German sci-fi drama ‘Dark’ finally gets a season two release date and teaser

The long-awaited season two comes to Netflix in June

The time-travel show is finally coming back, and venturing into the future

Dark dropped on Netflix back in December 2017. A fascinating show about a town where history repeats itself every 33 years, it surprised viewers and quickly gained fans. The story begins in 2019. When two boys disappears, a teenager, Jonas, investigates and begins unraveling a complicated history spanning three time periods.

The show gained comparisons to Stranger Things due to both shows taking place in a small town, and a young boy going missing. But that’s where the similarities stop. Dark is, as the name suggests, a lot darker than Stranger Things, dealing with manipulation and murder through time. The main characters mainly consist of four different, interconnected families, whose strange relationships make up a lot of the drama in the show.

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Where season one ended

The first season ends with our protagonist, Jonas Kahnwald, discovering something huge about his family. When his older self tries to destroy the time-travel cycle, it doesn’t work out quite as planned. Young Jonas gets thrown into the future, in the post-apocalyptic year 2052, where people don’t seem too friendly. Ulrich Nielsen is stuck in 1953 after attempting to kill a young Helge Doppler, who helps Noah in the future, but he only seals his fate.

It’s all very complicated. We will release a full guide before the second season premieres next month!

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Netflix just announced the release date of June 21st, 2019!

The streaming platform released a short teaser and the release date over the weekend. Next month, we will finally be able to see what happens to Jonas in the future, and what other evil Noah gets up to.

We can’t wait!

Catch up on season one of Dark on Netflix now!

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