‘iZombie’ 5×01 Recap: “Thug Death”

It only get's worse from here...

iZombie 5×01, Season 5, Episode 1, “Thug Death,” Aired May 2nd, 2019.

iZombie is back and already off to tough and gloomy start for our most beloved characters. Whilst this show has always been a fun, murder mystery, this season we’re digging a little deeper and looking in to the political side of what is going to happen to Seattle if zombies keep appearing.

Sadly, we are on the fifth and final season of iZombie, but that being said, I’m so excited to have this fun series back in my life and after all these years, see how it all wraps up in the end.

But, for now, we’re only at the beginning and we’re not having to say goodbye just yet, so without further ado, let’s breakdown what went off in season 5, episode 1:

Zombie Video Gone Viral

A video gone viral shows a zombie chowing down on a woman’s brain make’s Seattle an even worse place to live in than it already was. Every day more and more people are becoming afraid of the town they live in and it’s taking every bit of strength Major has to keep everyone in check.

Although Major now being the official commander, after Chase Grave’s death in the finale episode of season four, it was a joy to watch him finally take on that role, as hard as it is right now to be in charge of keeping everyone getting along, and be the person we all knew he could be. He was one hundred per cent made to be Commander.

Blaine’s Business Going Under

Last season, Major put Blaine in charge of providing the zombies with brains, however, the border agent’s he paid to provide him with what he needs are no longer okay with zombies, he can no longer operate the way he needs to and business is not going so well for him.

When zombies are hungry, they get sad. And when Blaine isn’t delivering enough brains, he becomes less wealthy and then he is sad.

Major puts a little added pressure on to Blaine’s already stressful situation, telling him that people are only looking at him as “Jack Sparrow and not Jack the Ripper” because he’s ‘supposed to be’ bringing in all the goods. Can we all just quickly reminisce the days when Blaine almost killed Major and Liv had to turn him in to a zombie? Blaine most certainly had all the power back then, but oh how the tables have turned.

The Blaine we all know and have come to weirdly love kidnaps the five boarder guards who are unwilling to help him out, threatening them all by saying he’ll turn them in to zombies and kill their loved ones. Good old Blaine. Four of them agree to resume the partnership, however one doesn’t show up for work the next day… And we all know what that means.

Zombie-Haters Attack

The zombie-hating people of Seattle are going to extremely violent lengths to rid as many zombies as possible, including a human man taking his own life.

He approaches an activist leader at her food truck and is given a location and time. It all seems very dodgy from the get go and I knew whatever was about to happen – it wasn’t going to end well.

He drives a van filled with explosives through a security checkpoint, killing several Fillmore Grave soldiers along with himself. Major and a handful of soldiers unfortunately didn’t get there in time and luckily, didn’t get caught up in the explosion. RIP to the Soldier’s we did lose though.

Because of the violence going on, Major is overwhelmed with applications from people wanting to leave Seattle, whereas Liv is constantly reviewing applicants who want in on the city. It’s such a difficult situation for both to be in, Major especially, due to Blaine’s business not providing them with enough brains to keep the zombies happy, bringing in more people is making the food situation harder work than it already is.

Smuggling Kids

Speaking of Liv reviewing applicants – she watches a video from a teenage boy who’s terminally ill and is currently stuck in an awful foster home that he is desperate to get away from. Liv is quick to accept the application and assigns Not!Weevil to get him past the border and in to the city.

However, this teen boy is a little trickier to deal with, as when Liv’s cohort get’s there, he is surprised to see that the boy is expecting him to get two girls, also from the foster home, to Seattle as well. Unfortunately there’s only an ID for the boy, however, when has that ever stopped Liv and her workers?

There’s always one person who likes to spoil everything and in this case, it’s still an exception. One of the passengers board the bus to cross the border tips off the police and gives a little head nudge to the bathroom hiding the two girls.

We don’t see what happens next, but fingers crossed the consequences are revealed in episode two, as I want to know whether this has also made an impact on the boy’s future as well.

Thug Ravi

Back in the Morgue, Ravi consumes the brains of a macho thug man and goes extremely aggro. The funny part about this is that before eating it, he had no idea who the brain belonged to and when he found out, the look on his face proves that he is freaking out about it and what’s going to happen when the brain takes over.

Peyton being the chillest girlfriend ever, leaves him to being macho man and faces the political side of the zombie/human situation going on in Seattle with Johnny Frost and the activist leader I mentioned before. This caused for another hilarious Ravi moment, as he watched the live stream on TV and noticed Johnny was getting a little too close and touchy-feely for his liking, storming all the way up to the studios and making them aware of his presence.

The Cure’s Reveal

Before turning in to Thug Ravi, he was set to work alongside a new liaison, Dr Collier, on the cure for zombies, however this brain is not the most appropriate and he ends up yelling at her the whole way through their call. Through the call however, Ravi manages to fight the brain and when Thug Ravi reveals that he knows exactly what she needs for the cure, real Ravi warns her that 300 children’s lives would be put in jeopardy if she went ahead and told her bosses.

Luckily for Ravi, she comes around to the idea of not wanting to put children’s lives in danger and keeps the information to herself. I don’t know how she kept her cool with Thug Ravi because the things he were saying to her were not even the slightest bit nice and caused for some good humor. I love when Liv consumes a brain, but seeing Ravi take on that role a lot more now really is one of the best thing’s to happen to this show.

Detective Clive and Liv Back Again

The episode’s mystery for Clive and Liv revolves around the figuring out the identity of a dead woman. The boyfriend of ‘possibly’ said dead woman manages to track down her location through an app, however, when they all arrive at the scene, she is nowhere to be found.

Unlike many mysteries on this show, this one was left unsolved and as a cliffhanger, so is this woman the one Clive and Liv are looking for? Looks like we’ll have to wait for this Thursday to find out!

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