‘Arrow’ review: 7×20 “Confessions”

Arrow review: Season 7, Episode 20, “Confessions” Aired April 29, 2019.

In this slow episode of Arrow, Roy Harper is back in the present day and still working on his anger issues.

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The Trick

This episode explores a new storytelling technique, while Dinah interrogates everyone on the team to find out who killed two guards.

However, the whole thing is a hoax. Dinah hasn’t really lost her mind, she, and everyone else, is protecting Roy. Well, protecting Roy and the SCPD’s partnership with Team Arrow.

The truth is, Roy killed the guards because he is struggling with bloodlust after he took a dip in a Lazarus Pit.

My criticism with this episode is not really about the storytelling technique itself, I frankly like episodes of television where the characters tell us what happened, while also flashing back. It’s more about doing this episode now. With 2 episodes left in the season, and with 2 episodes left with Felicity Smoak. Having a painfully slow episode just to tell us Roy has Lazarus Pit bloodlust… wasn’t great.

And the fact I can recap it in a sentence… isn’t ramping things up like they should be now that we are in the final stretch. And quite frankly, a lot of fans are going to say “sayonara” when Felicity Smoak is no longer on our TV screens. I wasn’t expecting this episode to be all about Felicity Smoak, more so that in would move the plot along faster, so things feel organic when everything goes to sh*t as hinted in the flash forwards.

Lately, it seems Arrow is more interested in the instant gratification of “this is a cool new episode” instead of, you know, actually moving the plot forward.


We did actually decide where Emiko falls on the redemption scale. She’s more irredeemable than redeemable at this stage of the game. Which I suspected, I think I said in an earlier review that if Black Siren is redeemed then Emiko cannot be, and vice versa.

She’s now the leader of the Ninth Circle, and blew Oliver up in a building. It looks like we will spending next episode trying to save him. Here’s what I hope happens:

Stray Musings:

  • Felicity was adorably eating throughout an interrogation. She is the heart of the show, and can a show survive without its heart? It’s not looking good, I’ll tell you that much.
  • Oliver rarely gets the snarky lines, and I enjoyed Stephen Amell’s line reading of “you enjoying yourself, you having a good time?” to the overzealous cop.
  • Also, Oliver and Roy’s friendship and bond still holds up. Unfortunately, that same chemistry was never developed with Dinah and Rene. And when Oliver says to Roy, “you never have to ask me. Ever.” I believe it. I’m not sure I’ll believe it when it comes to the newbies.
  • The bad thing about Black Siren leaving is the female camaraderie between her and Felicity is also gone. Looks like we’re stuck with Felicity and Dinah’s antagonistic back and forth.

Arrow returns Monday’s at 9 PM on The CW!


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