‘Whiskey Cavalier’ recap: 1×09 “Hearts & Minds”

Whiskey Cavalier recap: Season 1, Episode 9, “Hearts & Minds,” Aired April 24, 2019

Would it really be an episode of Whiskey Cavalier if Will and Frankie didn’t clash over strategy? How about if Will didn’t try to bond with someone who’s not receptive to it?

Whiskey Cavalier 1×09 had both, plus focus on Frankie’s relationships with the team members as she was forced to lead the team solo.


Standish still wants to get in the field, and who better to train him than Frankie Trowbridge, even if training, in this case, is more Standish getting beaten up by Frankie?

Whiskey Cavalier 1x09 recap Hearts & Minds Frankie Trowbridge trains Edgar Standish in field combat Lauren Cohan Tyler James Williams

However, when actually acting in the field, Frankie tried a new strategy and encouraged Standish, telling him that although he’s not yet a good fighter to use what he is good at. And that encouragement gave him just what he needed to believe in himself and to keep improving.

Looks like Susan, pep talk master, rubbed off on Frankie.

“Chop shop”

With an international terrorist harvesting organs for the economically elite, the team headed to Kiev to take down the operation. Things seemed to go wrong right from the start, as the team’s covers were almost blown. To make things worse, Will got captured as the rest of the team made their escape.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x09 recap Hearts & Minds Jai Datta Vir Das car chase to save Will

Props to Jai for that epic car chase in pursuit of Will’s captors! It cannot be easy to drive a van like that. It’s a real shame Will’s kidnappers were just fast enough to escape. Also, it was extremely cruel to force the team to listen to Will get tortured, even if only for a few moments.


Whiskey Cavalier 1x09 recap Hearts & Minds Frankie Trowbridge Will Chase date night Lauren Cohan Scott Foley

Wine and rom-coms in front of the fireplace – looked an awful lot like a date night! Too bad “date night” started with Will watching “You’ve Got Mail” on his own. Even more of a shame – date night turned into a debate about why the team seemed to think Will was more in charge than Frankie. However, Frankie got what she wanted – leadership – when her co-leader got captured.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x09 recap Hearts & Minds Frankie Trowbridge in charge Lauren Cohan

Frankie did not take Will’s absence well. She had absolutely no idea what to do, especially after realizing the team didn’t really have any leads as to where Will was. In response, she freaked out, yelling at the team, who were looking to her for guidance. Seems like maybe Will was the true leader up to this point.

Frankie in charge

Forced to confront the situation, Frankie came up with a plan to break Will out. Standish posed as a notable criminal in need of a heart. Once they got in, the team headed to rescue Will before his own heart was taken out.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x09 recap Hearts & Minds Will Chase Scott Foley captured

Unfortunately, Will was injected with a paralytic for the operation. Lucky for him, through sheer determination, he managed to inject himself with adrenaline to regain minimal mobility. He was still largely paralyzed, but he was able to fight off the surgeons in charge of dissecting him until the team could come back him up.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x09 recap Hearts & Minds Ray Prince Josh Hopkins Will Chase Scott Foley

Did Frankie totally check Will out in the hospital gown? You be the judge.

“Holidays at my house are magical”

Will’s attempts at bonding this week were toward Jai, who does not at all want to make a connection with any spy. Jai doesn’t want to get to know co-workers so that he won’t have to deal with any consequences of their deaths.

Will, trapped with nothing to do and no means of escape on his own, knew Jai bugged him and decided he would spend his time telling Jai his life story. Forced bonding is the best bonding? Jai got his revenge, though, waking Will up at 3 am to drone on for hours telling Will his own life story.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x09 recap Hearts & Minds Will Chase Jai Datta bonding Scott Foley Vir Das

After all the forced bonding, Will and Jai actually had a moment! And even forced bonding is still bonding!


Edgy Will comes out next week as he takes on a personal mission. Looks like Emma is involved. I’m expecting difficult decisions and some relationship questions. Will Emma and Will’s relationship survive the next episode? Does Will cross a line? Is Frankie going to show some jealousy? We’ll find out next Whiskey Wednesday.


Next week:

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