‘Riverdale’ 3×18: 4 biggest takeaways from “Jawbreaker”

On this episode of Farmdale...

Riverdale 3×18, Season 3, Episode 18, “Chapter Fifty-Three: “Jawbreaker,” Aired April 17th, 2019.

Betty and Toni team up to save their family and take down Edgar Evernever once and for all, whilst Jug and FP investigate a bad batch of fizzle rocks.

Here are the four biggest takeaways from “Jawbreaker”:

Fizzle Rocks Gone Wrong

After Baby Teeth’s murder, Jughead and FP begin to search for more answers.

After doing a full autopsy, they find out that a matchbook from the Maple Club was found lodged in Baby Teeth’s throat. Jug and FP confront Penelope about this, however she claims that he was just another happy customer at her dungeon.

While Jug and FP are questioning Penelope, one of her customers falls in to a fit, holding a knife and foaming at the mouth. FP manages to hold him down, taking him back to a prison cell. They trace the outburst back to a bad batch of Fizzle Rock’s, known as ‘G’ and the drugs are coming from Gargoyle’s henchman, Kurtz.

FP sets up a plan to catch Kurtz in the middle of a drug purchase, hauling him down to the ground and putting him in handcuffs. Kurtz isn’t fazed by this and tells them that Baby Teeth was just the warm up for their final quest – “Save the Little Princess.

Whilst Jug and FP have been busy tracking Kurtz down, Jellybean was playing G&G with Ricky (the young boy who stabbed Archie), in which he leads her in to the woods and straight to the Gargoyle King. Let’s hope our men get there in time!

Betty Kidnaps Alice

Of course, Betty is still on her anti-farm protest, since she is the only sane human being living in Riverdale, and takes a visit to Edgar to find out the origin story of why The Farm began. The only thing she is interested in right now, however, is how Edgar is allowing his followers to see their dead relatives – unfortunately, he refuses to reveal that little secret.

Betty believes there is one final option to get Alice out of this mindset and that is to convince her and prove to her that Charles is really dead. She shows her a (fake) gravestone, however Alice still doesn’t budge, leaving Betty with no other choice, but to chloroform her mother and hold her captive in the bunker, refusing to let her free until she comes to her senses, by showing her a book filled with family photos.

She listen’s to Alice’s farm confession and hears just how scared Alice is of Betty’s dark side, and after another chat with Egdar, he admits that the dead relatives could either be real or illusionary. The only thing that matters to him, is that it helping to heal his farmies old wounds.

Betty decides to drop everything against Alice and the farm, allowing her mom to return and start her healing process.

When visiting Hal in prison, he announces that Alice has filed for a divorce (pretends to be shocked) and will sign them, if Betty can return a certain favour… getting him out of prison.

Archie Honours a Fallen Brother

Archie returns to the ring for a rematch with Elio’s figther, Randy Ronson, who beat him a couple of months ago.

Archie looks at the match as a way to honour his fallen brother, Baby Teeth, and although Mad Dog warns Archie that Randy is on the new drug going around to help him get pumped up, Archie ignores the warning.

It turns out that Mad Dog was right and Elio was feeding Randy G-infused water to get him pumped him, leaving a foamy-mouthed Randy to go in hard on Archie.

Archie manages to get a few punches in and knock him out, however after the bell has rung, Randy isn’t moving and could possibly be dead. Although this is all on Elio, Archie will still most definitely blame himself because, you know, it’s Archie…

Toni Goes Undercover

Toni is still struggling to convince Cheryl to drop out of The Farm and after Cheryl announces that Edgar has made her choose between Toni and Jason – of course choosing Jason – Toni decides to join in unity, to keep the two together.

Now, you may have been like me and went ballistic at seeing Toni join The Farm, thinking “how has she been brain washed this quick!?”, BUT there’s a slight twist to her joining The Farm and that is, she has gone undercover to help Betty expose the place for the con it truly is.

Let’s just hope Toni can stay strong and not fall in to the trap that is Edgar Evenever.

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