‘Riverdale’ 3×19: 4 biggest highlights from “Fear the Reaper”

The end is near, and it's only getting crazier!

Riverdale 3×19, Season 3, Episode 19, “Chapter Fifty-Four: “Fear the Reaper,” Aired April 24th, 2019.

With just three episodes to go until another season of Riverdale is wrapped up, this episode provided us with so much closure and took our beloved characters on a journey to get to the right places they needed to be, ready for the finale. The episode tied up many loose knots with certain character’s story-lines and with others, their stories are only about to get even crazier.

This episode has definitely picked up this season, with many plot twists and turns, only making us more excited for the final episodes to come over the next three weeks!

We also said our final good-bye’s to Luke Perry, as the episode aired his final scene filmed for the show. Now we have the dreaded wait of seeing how we’ll be saying our good-bye’s to Fred Andrews.

As I said before, there was so many plot twists and turns happening in this episode and without further ado, I would love to share them with you all:

Here is what happened on 3×19!

Jughead, Gladys, and FP VS Kurtz

Last episode ended with Jughead and FP finding out that Jellybean was part of the Gargoyle King’s next task, therefore, her life was in serious danger.

Kurtz encourages Jug, Gladys and FP to play a game of G&G, in order to have Jellybean return back home safely.

With Kurtz previously being one of Gladys’ drug mules and her first task to reveal a secret, she has no choice but to confess to FP that she’s Riverdale’s newest Fizzle Rock’s dealer. FP, as expected, if not at all happy with the news – meaning Gladys is going to seriously struggle talking her way out of that one.

The next task of theirs is to rob Pop’s Diner and return to Kurtz with the stolen money. With previous encounters already having happened at the diner, Pop’s is prepared this time with a shotgun behind his counter – almost shooting Jughead, before Jug takes his mask off and informs Pop’s that it isn’t what it looks like.

The next challenge involved an old face returning – Penny Peabody. This confused not only the audience, but also Jug, as we believed that Gladys had finished the job completely and killed Penny. The only thing different about her, is the eye patch.

Gladys and Penny fight it out, both gaining some more injuries in the process. Jughead takes Gladys to the hospital, leaving Jug as the last person to save Jelly. Kurtz traps Jughead and tells Ricky to kill Jellybean, however, when Jug escapes, he see’s a dead Kurtz on the ground and the Gargoyle King comes out from the shadows.

As Jughead returns home, he is greeted to Jellybean and for now, the Jones’ family is back to being as safe as can be.

The Riverdale Reaper

After a drugged Randy Ronson hit the ground, during his and Archie’s fight, the man was rushed to the hospital and unfortunately, passed away. We all know it was one hundred percent Elio, however, being as Archie was the one who wiped him out – Archie now being accused of yet another murder.

Archie tries to warn the doctors about Elio drugging Randy’s juice, however, it backfires when Elio denies it and later on, goes on to tell the press that they did indeed find drug’s in Randy’s system during the autopsy – but they was bought from Archie. When will this boy catch a break!?

Luckily, with Veronica on their side, she drug tests both Archie and Mad Dog, publicly announcing that their results came back as negative.

Elio refuses the Ronson’s family insurance money, therefore, to get in their good graces and prove he wasn’t the murderer – Archie gives them his prize money. Veronica also changes Josie’s headlining set at the speak easy to a benefit show for the family.

Archie almost decides to quit boxing, but with a little push from Veronica, he gets back in the ring.

We see Elio and Hiram later on, in the steam room, talking about ways to get back at Archie. Hiram admits that he knows Archie was there that night when he was in the hospital to kill him, but with circumstances changing, Archie saved his life that night instead. We don’t know what they have planned, but it definitely won’t be something small…

The Truth About Evelyn

Betty decides to do a little digging in Evelyn’s past and what she finds out, is not something her or anybody was expecting.

Betty finds out that Evelyn has been repeating her junior year for a decade, enrolling in different schools every year, showcasing that Evelyn is definitely a lot older than what she appears to be.

Betty asks an investigator to continue the search and what we learn, is completely mind-blowing… We learn that Evelyn is in fact, not a junior, but a twenty-six year old woman. If you think that was the most mind-blowing piece of information from Wednesday’s episode, then you’re most certainly mistaken.

It turns out that not only is Evelyn twenty-six years old, but she is also Edgar Evernever’s WIFE!!! They move from town to town, Edgar recruiting the adults, Evelyn recruiting vulnerable teens.

Saving Polly’s Twins

When Betty finds out that Edgar is planning to adopt Polly’s twins, after his marriage to Alice, Betty and Penelope make a deal with The Farm to take them away. They agree that Penelope can take the baby boy, however, they refuse to give them back their baby girl.

So, when Betty recruits Toni once again, to help free the little girl, Betty takes an absolute turn for the worst.

The Farm vs. Betty

The most heart-breaking moment for me of the entire episode, was when Toni lead Betty straight to the cult and showed her that Toni had also been brain-washed. Please, please, please, I hope Toni is putting up a front and has some other secret plan of her own!

When faced with the farm, Betty tries to persuade Alice with the truth about Evelyn, however, Alice still stays by Edgar’s side. Alice is already aware of Edgar’s marriage to Evelyn and is perfectly happy and content with sharing him.

Edgar tries to encourage Betty to join them all, the rest of them also chanting “join us,” in the creepiest way possible. Except our little Nancy Drew, who deserves so much more than this, manages to escape – not before being chased by the farm, however.

Betty Conversing with Hal

Betty visits Hal to inform him on the news that he will be moving prisons soon, however, in the very last scene, Veronica tells Betty that there was an accident whilst all the prisoners were being moved and there was no survivors… Is this officially the end for Hal?

Say Goodbye to Three Characters

We got to see a little bit of closure between three characters this week, including our beloved and extremely talented, Josie.

Josie get’s back in touch with her father, after realizing he is close by to Riverdale and asks him for a meet-up in Pop’s Diner (unfortunately the same time as the Jones’ were embarking their quest of robbing the place).

Josie tries to convince her father to let her join him on his new tour, inviting him to her show that evening at Veronica’s speak easy.

With a successful benefit show being held, her father is most certainly on board with her taking this next step, being the perfect goodbye to Josie, ready for her new adventure on Riverdale‘s spin-off show, Katy Keene.

This also gave us closure on Archie & Josie’s relationship – but honestly, was it just me who forgot they were even a thing or did everyone else forget too?

Our next character to say goodbye was Gladys Jones.

With news out that Gladys is now Riverdale’s Fizzle Rock’s dealer, staying around wouldn’t be safe for her. Jughead tries to convince her to stay and stick out the consequences as a family, however, Gladys isn’t ready to face any and would much prefer to hide out instead.

Gladys planned to take Jellybean along with her, however, Jug insists that Jelly stay with him and FP, as she can have a settled life with them and stop running place to place her whole life. Gladys eventually agrees to this and tells Jelly that she’s best with the boys, as she’ll be too busy with work anyway.

She say’s goodbye to her children and tells FP to take good care of them. You can see that FP is still very wary of her, as he doesn’t show any emotion and partly looks happy to see the back of her. Plus, with him now being the main carer of Jug and Jelly, he’s been given everything he’s wanted and needs.

That being said – this doesn’t necessarily mean that Gladys is gone for good, and there’s open possibilities that she may return. For now though, we will just be happy that we have Jelly full-time!

It’s only right to leave the best till last – Fred Andrews.

It is well know by all Riverdale viewers/fans that Wednesday’s episode was the final scene that Luke Perry shot as Fred Andrews, before his passing.

With Archie currently under the public eye for a murder on Randy Ronson, which he didn’t commit, Fred reassures his son in the best way as always, that Randy died from the drugs Elio gave him and it has nothing to do with him.

“You’re innocent.” – Fred Andrews.

The CW

Although this is a final good-bye to seeing Luke Perry on our screens, this isn’t a final good-bye to Fred Andrews, as show-runner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has confirmed that the series will be acknowledging Luke’s passing within the narrative of the show. Fred’s future though, has not yet been confirmed, therefore, we are currently still waiting to find out how we will officially say good-bye to Fred. Whatever that may be, I’m definitely not ready.

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