‘Whiskey Cavalier’ recap: 1×11 “College Confidential”

Whiskey Cavalier recap: Season 1, Episode 11, “College Confidential,” Aired May 8, 2019

I can’t tell you how quickly this episode went by for me. We headed to Romania for the mission this week, as the team went undercover to get a genius student’s scientific research before a corrupt government could.

Also, Jai might just have a future career in race car driving – you know, if this spy stuff goes south.

Great job, Tomas!

Whiskey Cavalier 1x11 recap College Confidential Ray Prince Josh Hopkins

To get out of babysitting his niece (played by Scott Foley’s real-life daughter!), Ray joined the team at Bucharest Technical Institute, undercover as a rugby coach. Jai was a science professor. Susan was a psychology professor. And Will and Frankie tag-teamed as dueling literature professors. While they kept surveillance on the situation, Standish posed as their mark’s roommate.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x11 recap College ConfidentialJai Datta undercover Vir Das

Reggie time

Standish struggled to bond with his new roommate, scaring him off with his overbearing, forced one-way friendship.  Plus, Standish’s fellow tech enthusiast was super wary of Standish because everyone is after him for his genius, and he assumed Standish was no different. Things were far from simple for Standish here. However, he wanted field experience, and he got it.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x11 recap College Confidential Frankie Trowbridge Lauren Cohan tough love

Will kept reminding Standish how much he believed in him, but Standish didn’t get any results as he struggled to bond with the “asset.” Frankie stepped in and countered Will’s “teddy bear” method with some tough love, not-so-gently reminding Standish that their asset’s life depends on his work. Tough love didn’t exactly work either, only serving to terrify Standish.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x11 recap College Confidential Edgar Standish Tyler James Williams Frankie and Will

Will and Frankie eventually got together to force Standish and his “roommate” to bond by pretending to be assassins coming after them. It worked. The asset felt indebted to Standish when he “saved his life.” One of the oldest tricks in the spy book.

Plot twist?

Turns out the asset just wanted to help people. All his research was dedicated to building a high-tech railroad for his  home country. It was the corrupt government who wanted his research in order to create deadly weapons. After a talk with the team, he was entirely ready to give them his research before it ended up in the wrong hands, but when he went to retrieve it, the hard drive containing everything had been stolen.

Inevitably, the government did come for the research. As the asset let the government take him, Standish recruited Will and Frankie to go against authorization to save him. When things were at their most unstable, the asset pointing a gun at the team, Standish shot him. What Will and Frankie (and the audience) didn’t know was that Standish set the whole thing up; his new friend was wearing a bulletproof vest. With the government believing he died, they left, allowing the team to take him in and protect him.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x11 recap College Confidential Will Chase Frankie Trowbridge Edgar Standish Scott Foley Lauren Cohan Tyler James Williams


Next week, it’s Frankie’s turn to take on a mission far too personal. Her family gets caught up in the team’s mission. I, for one, am very excited to hopefully learn more about Frankie.

With only two more episodes this season, so much still has to happen! What about The Trust and Ollerman? Will the team find out about Tina? Are Will and Frankie finally going to take a chance on a relationship? Not much longer in this season to find out.


Next week:

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