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‘Legends of Tomorrow’: 4×13 “Character Superlatives”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 4, Episode 13, “Egg MacGuffin,” premiered April 29, 2019. 

Hello, Legends! This week’s episode was kind of a mess, so we are going to focus on the characters. We will be handing out superlatives to each of our Legends! Let’s get started!

Most Likely to Lie

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The award goes to Mick Rory and Charlie. This comes as no surprise. I mean Charlie’s power is to literally turn into someone else. Rory’s pseudonym gets invited to Romanticon. The con offers the writer 20,000 dollars to reveal themself. Naturally Rory has no desire to destroy his street credit. Charlie offers to pretend to be the author.

Clearly there is only one way this can go, wrong! Mona shows up and ruins everything. This seems to ber her theme. Rory finally reveals himself to be the author. He gives a heartwarming speech and everyone there claps. The two head back home with smiles and 20,000 dollars!

Most Likely to Not Read the Book in Book Club

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I must warn you, the winner of this award will shock you! Ava Sharpe. What?! I know right? Ever since Sara and Ava got back together, Sara is trying to do more things that Ava enjoys. Ava, Mona, and Nora as we’ve seen in previous episodes, have a book club. Ava invites Sara to attend.

  • Sara reads the mystery novel so she can participate.
  • Nora is in a coma but they still drink wine around her.
  • Mona leaves mid way through to attend Romanticon.

When Sara and Ava are alone, Sara asks Ava if she is ready to talk about the book.

“I actually didn’t read it. Normally Mona just drags on and on about it. “

Our perfect Ava didn’t read the homework. Apparently Mona talks so much none of them ever need to. They all just drink wine and agree with her. Cutely enough, Sara still wants to tell Ava all about the book. I am so glad #AvaLance is back.

Most Likely to be Possessed by a Demon


You guessed it, Ray Palmer wins this by a landslide. Our poor boy has had a rough go of it this year. He loves Nora, but can’t be with her. Then he is with her, but she is now in a coma. Let’s be real, Nora had a rough go of things too. Now Mr. Palmer is possessed by Neuron. Here is what we learn.

  1. The being possessed by the demon cannot tell people they are.
  2. Neuron will kill someone Ray loves if he doesn’t allow him to take over his body.
  3. The host must take over willingly.

Neuron couldn’t stay in Nora because she was too strong. Ray wants to protect his family. He allows Neuron to take over, as long as he stops trying to kill everyone through him. Neuron officially takes up residence in Ray Palmer.

Most Likely to Betray


I have to admit, this came out of left field. Out of all of the people on the show, Gary betrays his friends. Gary! Why did you do this to us Gary? Do you not love us anymore? Neuron does a number on him.

Neuron convinces Gary that no one truly cares about him. Gary begins a sequence of flashbacks confirming this comment. What I noticed was he didn’t flash back to before or after the bad comments. Gary thinks Ava doesn’t take him seriously. He believes Constantine uses him and Sara insults him. Lies!

We all know he has it all wrong, but he feels as if he has taken enough abuse. Neuron promises to take him seriously and work with him. It’s all a bunch of BS. Hopefully Gary will realize the Legends care about him before it’s too late.

Most of you noticed I didn’t give Nate and Zari a superlative. They are too busy having a lack of chemistry to make any real note of them. I miss them being buds! Sara didn’t get a superlative, because she only ever has one- badass!

What superlatives would you give our characters? What do you think of Gary’s betrayal? See you next week!

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