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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 4×14 “Nip/Stuck”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 4, Episode 14, “Nip/Stuck” premiered May 6, 2019. 

Legends, the penultimate episodes have begun. This week we shift the focus to our boy, John Constantine. He makes the ultimate sacrifice and we love him for it. Before we get into that, let’s see what’s up at the Time Bureau!

Bad Gary


I must admit I am still not over Gary’s betrayal from last week. Why did you do this to us, Gary? Why?! Possessed Gary comes back to the Time Bureau to raise some hell. Ava, Mona, and Nora are getting Nora’s employee paperwork settled, when Gary asks to borrow Ava.

Gary closes the door. Next thing we know an entranced Ava walks out and tells the Bureau Gary is in charge of employee reviews. For some reason this tips no one off? Everyone in the audience is already yelling at the screen, but no one picks up on the oddness. With a look of confusion, the agents agree. One by one the employees walk out of the office. All of them going on and on about how great Gary is.

Mona and Nora finally start to pick up on it. Nora says she will go in and investigate. I have a problem with this part. Nora is well educated in the dark arts. Wouldn’t she have just said a spell to counter act Gary’s enchantment? Anyways, Nora comes out a Gary zombie too. It looks like it is all up to Mona!

Stuck in the Snow


Evil Ray takes John Constantine to some snowy place. He wants John to open up a portal to hell and get his love, Tabitha out. I have certain things I feel need to be addressed in this scene:

  1. They do not explain why they have to be in the cold to do this.
  2. Who the f*ck is Tabitha?
  3. When did John care so much about Ray?

Neuron threatens to hurt Ray if John doesn’t agree to help him. How does that work exactly? If he kills Ray then he doesn’t have a body? So clearly he is not actually going to do it. Evil Ray seriously underestimates how much John cares about anyone. Out of nowhere John agrees to help him. The Legends follow John’s magical signature. They try to attack Neuron, but end up burying themselves under 365 feet of snow and ice.


The CW

Evil Ray and John head to Stonehenge. Ray introduces John to his ancestor Constantine, who is not a good guy. He hunts magical creatures and sends them to hell for power. He gains more power from fear, fear of the people.

  • John confronts him.
  • He sentences John and a magical creature called a Pooka to hell, because he believes John is a shapeshifter.
  • John fights back.

When the portal is open, Neuron takes Tabitha out. Tabitha is… The Fairy Godmother! Yes, it was as hilarious as it sounds. John decides while the portal is still open, he would finally step up. He jumps into the portal, dying on the way down. He is determined to bring Ray’s soul out of hell. That’s right, John Constantine just reached Hero status!

Mona saves the Time Bureau


Nora locks Mona in the containment room. Mona has had enough of this nonsense and turns into the Kaupe. She barges into Gary’s office and beats the hell out of everyone. We find out that Gary has been hypnotizing everyone with his new nipple.

I’m going to pause for a moment. I understand that Legends is known for being crazy, but even I have a breaking point. The nipple thing was a little to far and too gross for me. The next thing that happened was even worse. Mona tears it off by eating it. Yup that happen.

Everyone goes back to being normal and Gary runs away with Tabitha and Evil Ray. The Legends obviously make it out of the snow. At the end of the episode we are stuck with John in hell, Neuron and Tabitha free, and Gary still evil! Next week is going to be crazy!


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