‘The Bold Type’ 3×05: Spoiler free review “Technical Difficulties”

Dinner parties, hacks, and slowburns aplenty!

The Bold Type 3×05, Season 3 Episode 5 (spoiler-free review), airs May 7th, 2019

Everyone grab some snacks and some alcohol and meet me in the fashion closet because this episode is hella stressful, and I could use a shock blanket or two.

(Seriously, it wasn’t until watching this screener that I started appreciating the sweet relief of commercials.)

Despite my easily stressed out nature,the Bold Type proves itself as one of the strongest, most refreshing shows on television once again. Are we really surprised at this point, though?

Scarlet, Exposed?

The Bold Type
THE BOLD TYPE – “Technical Difficulties” – (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

There’s no rest for the gang at Scarlet, as their world is turned upside down when their system is hacked and production on the dot com and magazine halt completely.

Tensions rise amongst the Scarlet crew as it becomes increasingly possible for a data leak – which puts Jacqueline and Jane between a keyboard and a hard place, fearing their investigation into abusive photographer Pamela Dolan may be exposed.

Slightly less stakes, it also puts Jane in jeopardy. As Sutton points out in the promo, Jane has a tendency to drag the always lovely Patrick in emails to Kat and Sutton (though why Jane doesn’t consider texting her frustrations to Kat and Sutton, or downloading Discord, instead is beyond me), and thus leaving a paper trail.

Needless to say, the air is fraught amongst the crew as it becomes increasingly possible for their private lives – and ongoing investigations – to be leaked out for the entire world wide web to see.

No Bathtubs, Pinky Promise?

The Bold Type
THE BOLD TYPE – “Technical Difficulties” – (Freeform/Panagiotis Pantazidis)

Sutton and Richard are on the eve of their first ever gathering after moving in together, or as Richard puts it “merging their friend groups” (sorry Ricardo, they’re definitely your Kat and Jane).

Sutton is determined for everything to go alright and promises no girls in the bathtub this time, and enlists Kat and Jane’s help in the kitchen (mostly Kat’s). However, things quickly go awry when frustrations from the office spills into the gathering quicker than the wine has to breathe.

Despite easily being the most stressful portion of the episode (I had to walk off and chug some cherry cola at one point), it also leaded to one of the most beautiful moments between Sutton and Richard then ever before. Once again, I sing the praise of the writers for giving us a far more laid back Richard this season. It’s been a lot of fun seeing him be Sutton’s soft and funny boyfriend, and I hope the rest of this season follows suit.

And my vote goes to… romance?

Although our Kadena shipping hearts may be rooting for a reunion, there’s no doubt the writers are setting something up between Kat and Tia (Katia?) – and “Technical Difficulties” brings that dynamic to a head.

As everyone at Scarlet panics about their data breach, Kat’s concerns are elsewhere as she attempts to discern where she stands with Tia. It’s the question of the hour that haunts both Kat and the audience – leading to the one-to-one moment we saw in the preview.

This episode also continues Kat’s path as a running councilman, and she’s absolutely slaying it – she’s definitely got mine, Kat and Sutton’s votes! May she kick everyone’s asses at the polls.

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