‘Charmed’ 1×19 Recap: “Source Material”

The fight begins now...

Charmed 1×19 recap: Season 1, Episode 19, “Source Material” Aired April 28th, 2019.

With the finale episode growing nearer, the preparation to defeat Fiona has begun and the Charmed One’s are ready to use the Power of Three to stop the Source and everyone involved in i,t once and for all.

Here is what happened in 1×19!

The Origin Dagger

The Charmed One’s dig a little deeper in to where Fiona and Harry are hiding, and what Fiona’s plans are. Macy use’s the Elder Bari’s needle to see what happened between Fiona and the Sarcana – showing that she murdered them one by one and now has Harry under her spell with a magical shock collar.

The sister’s tell Tessa about the information they have retrieved from the needle, only for her to dismiss the girls of having anything to do with Fiona’s plans, leading Maggie to slip Charity’s tracking ring on her body. However, later on, Tessa notices the ring and throws it in a trash can, knocking Mel off of her tracks.

Mel and Niko track down Tessa by themselves and find out that Tessa’s plan is to return Harry to the Elders. Mel casts a spell on Tessa, so when Tessa transports to a new location, Mel follows – leading her straight to Fiona and Harry. Mel contacts Maggie and Macy, telling them to meet her at her current location, ready to battle it out with Fiona and save Harry.

Fiona admits to Harry that she is trying to rid magic forever, as she is sick and tired of the Elders and every other person she comes across, taking advantage of her and her magic.

Although Fiona’s magic lines up to the girl’s – her powers are most certainly no match for the Power of Three. The girls manage to rid of her for now – whilst also trying to fight off Harry from killing them under Fiona’s spell – although I’m sure she’ll be returning soon for the finale, more powerful than ever.

The girls and Harry find out that Fiona’s motives of taking the dagger coincides with the prophecy regarding the Source. The Flame and Source are the same thing and witches/demons derive their magic from the same place. They also find out that it power coming from the Source depends on whether the person who retrieves it is good or evil.

RIP Whitelighter

During The Charmed One’s fight with Fiona, Tessa get’s caught in between, blasted by Fiona’s magic, which is much too strong for her to handle and she passes away immediately.

Parker’s Final Treatment

With Parker’s final treatment finally arriving, Maggie and Parker are extremely excited to be able to connect intimately as humans.

Julia administers the final treatment for Parker, however there’s a slight twist and that is that Parker’s brother, Hunter, shape-shifts in to their mother before we even realise and transfers demon blood in to Parker’s system instead. Due to this, Parker’s demon side is revealed and he throws Julia (aka Alistair) across the room and he is made to believe that he killed his mother.

Macy informs Maggie about the death of Julia, when her and Galvin find her in the boot of a car. Maggie immediately goes to find Parker and console him.

When Parker soughts out Maggie, she becomes afraid of him and his demon side, however, again, we see that this was not Maggie and was in fact, Hunter, playing with Parker’s head again.

Now believing that he killed his mother and Maggie wants nothing to do with him, Parker returns to his father, Alistair, admitting that he’s never going to rid of her demon side and that he should just begin to embrace it and take on the Source – which was Alistair’s plan all along.

Under Alistair’s power, Charity scries for Fiona, leading the dagger right in to the palm of Alistair’s hands.

During a ritual between Alistair and Parker, he stabs Parker in the heart with the dagger and whatever happens next… we’ll have to find out this coming Sunday!

The Magical Ring of Protection

With Niko now knowing about witches and magic, Mel needs to make sure that she is always protected and what better than the most gigantic and ugly thing possibly ever made?

Niko opens up to Mel about feeling that something had happened to her two years ago and she needs to get to the bottom of whether or not magic was involved.

Mel refuses still to tell Niko about their past and instead gives her a protection ring.

She shows Niko how it works, by freezing the world, only her and Niko immune from the spell. Niko is surprisingly accepting and excited about Mel’s powers, however has Mel now put Niko in the danger she was worried about before wiping her memory? There’s got to be some sort of consequences for this, I just hope they’re not too damaging or heart-breaking!

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