‘Charmed’ 1×20 Recap: “Ambush”

The apocalypse is one step closer to becoming a reality...

Charmed 1×20 recap: Season 1, Episode 20, “Ambush” Aired May 5th, 2019.

The apocalypse is growing nearer by the day and everyone is becoming more powerful than imaginable.

With Macy’s demonic side overtaking her human side, let’s hope the Charmed One’s can stick it out until the final fight before anything goes wrong there. If this demon overtakes Macy before the fight, it means that she will no longer be a Charmed One and the power of three will no longer exist.

Here is what happened on 1×20!

Possessed Lucy Becomes a Handy Alliance

Still searching for Parker, Maggie is greeted to Lucy showing up at the manor, requesting a drink recipe for Maggie’s skinny margs, that she most definitely can not have. Due to it being made through a spell, Mel comes up with a fake recipe using her bartender knowledge.

Lucy is a lot nicer to Maggie than previously, however, her showing up at the manor is still very suspicious and there could only be one reason for it. Alistair.

Requesting to go to the toilet, Lucy instead goes to the attic and rips out a page from the Book of Shadows, at this point we’re unsure what it contains.

When looking for a spell to find Parker, Maggie and Mel notice that one page is missing and because of this, Lucy may be the thing they need to track down Parker. I don’t really understand how Lucy got away with this so easily and why the sisters are so trusting to everyone to even leave the Book of Shadows out in the first place, however, what’s done is done and luckily it might help them more than make things worse.

Reflecting back on all the times Lucy has visited Maggie, she realises that Parker is always there, causing for concern that Lucy is still a little too invested in Parker than appropriate. During a visit to Kappa, Maggie assumes that somehow Lucy is communicating with Alistair and while the room is frozen, Mel and Maggie search through her phone to see that there are a numerous amount of calls made by an international number.

The scene at Kappa made me freak a little because although it’s minor, the fact that Maggie ate the popcorn mid-way in the air when everything was frozen could’ve been very questionable if it was anybody else. Luckily, Lucy is too in her own little bubble to wonder where the piece of popcorn had gone and shrugged it off.

Niko and Mel Rekindle

With two days to go before Niko’s wedding, Niko shows up at the manor professing her feelings for Mel. The two have a sneaky kiss which caused a hilarious moment including Maggie walking in on the kiss and stressing out on how to make the two aware of her arrival.

Maggie asks Niko to help trace the international number calling Lucy and after she leaves, Mel confronts Maggie about still being in love with Niko, despite all of the trouble she’s gone through to protect her. Maggie encourages Mel to tell Niko the whole truth about her rewritten timeline before it’s too late.

Niko returns with the information Maggie needs and Mel faces the possible consequences of telling Niko everything from their relationship to changing Niko’s life using magic. Niko is devastated about the news and storms out, giving us little hope as to whether she will pursue Mel or go ahead with the wedding.

I have to say Niko’s story has felt a bit wasted, in my opinion. What was the point of hiding magic from her and wiping their relationship out of existence if Mel was just going to tell her about it anyway? I hope their story switches things up soon because it’s getting a little boring and unnecessary.

A Secret Passage

How did I not see a secret passage coming? It couldn’t have been more obvious (in a good way)!

The girls pulling down the books to see if it was the key to opening up a secret doorway was funny and failed quite a bit, until third times a charm, Macy came to the rescue and unleashed the secret passage.

The girl’s going down the secret passage was an emotional journey for all three, as their mom appears as a hologram. The sisters each stand in front of a cabinet adorned with their name, containing gifts from their mom. Maggie receives a staff that will help her focus her emotional energy, Mel is given a bracelet that will help her manipulate time to her advantage and Macy’s cabinet is empty – however, Marisol explains that the yin and yang pendant giving to her by her father allows her to stay connected to her sisters during her darkest moments.

RIP Elders

With another Elder assassination, Elder Silver comes to the Charmed Ones for assistance, however, given that the Elder have only just recently sentenced Harry to death, he is understandably reluctant to help out. Differences aside, they all need to team up and stop this apocalypse from happening.

It is revealed that before the Source of Evil can bring the apocalypse, a series of events need to occur, one including the death of all Elders. Alistair at this point, is the prime suspect and we did see him take the dagger last episode, however, Maggie also suspects Fiona of targeting the Elders.

Multiple Elder murders occur, with only six remaining, now leaving the girls to stop hiding and prepare for the fight. They attempt to lure Alistair and Fiona to the Coucil’s chambers, where the remaining Elders, the Charmed One’s and Harry are.

The final unaccounted Elder arrives, however, much to everyone’s dismay, it is Hunter in disguise, immediately killing another Elder. His time in Tartarus has strengthened his powers and he kills every remaining Elder, except for Elder Silver who was wounded, but will heal.

Macy VS The Demon Within Her

Although the Demon within Macy is becoming a very useful source in stopping the apocalypse, it is also overpowering Macy and has started to make a more regular appearance without her noticing. We first see a glimpse at the Demon when Macy rants about the lack of almond milk in the house, concerning Mel and Maggie.

Macy wants to take some action and remove as much power from Fiona as she can and the only way to do that is with Elder Bari’s needle. Harry tracks down Fiona and reveals to Macy that he knows a process in which they can strip Fiona’s immortality.

Macy begins the ritual, however, it will turn her in to the Voodoo doll and with the use of Elder Bari’s needle also, Harry is very concerned about Macy and tries to persuade her not to go through with it. When he intervenes, Macy put’s a force field up, blocking him from getting through to her. This is the start to her demonic side once again, overpowering her.

She manages to turn Fiona Mortal, however the ritual has brought out the demonic side stronger than ever and she uses Elder Bari’s needle to awaken her evil sight and view the aftermath. She see’s Alistair talking to a weakened Fiona, bragging about having the Origin Dagger, however he has quite the shock when he finds out that Fiona is the steward from the prophecies, meaning that she is the one to active the Source of All Evil on his behalf. That is the beginning of two big bads coming together as one.

Later on, Macy wants to use her Evil Sight again to understand how Hunter has become so powerful, however Mel and Maggie go against the idea and try to convince her that she needs to discontinue using her demon powers. Macy becomes angry with this suggestion and Mel’s demonic side causes her to attack Mel.

Having to witness Mel and Maggie terrified of her, Macy snaps out of her demon side and breaks Elder Bari’s needle, forever putting her Evil Sight to rest.

I’m really loving Macy’s demonic side coming out to play – it is allowing Madeleine to explore her acting skills and is a refreshing surprise from her normal good-two-shoes persona. With the demon becoming stronger, it wouldn’t surprise me either if Macy becomes somewhat of season two’s villain. I hope so at least, that would be incredible to watch!

Hunter VS The Charmed Ones

Hunter threatens to kill Lucy if the Charmed One’s don’t make an appearance with the Elder Silver in the next 20 minutes. Harry is not happy about using Elder Silver as bait, but she convinces him because the rest of them are dead and they have no other choice.

With their newly upgraded weapons, suiting them perfectly might I add, the sisters are well prepared to fight and have a much better chance against Hunter. When Hunter fades away – leaving us with the hanging question, is he actually dead now? – he just about manages to throw a blade right in to Elder Silver’s chest.

Although we didn’t see them as often as in this version of Charmed, at least the Elders back in 1998 managed to survive much longer!

Fiona’s Plan

Fiona encounters Charity at Alistair’s lair and Charity suggests that the two team up together to take Alistair down, however, Fiona has a master plan of her own; kill Parker after he’s filled with the power from the Source and destroy all magic.

Fiona also points out that when Alistair set out to kill all Elders, he miscalculated the situation – Charity then realising that she is the last remaining Elder preventing the prophecy to take place. She escapes before Fiona has the time to kill her. I can’t say I’m devastated at this possible death.

The Return of the Harbinger

The Charmed Ones are finally catching up to Alistair’s plan and of course, it can never possibly be that easy, so why not chuck in another demonic curveball while we’re at it?

Bartenders from Lucy’s Cinco De Mayo party begin bleeding from their noses and eyes before collapsing and passing out. Niko also just about get’s through her front door before also bleeding out through her nose and collapsing to the ground.

Could this be the return of the Harbinger? Let’s hope we find out this coming Sunday!

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