‘Riverdale’ 3×20: 5 biggest highlights from “Prom Night”

Two big baddies make their return...

Riverdale 3×20, Season 3, Episode 20, “Chapter Fifty-Five: “Prom Night,” Aired May 1st, 2019.

We’re down to just two more episodes until another season of Riverdale is wrapped up, and this episode has definitely been one of the best episodes by far of the season, including last week’s.

Betty has been targeted not by one, but two big baddies and her safety is far from protected, leading her to make some very big decisions, some that she has always been against.

With the finale just around the corner, I can’t see it getting any better for Betty, possibly even worse and at this point, I don’t know what she can do to fix things. Riverdale is well and truly, f****d up!

Here is what happened on 3×20!

Mother Andrews has returned

With the loss of Luke Perry and Fred Andrews, Molly Ringwald, aka Mary Andrews, has made an appearance to take care of Archie whilst his dad is ‘away’.

She finds out that Archie is now taking up boxing, however, she starts off being quite against the idea – which is completely understandable, as Archie has gotten himself a death wish too many times and who knows who’ll one day get in that ring with him!?

Archie’s asks Mary to sign off on a boxing tournament, however, she refuses, forcing Archie to forge her signature.

After a long hard think, Mary comes back to Archie and tells him that she has asked a Navy recruiter to visit them at home to talk about possibly getting a scholarship in boxing. Archie being Archie and already having messed up the situation, this causes for more mess to evolve, as the Navy recruiter wants to see Archie in action the same day as the boxing tournament is held.

Archie’s only choice is to stick with losing weight for the tournament, compete in that and then take on another match soon after. However, losing weight has made him too weak to compete in both matches and collapses in the ring.

Molly Ringwald always seems to play the mom who, while she might not always agree with her children’s choices, supports them no matter what – even if that child is Archie Andrews and he continuously makes bad decision after bad decision in every single episode. Mary agrees to keep helping Archie pursue his dream in boxing, even after he owns up to forging her signature and I really think she’s going to regret that after she see’s who he’s put in the ring with next episode.

My nerves are already kicking in for that fight. It’s going to possibly be the most brutal one Archie has ever had to take part in!

Has the Black Hood returned?

At the start of the episode, Betty and Veronica rush to the location in which the prison transport vehicle had flipped over and there were ‘no survivors’. However, this is Riverdale and you just never know if someone is truly gone or not.

Whilst FP and Veronica are adamant that Hal is among the dead, Betty fears that this was all set-up by him, manipulating her and now because of that, he is roaming Riverdale freely.

During her time at the shooting range, Betty receives a phone call from the coroner, informing Betty that Hal’s DNA was identified on a hand found in the crash, confirming that Hal is dead and the Black Hood is no longer a threat.

The emotion’s in that scene showing on Betty’s face was such a roller-coaster, as she feared for her life, looked somewhat in mourning and then sighed a massive sigh of relief. Hal has recently been Betty’s biggest fear and to see how happy she is to no longer have to worry about him made me so happy for her as well.

Edgar Evernever secretly The Gargoyle King

Jughead and Betty learn that Kurtz had received the same tattoos as the other G&G players, after their deaths.

They visit a local tattoo artist and find out that he did the same tattoos a year ago on another guy with sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and was weirdly magnetic. Sound a bit like Mr. Evernever? Betty suspects him at least and Jug is willing to support her and see if her suspicions are correct.

The pair barged in to a meeting in The Farm, accusing Edgar of being the Gargoyle King and demanding him to take his shirt off and prove that he has the tattoos on his back.

While Edgar doing a little stripping was extremely satisfying and if I was in Riverdale, I may have almost fell for his charms… it was also another dead end for Betty, as his back revealed no tattoos.

The Gargoyle King VS. The Gargoyle Queen VS. The Black Hood

The Gospel that FP and Jug found in the abandoned bus revealed that if the Gryphon Queen (Betty) declares her loyalty to the Gargoyle King during a big event, he will make an appearance.

Jug and Betty get the theme of the prom changed to a more medieval setting, so Betty can be announced Queen and confront the King. They rig the Prom Queen votes and when it is announced that Betty is the winner, she receives a note telling her to return to the Midnight Club’s original Ascension night location.

She first enters the restroom where ‘Flip for your fate’ is drawn on the walls and a pair of chalices are sat on the sink. Betty runs out of the room in fear, only to become face to face with the Gargoyle King.

She pulls out her gun, facing it at them and demanding them to reveal themselves. However, Betty’s biggest fear comes true once again, as the Black Hood appears between them, a hook replacing the missing hand that they had confirmed was Hal’s.

He chases her around the school, passing two dead bodies along the way, Betty eventually hiding away in a closet – also with a dead body inside. The Black Hood attempts to get through to her, however disappears moments later.

There’s a knock on the door and Jug’s voice can be heard from the other side of the door, allowing Betty to collapse in to his arms in relief and in a burst of tears, explaining what had just happened to her.

I must say, Betty being chased around the school by the Black Hood was an incredibly intense scene and although I knew Betty was most likely not going to be in any harm, the anxiety flooding through me every time the Black Hood grew closer was at an all time high!

It’s a good job she has Jughead, who is willing to put himself in all types of danger to protect our little Sleuth. What would we really do without Betty’s sanity?!

Another one bites the dust

That all being said, the worst is still yet to come.

With The Gargoyle King and the Black Hood now growing nearer, she believes Alice will be their next target and with Edgar listening near by, he offers Betty protection and a place at The Farm, in which Betty accepts.

This for me, was possibly the most heart-breaking moment of the season so far, as it shows just how terrified Betty is of her father, to the point where she now believes Edgar is the only one best to take care of her.

Come on, Jug. Save our girl before she is brainwashed!

Some other points from 3×20!

  • Coming back to the Black Hood – the body shape and the eyes just didn’t seem like Hal’s, which now sparks up a few theories that Edgar has possibly tasked someone to pose as Hal and frighten Betty enough that her only choice is to turn to him and The Farm. I truly believe Hal is dead. Edgar Evernever is most certainly the problem now.
  • The tattoo artist said that the last person he tattooed regarding the G&G’s had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes… I wonder who else has sandy blonde hair and death was never confirmed…
    Image result for riverdale chic gif
  • Cheryl and Toni were extremely excited to partake in becoming Riverdale’s Prom Queens, however, Evelyn and Edgar don’t approve of these and threaten to take Jason away from Cheryl if she refuses to comply to their rules. They may not have been officially announced Prom Queens in this episode, but they’ll always be the true Queen’s to me and many other Riverdale fans.

Before attending Prom, Pop’s drops a bombshell on Veronica, explaining that all of this time Hiram had lied to her and handed over a fake deed concluding that he has always and now owns Pop’s and La Bonne Nuit. During Prom, Veronica tells all of this to Archie and asks him if he will help take down her dad once and for all. I don’t see romantic sparks flying about for this pair again, however, it looks like the beautiful start of a mended friendship.

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