‘Whiskey Cavalier’ recap: 1×10 “Good Will Hunting”

Whiskey Cavalier recap: Season 1, Episode 10, “Good Will Hunting,” Aired May 1, 2019

With a mission intensely personal to the entire team, Whiskey Cavalier 1×10 was full of plot twists – some predictable, some shocking. Can the team handle Will when he goes all Frankie on their target, or will he take things too far? Let’s find out.

Long distance

Will and Emma opened the episode struggling with never getting to see each other. Both constantly sent on missions, the two juggled work and their relationship, up until work won out.

While Will completed a mission in Colombia, Emma went to Berlin to work on a case involving The Trust. Unfortunately, her target had one-up on her and shot her, killing her in the middle of the street.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x10 recap Good Will Hunting Will Chase Scott Foley Emma Davies Ophelia Lovibond

Edgy Will

Much like after Gigi left him, Will refused time off. Frankie and Susan were ready to head out on the mission themselves, but Will returned and insisted that work was the best place for him at that moment. The mission: Going after Emma’s killer, Griffin.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x10 recap Good Will Hunting Frankie Trowbridge Lauren Cohan Edgy Will Chase Scott Foley

While Frankie liked “edgy Will,” Susan and Ray both knew they had to get through to Will before his grief caused him to do something he couldn’t come back from. To them, Will’s old friends, his abrupt behavior change was indicative of how terribly he was dealing with his grief.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x10 recap Good Will Hunting Will Chase Frankie Trowbridge Scott Foley Lauren Cohan

Old friend

No surprise, Ollerman was behind the whole thing.

Ollerman called Will after he broke off from the team, telling him he’d give Will Griffin’s location because that confrontation would lead to one of them dying. What a sick man.

Will and Griffin did soon cross paths, and Will had his gun to Griffin’s head, finger on the trigger. He probably would have killed Griffin if not for Frankie’s speech about how Will is the only reason she’s no longer consumed by revenge. In a reversal of roles, Frankie used kindness and connection to talk Will down from hurting someone.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x10 recap Good Will Hunting Lauren Cohan Scott Foley Frankie Trowbridge Will Chase

In a semi-twist, Susan shot Griffin after Will let him go, but only because Griffin reached for his own weapon. Something tells me Susan will handle pulling the trigger better than Will would have.

“Maybe I will get in the tub with Jai”

Emma’s death hit the whole team hard, and Jai had a particularly tough time dealing. He indirectly reached out to Standish for help getting through it.

Turns out Jai, who had absolutely refused to connect with anyone until recently, was shaken by the number of people who turned up at Emma’s funeral. He said it was “packed,” then later revealed to Standish that it got him wondering if anyone would show at his own funeral, should anything happen to him. Standish handled it perfectly, reminding Jai he had a family in the team, and that seemed to truly reassure Jai. This bromance is everything.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x10 recap Good Will Hunting Edgar Standish Tyler James Williams Jai Datta Vir Das bromance

Also, Jai and Standish have a secret handshake, and it’s glorious!

“You are the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life”

Susan is so into Ray. She defended him during the mission, telling the team to go easy on him because “he means well.” Then, when he told Susan and Frankie their mission, Susan told Ray to keep talking and do his thing. When Frankie brought up the Gigi incident yet again, Susan defended Ray again and told Frankie to not bring that up for once because it’s ancient history. For someone great at reading feelings, she isn’t great at hiding her own.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x10 recap Good Will Hunting Josh Hopkins Ray Prince Susan Sampson Ana Ortiz

And then the shocker that absolutely should not have been a shocker: Susan and Ray have been sleeping together. The two “found comfort in each other” after Emma’s death – repeatedly, as Ray pointed out – and kept it going. And the best part was when Frankie totally figured it out because neither of those spies lied very well. Will didn’t find out in this episode, but I don’t know how long they’ll be able to keep this from him. 

Whiskey Cavalier 1x10 recap Good Will Hunting Frankie Trowbridge Lauren Cohan figured out Ray Prince and Susan Sampson relationship Ana Ortiz Josh Hopkins


I was entirely suspicious of Tina with her suggestion to put a star on the wall to honor Emma’s memory, and then we learned she’s the one that killed Emma! Tina was in possession of that marked gun that we kept seeing.

I never really trusted her, so I’m not super surprised. However, the team is in for a hell of a time when they learn the truth, especially Standish.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x10 recap Good Will Hunting Tina Marek Marika Dominczyk plot twist

But next week, the team goes back to college for a mission, and I’m looking forward to, hopefully, lots of laughs. Until then, let’s all toast to Emma.


Next week:

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