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‘Lucifer’ 4×01 recap: Questions and Top Moments from “Everything’s Okay”

Lucifer, EP 4×01, “Everything’s Okay” is now streaming on Netflix

It has officially been a year since FOX ripped our collective hearts out and tossed them into hellfire. Thanks to Netflix and an army of passionate Lucifans, the show’s cast, and crew members our show has finally returned. As Netflix’s excellent advertising machine has so eloquently proclaimed, our charming Devil has risen. Netflix dropped all ten episodes of S4 as of midnight and we will be breaking them down over the next few days. Read on for a full recap of  Ep 4×01, “Everything’s Okay”.

I Want A Perfect Soul

Who among us hasn’t listened to Radiohead’s classic tune, “Creep” on repeat a few dozen times after we’ve been ghosted by that one guy or gal? You haven’t?  Well, clearly Chloe has and dude was that a perfect moment of coming full circle. Chloe arriving at LUX at the end of the episode to find Lucifer feeling down and tickling out those first strains of “Creep”. It takes us back a bit to the way that very first episode ended in Season One when Chloe and Lucifer’s partnership was so new and untested.

At the top of Ep 4×01, Lucifer looks devastated and broken down with passing day that we see him sitting at that piano playing creep. He’s hopeful at first, but with the clear passage of time, you can see how hurt he is over the fact that Chloe disappeared on him after seeing his true face. In an interview with Collider, the Lucifer actor revealed that they’d done 21 takes of him playing the song. At one point as Lucifer treated LUX’s to the nightly monotonous concert, I expected Mazikeen to show up and shake her old friend out of his funk.

A familiar face does show up, but it’s the armored car robber from Ep 3×01. He’s still miffed about Lucifer interfering with his getaway and he has some questions about those pristine white wings that couldn’t possibly have been real. Before Lucifer can mete out justice completely, the devil has a change of heart and decides that everyone deserves a second chance. Clearly, he’s thinking of his own second…third (?) chance that he’s hoping to get. Mazikeen shows up at Lux as Lucifer is sending the thief off with a few bars of gold and cash.

Mazikeen has been making the rounds and has made peace with all of her old friends after her demonic turn last season. Well, she hasn’t had a chance to apologize to Trixie or Chloe since they disappeared for parts unknown after that big devilish reveal. I kind of wish the show had included some of the hilarious bits that they’ve been using to advertise the show’s return. There was one that you can likely find on the Netflix site, where we see Lucifer torturing himself while composing text messages to Chloe.

It’s probably a good thing that those two crazy kids don’t kiss and make up in those text messages or even talk. If they had we definitely would not have gotten the awesome moment when Chloe finally makes her first appearance. Lucifer is lamenting Chloe’s disappearance to Ella and suddenly there is our detective. She doesn’t make a big deal or even shoot more than a look in Lucifer’s direction.  Instead, she chats with Ella and then goes to question a witness.


Excuse Me, Miss…

This had to be one of my favorite moments period. We are definitely accustomed to Lucifer making everything about him, but can you blame him. The woman he loves disappeared for weeks and then shows up as if nothing ever happened. It wasn’t cool to do in front of the witness, but it was kind of perfect and I don’t blame him. His expression is EVERYTHING. Like, I’m sorry, but have you lost your mind. We clearly have something major to talk about here and you are…working?? We feel you, Luci.

Chloe spends the entire episode trying to play it cool, but it was more than obvious that she was still freaked out about the whole thing. Dan’s distracted so he doesn’t pay it much attention. Even Mazikeen who almost picked up on it missed the clues that were dropping like anvils. Mazie was distracted thinking that Trixie didn’t want to see her. A total lie that Mazikeen should’ve picked up on, but didn’t because of how close she is to the whole thing. Linda is too focused on Lucifer and his well-being to even consider what he’s saying about Chloe not being okay with his true face.

Since Linda went through her own growing pains after learning the truth about some of her nearest and dearest, it’s kind of imperative that Chloe finds herself on Linda’s couch at some point in time. Hopefully, soon. Then I want this scene below to be absolutely real. No more hellish secrets or subterfuge.

There’s No Place Like Home

After gaining his wings and taking Charlotte home to the Silver City, Amenadiel returns to Earth. Despite the fact that going home has been at the top of his list of wants for so long, Luci’s brother discovers that somehow the Silver City no longer felt like home. Instead, he misses his brother and friends. He visits Luci first and tries to make himself useful especially after hearing that Chloe knows the truth. Lucifer tells his brother it’s fine and that Amenadiel doesn’t have to worry about him and that he can return to the Silver City. There’s a measure of sadness in Amenadiel that Luci doesn’t pick up on. Thankfully, the angel’s next stop is to see his former flames and still friends, Dr. Linda and Mazikeen. Our favorite demon picks up on the angel’s change of heart almost immediately. This makes sense since not so long ago, Mazie was in the same position. For the entire first season, more than anything, Mazikeen wanted to return to hell with her boss, but then she realized that she had all these pesky earthly ties.

The show may be titled, “Lucifer”, but it has always been about more than our favorite fallen angel. It’s a show about this amazing cast of characters and their unlikely connections to each other. While Lucifer and Dan’s bromance may be on hold for a bit, the show gave us this amazing moment with Amenadiel and Dan. Showing the angel that he is still very much needed by his friends, Amenadiel steps in to offer comfort to Dan. Our Douche-y Detective is still hurting after Charlotte’s death last season. Initially, when Amenadiel confides that Charlotte is at peace in heaven, Dan is angered by more “empty words”, but after a moment he’s able to believe what the angel says is true. Then Amenadiel does what I’ve been wanting to do since Charlotte was murdered and he hugs poor Dan. Gotta wonder. Now that Chloe knows the truth, how much longer before Dan knows.

Lucifer did try to tell Ella, but she didn’t quite believe him. Another great exchange. Ella’s sarcasm and joking as she plays along with Lucifer and his brother with the wings. This cast is amazing. Also, I definitely need Ella’s “Purrrrsist” t-shirt as shown above.


When in Rome

So, when Chloe reveals that Trixie didn’t want to leave Rome because of the gelato, I commiserated with Trixie because I felt the same way when I was there. The gelato is that good. Also, I thought of all the movies I’ve seen and remembered that yes, the Vatican and the Catholic Church is centered thereabouts. With Chloe’s reactions to Lucifer and Mazikeen at certain points in the episode, the pieces started to come together that of course, something larger was happening behind the scenes. We get that heartbreaking moment at the end of the episode when Chloe’s facade falls away. Her “playing it cool” act melts away and all the hurt and confusion is just there. Lauren German totally killed that scene.

Graham McTavish was a fave in STARZ’s Outlander, but I absolutely do not trust his intentions when it comes to Lucifer, Chloe, and even Amenadiel. If he’s up to no good, hopefully, it doesn’t take Chloe too long to figure it out.

Shining Moment!!

Everything is definitely not okay for most of our faves and their relationships or some of their personal journeys. One thing that is absolutely okay? Mazikeen and Trixie!! They’re together again. Though, Mazi knows Chloe lied to her. That, however, is another episode for another day. Sidenote: how cool was it that they had Trixie reading “Skyward“?!?!?


Over the moon to have this show back. The TV season absolutely did not feel the same without it and these characters and actors were missed. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out already, make sure you watch the mini-reunion hosted by Rachael Harris and including nearly the entire cast. What did think of Ep 4×01, “Everything’s Okay”? How long before Lucifer meets Chloe’s new friend? What was your favorite moment? Tweet us at @Pure_Fandom or me personally @jenndeve. Be sure check back here each day for recaps of the Season 4 episodes.


Lucifer Season 1-4 is available for streaming on Netflix

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