convinces her to confess that she’s afraid of her dark side and she falls to in a trance from that Newton’s Cradle(?) toy.

Edgar then takes Betty to an empty room, where she is confronted by herself, or shall we say, Dark Betty.

“I am the real Elizabeth Cooper. You are the illusion.” – Dark Betty

If you were convinced that Cheryl was actually seeing Jason and Alice was actually seeing Charles… This scene was definitely the one to confirm that everything was just a figment of their own imaginations.

And our little Nancy Drew was about to confirm that…

Fake Hallucinations

Betty came much more prepared to Edgar’s second session and stuffs her ears with candle wax, blocking out Edgar’s hypnosis attempt.

When taken back to the empty room to see Dark Betty, she is in fact confronted by Polly dressed as Betty. Shocking? Yes. Surprising? No. Polly was deep in to this game before anybody, so it was clear to see that Polly’s intentions had never been for the goodness of anyone.

It makes you wonder, who was posing as Jason and Charles when Cheryl and Alice were under Edgar’s hypnosis? Who else is responsible for turning some of our beloved Riverdale teens to the dark side?

The Farms ‘Harvest Programme’

We see Betty question Evelyn about the IV bag attached to her, in which Evelyn replies she’s been on dialysis since she was a little kid, however, Betty notices that her IV bag says she is on immunosuppressant – for organ transplants.

Go back prior to this scene, we saw Betty sat with Cheryl, Toni, Fangs and Kevin, who were all taking about the fact that Edgar is able to do procedures and remove all pain and disease from their bodies. We find out that Fangs is currently recovering from a procedure, Kevin has had the procedure (leaving a nasty scar on his side) and Toni is in line next.

Betty sneaks in to the infirmary and finds boxes after boxes of organs labelled for the Farm’s ‘Harvest Programme’.

So, turns out, Edgar is literally arranging procedures to remove kidneys from people and convincing them to do so to prevent diseases. Honestly, I don’t even know what to think anymore… this show has just gone from one extreme to the other. Just when you think it can’t possibly get any worse… it does!

Cheryl to the Rescue

In order to get Cheryl on her side, Betty takes a human heart to her and catches her up to speed on Edgar and Evelyn’s true intentions for the Farm.

The bad-ass girlfriend she is, Cheryl storms in to save Toni, who was mere seconds away from her procedure. Cheryl helps Toni escape and stays back to distract the guards – I’m not ready to see the consequences Cheryl’s about to face once Edgar finds out. Fingers crossed Toni gets help and saves Cheryl in time before any serious harm can be done!

Betty Going Under

Whilst Cheryl is saving Toni, Betty focuses on trying to get Kevin and Fangs to trust her. Unfortunately, the boys are still #TeamEdgar and in an attempt to remove herself from the situation, the two tackle Betty to the ground and finds herself strapped to a gurney, whilst Edgar stands to the side of her, prepping for an involuntary procedure.

Riverdale is getting way too dark for my poor heart to handle now and this intense scene had toppled me over the edge.


Archie Distracts Hiram

You thought Hiram had reached his limits of how annoying he can be? Well, you’re wrong. Because now he is plotting to purchase and privatize the entirety of Riverdale, just as long as the Governor approves.

Veronica shows Archie and Mary the fake contracts she had signed with her dad, showing that seeing as he is the owner of her speakeasy, he is responsible for all of the gambling and underage drinking going on.

It’s good to have Mary back and she was the vital ingredient Ronnie needed to make sure that her plan was going to work. Mary hits up an FBI friend to take Hiram down, however, she confirms that Hiram needs to be caught in the act before anything can be done.

Archie has plans of his own to take Hiram down and that involves one final match in the boxing ring – if Archie wins, Hiram leaves Riverdale. To top off the start to a brilliant plan, Veronica sets up the speakeasy to take in illegal bets on the match.

The fight starts extremely vicious, with Hiram pretty much already cheating every chance, so Archie peels his gloves off, Hiram following and they have a fist to fist fight with their bare knuckles.

Meanwhile, back at the speakeasy, Reggie informs Veronica that people are now putting bets on Hiram killing Archie in the ring.

The police come by to the speakeasy to raid the place and when they have enough proof to take him down, Veronica lets them know that he is currently partaking in an illegal underground boxing match, leading them straight to him.

Just as Hiram is about to take his last punch, also possibly the death blow, and announce to Archie that he has won, FP puts a stop to the fight and arrests Hiram on the spot.

FP becoming Sheriff and having the power to arrest Hiram after everything he’s done, was one of the most satisfying moments of this season.

Daughter dearest, Veronica, takes a little visit to Hiram’s cell and lets him know that all of his assets are currently being seized and auctioned off. After all of his manipulating and lies… Veronica had finally won.

#TeamArchie or #TeamReggie?

During Archie and Veronica’s plans to take down Hiram, Mary had been watching the two from the side-lines and notices that there are still some sparks flying about, although Archie is doubtful that that is the case.

Mary encourages Archie to find Veronica and rekindle things with her because, you know, in Mary’s words they are ‘end-game’. Hmm… agree to disagree with you there, Mary.

Ready to rekindle their relationship, Archie finds out that Reggie already beat him to it and Veronica has already agreed to rekindle theirs.

I am so much more on board with Veggie, than Varchie, however, the look on Veronica’s face when Archie left shows that there’s a slight chance she’s uncertain of the decisions she had just made. #TeamVeggie all the way, but I just know that there’s no way the Riverdale writers are allowing them to be end-game.

And The Gargoyle King is…

The answer we’ve all been waiting for… who is the Gargoyle King?

Well… that was officially confirmed in Wednesday’s episode and there are so many more questions to be asked!

Jughead traces the letter Betty received on prom night, to meet the Gargoyle King and finds out that it was from Ricky (the one who stabbed Archie and kidnapped Jelly).

Jelly tells him that Ricky is hiding away in the woods, preparing to ‘ascend’ and when Jughead, the hero that he is, rushes to stop him – he is surrounded by boy scouts, aka the Lost Boys, and Ricky yells, “Kill him! Protect the Princess!

With just a few seconds to spare before the boy scouts could catch him, Jughead hides away in his bunker and finds Ethel, aka ‘The Princess’.

After one of the Lost Boys go missing, Jughead helps Ethel seek him out, whilst also saving all three of them from the Black Hood in the process and as a thank you to Jug and FP for getting the state to look after the boys, she whispers to him the identity of the Gargoyle King.

So… here it is…


Image result for jason blossom gif

I’m sorry… what? Does nobody remember that two years ago we literally WATCHED Cliff Blossom shoot his son dead? Has Cheryl been talking to the ACTUAL Jason Blossom this entire time?

Nope, sorry. I’m not standing for this.

The tattoo artist described the Gargoyle King to have dusty blonde hair and blue eyes. Clearly someone is posing as Jason Blossom *cough* Chic *cough*, because this just can’t be true??? That being said though, remember when Hal’s eyes were meant to be one color, but then they were actually another.

If that is shocking enough though, Jughead digs up Jason’s grave to confirm all of this and yes, Jason’s casket is… empty.

Image result for lili reinhart one hundred percent shook gif

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