Breaking down the ‘Lucifer’ season 4 trailer

Our dark lord and savior has a message for us...

Now that Lucifer season 4 is just days away from debuting on Netflix, our dark lord and savior gave us a little tease of what’s to come. And let me just say… we’re in for a wild ride my fellow Lucifans.

This trailer gave us a lot of information, so let’s break it down:

The Original Sin

As Eve hops along (rather sultry) to the music at LUX, Lucifer seems genuinely pleased to see her, and the feeling appears to be mutual. And yes she is that Eve, as in “Adam and Eve” of the bible. In seasons past, the show doesn’t appear to be that interested in concocting their own mythos/interpretation on biblical stories. So, we don’t know if the “Adam and Eve” story is going to be as is, or if it’s going to change in some way. But my money is on the former, even though Lucifer’s truth of that particular tale may not be Eve’s truth.

However, it does raise the question: If Eve’s here, where’s Adam?

As the trailer progresses it becomes evident that Lucifer and Eve start a sexual/romantic relationship. But, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Eve’s love doesn’t appear to be singular to just Lucifer. We may also have to come up with ship names for Eve and Maze AND for Eve and Ella.

Also, can someone please tell me if they’ve seen a love triangle made up of just three women on television… with no men involved? Because I haven’t. Once Deckerstar finally becomes canon, I want Eve to be at the top of a love triangle with Maze and Ella.

Anyhow, Eve’s character seems pretty similar to Lucifer, and I’m excited to see where her story goes. She’s the apple, and I’m ready to take a bite.

Satan Himself

The first look we are given of our fallen angel is one of familiarity. Firstly, we see Lucifer passed out on the floor with a bunch of strangers. Possible orgy? Hey, it must be Monday.

However, what is not familiar is Lucifer going into LUX in anything other than a suit. And he’s in a robe, no less! Boy must be nursing some demons (not of his own creation) to not care about how he presents himself.

What most likely happened is:

  1. He asked Chloe out (as we see in the trailer).
  2. She said no (as we see in the trailer).
  3. Drinking and despair to follow (which is the logical conclusion to said events).

And as a result of Chloe’s rejection, when Eve shows up he’s all but happy to be with someone who “accepts him.” It appears that this season Lucifer is fully embracing The Devil persona. He’s wearing the face in front of people, flashing his devil eyes, throwing people into pool tables, etc. And quite frankly, I’m here for it.

The Detective

Chloe’s lost and looking for answers. Right before she saw Lucifer’s devil face last season she said “maybe I’ve been avoiding the biggest truth.” À la, Lucifer is in fact Lucifer™.

And while acknowledging that this season, it looks like she needs more time. Chloe’s never been one that took comfort in religion, she’s a person who feels at peace seeking out justice. But maybe because of now knowing the biggest truth she now requires a faith that seeking justice won’t fill. At least not right now.

We see her walking into a church, and that’s enough to know Chloe is looking for something. Something in herself. And maybe something in Lucifer, too.


The detective and the devil are not going to be together this season. YET.

What I’m excited for them to explore is the question of identity. How is Chloe’s perception of Lucifer before going to inform how she acts around him after? Who is she now knowing the biggest truth? Who is Lucifer truly? Just a punisher of others and himself, while an albeit lustfully jovial party-goer? Or just a regular guy with questions of morality like most of us?

I’ll say this about what they’ve teased of Deckerstar in the trailer, I’m not worried about Eve as a long term obstacle. Like I said, Eve is a lot like Lucifer. While Lucifer and Chloe compliment each other perfectly, Eve and Lucifer are each other (from what we’ve seen).

And besides the questions of who Lucifer and Chloe are individually, I’m excited to explore who they can be as a couple. Both Chloe and Lucifer know how the other feels about them. It’s just a question of moving forward.

I think love changes people. However, in order for romantic love to develop into a beautiful partnership and not something that steals your agency, you have to accept each other, and love all parts.

There’s a balance between the natural change/influence that being in love and being in a committed relationship has, and being able to freely discuss conflict/concerns they might have with or about the other person.

What’s healthy, and what’s destructive? And I’m confident Deckerstar will explore that this season.

Stray Musings:

  • Chloe is still willing to be partners… so there’s that.
  • I get Lucifer can do what he wants but, like dude, us humans have a hard time wrapping our brains around divinity, so give her a second.
  • Amenadiel is back in his dress and Eve is back in her leaves!
  • Chloe, Eve isn’t his first love, you are (the love that counts that is).
  • I can’t wait for Chloe and Lucifer to have joint therapy, tbh.
  • Dan isn’t coping well, huh? Poor guy.
  • Maze and Trixie’s friendship is back!
  • What was with that action heroes-Avengers shot? I’m so HERE FOR IT!

Lucifer season 4 premieres May 8, only on Netflix!



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