‘Arrow’ review: 7×21 “Living Proof”

Arrow review: Season 7, Episode 21, “Living Proof” Aired May 6, 2019.

Tommy Merlyn descended from the heavens to tell Oliver not to listen to his worst impulses, and to embrace his best ones. Felicity starts thinking of a way to keep her children safe, and Future!William has some stuff to get off his chest.

Angel Tommy

Firstly, I’m choosing to believe Tommy showing up in this episode was more so meant as a visit from an angel than a hallucination. Because A) Tommy had these knowing looks behind his eyes, and B) he snapped his fingers to get Oliver to wake up.

So, Angel Tommy it is then. Cool? Cool.

But why was Tommy there? Because after finding out that Emiko knew about the Gambit and did nothing about it, Oliver was feeling murdery. Tommy tells Oliver to “lean into the best parts of yourself,” and to not listen to his worst impulses. That’s some pretty sage advice from an angel.

Oliver listens when he gets out of his coma-side-chat with Tommy. He finds Emiko and gives her another chance, and she refuses.

But before all that, we have a pretty big “John is dead” scare. Oliver hallucinated John and the rest of the team with arrows in their chests dying because he decided to kill Emiko. It was a good reminder that choices, especially bad/murdery ones, have a cause and effect.

Tommy’s presence throughout the episode was a welcome light in the dark. Besides Felicity, there are no other characters that bring that same jovial levity to the show. However, as much as I love Tommy Merlyn with my whole heart and soul, and will forever maintain that he shouldn’t have been killed off, I think we did spend too much time on it.

Considering next week is the season finale, there’s going to be some loose threads. Did we necessarily need Oliver to spend the whole episode deciding whether or not to kill his half-sister? No. While I did enjoy my Tommy time, it was a lot. I liked the conclusion that everyone has to take responsibility for their actions, and family is not just a DNA test. But at this stage in the game… it went on for way too long.

Oliver: “You know Tommy, I miss you every day.”

Tommy: “I know. But I’m always with you.”

Mama Bear Felicity

Arrow — “Living Proof” — Image Number: AR721a_0147r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak and Kacey Rohl as Alena Whitlock — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Felicity is almost arrested by the SCPD when Emiko leaks the footage of Roy killing those guards and using ARCHER to cover it up. Felicity tries to explain that it was Emiko, but alas, the SCPD doesn’t believe her.

Her and Alena make it out of there with a make-shift Canary Cry. And it’s back to the bunker they go! Felicity tries to get a hold on the team, and tries to find ways to get them out of there and find Oliver.

But when Emiko comes to the bunker to kill Felicity and Alena, she begs for her life while revealing that she’s pregnant. That’s going to cause some trouble, but Emiko leaves.

Alena also gives Felicity the idea of going under ground to protect her children, because she doesn’t want William or little baby Mia to be kidnapped every week.


William does something stupid because he’s mad at Felicity and feels like she’s treating him like a kid. Granted, she was and didn’t take the time to explain all the decisions she made.

But William goes into the lions den expecting that the Galaxy One guy wasn’t going to notice that he hacked into their system with his watch. William gets caught, along with Felicity and the entire future gang. Ah-oh.

Stray Musings:

  • I love you Roy, but yes you did kill those people and your guilt is expected and warranted, but I just forgot how your guilt eats you alive and makes you want to fling yourself off a bridge. It’s really hard to ever be mad at you.
  • Protective Mama Felicity was A+
  • I kind of wanted to see Tommy voice some opinions about Oliver’s wife being Felicity and not Laurel, because one of the great travesties of Tommy dying is he didn’t get to see Oliver in a relationship with Felicity.
  • I think this finale is going to be messy and unsatisfying, and going to leave to many loose threads that should be tied up at seasons end. And it’s going to be sad. Really, really sad.
  • So Emiko killed the SCPD and blamed it on the team? That’s extreme… but effective.
  • Alena has always been shady, not surprised she sold ARCHER and betrayed Felicity.

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