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‘The Flash’ recap: 5×19 “Snow Pack”

The Flash season 5 episode 19, “Snow Pack”, aired 23 April 2019.

Remember at the end of last week, when I said Iris is going to whoop Barry’s ass? Iris whooped Barry’s ass. And he totally deserved it. Seriously, Barry spent most of this episode being a huge jerkass, in the first five minutes especially. And here’s Westallen’s first big fight as a married couple.

Finding Nora

After storming away from jerk Barry, Iris returns to the West house where Ralph and Cecile have detective-teamed up once again to locate Cicada. Cecile senses Iris’ inner turmoil and asks Ralph to keep an eye on her. Ralph discovers Iris plans to use the time sphere to find Nora in 2049 and follows her.

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In 2049, Nora learns that Barry and other speedsters never detected Thawne time-travelling because he reverse-generated his own speedforce, through negative emotions. Nora initially tries and fails to tap in to it, which Thawne chalks up to her being Barry’s child and too light. However, Iris’ appearance brings Nora’s dissent at Barry’s treatment of her to the surface, and she runs off into the negative speedforce.

Thawne advises Iris that she and Barry need to make amends because they must work together to save Nora. By the way, Iris threatening to end Thawne before his countdown timer even ends was fire.

There’s also a prolonged moment where Ralph finally gets a look at Thawne – with Harrison Wells’ face.

An icy family situation

Meanwhile, Icicle – the evil metahuman persona of Caitlin’s father – steals a cryo-atomic sphere thing from Tannhauser labs. He later returns and kidnaps Caitlin and her mum during the CCPD investigation. He nearly freezes Joe, but the Flash is able to intercept the blast at his own peril.

Sherloque, who was about to leave having “done enough” at Star Labs (i.e. expose Nora’s secret), is forced to stay and revive Barry. He subsequently gets roped into the mission to find Caitlin.

Caitlin and her mother come to in another decommissioned lab. Despite constantly getting at each other, they figure out together that Icicle plans to 1. create an evil ice persona in Caitlin’s mother and 2. suppress the human sides of the women, thus creating an evil ice family.

image: blakelivey.tumblr.com

Killer Frost eventually manages to break out and fight Icicle. They circle each other Frozone-style on ice tracks and throw mega-snowballs at one another. Icicle gains the upper hand. However, as he is about to stab Caitlin, the real Thomas Snow manages to wrestle control.


Oh boy, did we think we would get a happy ending for once?

The Flash, with Sherloque’s direction, successfully gets Caitlin’s mother out of her ice chamber. However, the Snow family reunion is interrupted when Future-Grace-Cicada shows up. During the battle, Thomas takes Cicada’s dagger in the back for Killer Frost.

Seeing the man die in front of Caitlin and her mother makes Barry realise he needs to fix his family.

Back in Central City, Caitlin and her mother (who might now be a meta) try to improve their relationship. Ralph muses that Sherloque has found a family in Team Flash, whether the man admits it or not.

Barry and Iris have a Serious Talk. They admit that they have been emotional and rash, and find a common ground to save Nora. Of course, they kiss and make up, because, like Ralph says, they are “the Meghan and Harry of superhero royalty. Your love is eternal.”

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image: dcmultiverse.tumblr.com

Nora Negative

Iris also notes that while she doesn’t trust Thawne’s intentions, she believes he does care about Nora. And Nora…she has travelled back to 2019 with a Reverse-Flash-angry red glow in her eyes. Looks like villain Nora is headed our way.

Also, Future Grace has now taken the cryo-atomiser-thingamabob, and kidnapped her comatose 2019 self. Could Nora end up working with Grace?

P.S. It seems the showrunners have taken to calling Future Grace “Cicada II”.


Again, no Cisco this week, so the quips of the week are mostly delivered by Ralph

  • “I think you missed a comma there.” – said to an angry Iris as she types out an angry letter to Barry.
  • Cecile: You need to go after her.
    Ralph: Oh come on, give me a break. Have you seen her right hook?
  • “Was anybody going to tell me about this secret room? What else do we got here, a bowling alley?” – on finding the time vault”
  • “Are you sure you’re ready to talk to He Who Shall Not Be Named?” – as Iris approaches Eobard’s cell
  • “This guy’s such a dick, I have to think super douchey thoughts just to keep this face on.” – on impersonating Eobard’s prison guard
  • Joe: So you went to the future?
    Ralph: Yep. John Stamos, still handsome.
    Sherloque: He’ll never age.
    Ralph: No, never. Man, he looks good.

Honorable mention to Joe and Sherloque wrecking themselves at the thought of having to run comms – until Iris and Ralph return from the future in time.

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