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‘Lucifer’ 4×02 recap: Top Moments and Questions from “Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno”

Lucifer, EP 4×02, “Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno” is now streaming on Netflix

As Netflix’s excellent advertising machine has so eloquently proclaimed, our charming Devil has risen. Netflix dropped all ten episodes of S4 as of midnight and we will be breaking them down over the next few days. Read on for a full spoiler-filled recap of  Ep 4×02, “Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno”.

Hug It Out…

So many thoughts after watching Ep 4×02. Dan needs to hug it out with Amenadiel again because the first lovefest didn’t quite stick. The show provides a little refresher reminding the audience exactly why Dan can’t stand to be around Lucifer right now. He blames Lucifer for not telling them the truth about Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) and for Charlotte’s murder at Pierce’s hands. Amenadiel does show up again at the station wanting to hang out with Dan, but still deep in his grief, Detective Douche has quit improv. Poor Dan. Hopefully, his quality time with Trixie is offering some kind of comfort.

For his part, Amenadiel spends much of the episode trying to do good things and help others. That doesn’t go off so well. he gets brushed off by Lucifer (after solving a dire fashion emergency, btw) and rejected by Dan. He gets robbed by a panhandler and finds himself pouring out his troubles to a total stranger who doesn’t understand a word out of his mouth. His luck does seem to take a turn later at LUX when he’s propositioned by a very interested lady. However, this angel is absolutely taken as we learn moments later.


Playing Doctor

I rewound this scene SEVERAL times because Dr. Linda Martin is one of the most adorable things ever in this scene with her bestie, Mazikeen. After watching this, I’m absolutely cool if Dr. Linda gets rid of her office, takes up Crossfit, and holds her future sessions with patients whilst engaging in a bit of shadowboxing. I need more information about the blocking and choreography of this entire scene. It was the best watching Mazie pour out her worries over her relationship with Trixie and Chloe while absently ducking and dodging Linda’s badass moves. The actors engaged in a very cool live-tweet session yesterday where they answered several questions from fans about the new season. I’ll have to see if Rachael Harris or Lesley-Ann Brandt offered any insight into this scene’s creation.

While I got more than a good chuckle out of this scene, the best part comes right after Dr. Linda collapses in a dead faint. A very worried, Mazikeen decides to take care of her friend. Her heart was in the right place, but maybe she shouldn’t have been researching that 14th-century medical journal for the thing that was ailing the good doctor. Bleeding eyeballs would be bad…even without checking the old school WebMD. The show did have me worried about Linda for a hot second. We’ve lost characters before, but nope it’s something unexpected and from Amenadiel and Linda’s expressions, something very, very good. The Devil is going to be an uncle. Amenadiel hadn’t gotten his wings back yet, so their baby wouldn’t be half-angel, right?

Crisis of Faith

Dan isn’t the only person still reeling from Charlotte’s death and Pierce’s betrayal. Ella has taken a break indefinitely from Lucifer’s Dad and her Sundays are free. When she’s not being quirky, buying cute tees, and being the biggest Deckerstar supporter, Ella has been spending her free house taking care of her bathtub chicken, Margaret. And yes, the chicken takes up residence in her bathroom since Ella lives in an apartment. She also briefly had Bob the Turtle, but it doesn’t seem like Bob and Margaret got along very well.


Chloe spends much of Ep 4×02 trying to reconcile the Lucifer she knows with everything that she’s researched in all the books while in Rome and what Father Kinley tells her. The Exorcism specialist presses Chloe continually telling her that Lucifer is the Prince of Lies and that he’ll use everything he can to manipulate Chloe to get his way. “People are in danger every day he’s on Earth.” The show offers several flashbacks of Chloe meeting the priest and his “proof” of Lucifer’s evil nature. He tells her that Lucifer is responsible for the infamous Chicago Fire and Hitler.

Father Kinley has a plan that involves Chloe drugging Lucifer. Initially, Chloe puts off her date with Lucifer so that she won’t be obligated to go through with Kinley’s plan. It’s only when Chloe discovers that she makes Lucifer vulnerable that our Detective starts to put together the pieces. The Church has known about Lucifer’s time on Earth over the years and they know that Lucifer can be hurt when Chloe is near. Thank goodness, Chloe figured out shady Father Kinley before she did something she can’t take back. Of course, the duplicitous father shows up at LUX. Ready to spill Chloe’s secret? Gotta watch the next ep to find out. Onward with this binge, but first…

4X02 Shining Moment!!

I loved 4×02 for so many reasons, but it was Tom Ellis and Lauren German who were taking me through all the emotions throughout, “Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno”. In 4×01, Chloe spent the entire episode playing it cool as she went along with Father Kinley’s plan. Her eventual breakdown at the end of 4×01 was the dam bursting. Chloe had reached a breaking point.

No moment illustrated that more than when Chloe believed that Lucifer was pretending to be hurt, in order, to somehow manipulate Chloe. Our poor Detective has spent all this time trying to find comfort in science and logic. Her heart knows the truth about Lucifer’s true nature, but Father Kinley has voiced one doubt after another that leaves Chloe beyond confused. There was so much hurt and utter vulnerability in that moment from Chloe and Lucifer was soooo damn soft over her reaction.

Then he reveals that she is his one true weakness. His proximity to her literally leaves him vulnerable to being physically hurt. Lucifer has never lied to Chloe, but later the Detective finds that she needs evidence. She holds that ax blade directly over Lucifer’s heart and wonders what will happen if she presses down. She does manage to draw blood, but seeing this evidence is all knew needs to firm her belief in the Lucifer that she has come to know and love over the years. Chloe meets up with Father Kinley and tells him that she won’t be his instrument in destroying Lucifer. Go, Chloe!


What did think of Ep 4×02, “Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno”? What is up with Father Kinley visiting Lucifer like that? Could Lucifer have looked anymore uncomfortable when Chloe was quizzing him about hell? How will Mazikeen react to the news about her ex and bestie having a kid together? Were those two different blue shirts? No matter, Tom looked good wearing it, amiright? What was your favorite moment? Tweet us at @Pure_Fandom or me personally @jenndeve. Be sure check back here each day for recaps of the Season 4 episodes.


Lucifer Season 1-4 is available for streaming on Netflix

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