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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 4×12 “The Eggplant, The Witch and The Wardrobe”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 4, Episode 12, “The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe” aired April 22, 2019.

Welcome to Legends of Tomorrow.  This episode is sponsored by IKEA. I mean megastore. Our #Avalance is put through the ringer in this week. They take the weirdest journey to discover if they are right for each other. We are here for it!

Missing: Director Ava Sharpe

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Sara arrives at Ava’s place to try to talk some sense into her. The house is trashed when she opens the door. Yes, we all had heart attacks during this scene. Sara scared sh*tless, races back to the Waverider. John and Nora team-up to help her find Director Sharpe.

  • Nora uses her psychic link with Neuron to scan the room.
  • Dahrk sees flashes of Ava’s kidnapping.
  • Glimpses of the hotel where she is being held pop into her brain.

Nate and Ray go to his Father’s site, to do recon on Hank and Neuron’s relationship. Zari is left to “woman the ship.”

John, Nora and Sara find Ava in a spell induced coma. Constantine figures out Neuron put Ava’s soul in Purgatory.

Ava’s Purgatory


Ava’s body is being prepped for a demon. This means her soul is being pushed out. Sara must get Ava out of purgatory before that happens. John warns her not to go in. Sara without hesitation, yells at him to send her in. The love is real. 

  1. Ms. Sharpe’s purgatory is a Megastore. Why? Who knows.
  2. Ava and Sara must figure a way out of the store, escape room style.
  3. Their first task is to build a wardrobe.

You would think this would be easy for the two of them, but think Ikea level wardrobe. Their personalities clash. Ava wants to follow the directions and Sara wants to wing it. The two must realize their different approaches on life and accept it in one another. Ava just wants to know Sara is in her corner.

“I am always in your corner.”

They pass! Yay! The next challenge awaits.

The Mattress Warrantee


Watching #Avalance try to buy a mattress was one of the most well written relationship scenes i have ever witnessed. Each mattress had a different warranty; a 3 year, 5, 15, and a 50 year. They were all different types and amounts.

At the foot of the mattress Sara and Ava would reflect on different aspects of growing old together. An example would be at the 50 year one, they talked about marriage. Ava thought Sara didn’t expect to be with the same person for that long.

Sara explained it wasn’t being with one person that scared her. It was the fact that her whole life the furthest she could see was the next day. That was until she met Ava! Swoon. Naturally our two ladies passed onto the next challenge.

The Final Challenge


The last challenge is a two-parter. Sara and Ava must sit in an apartment and do daily household chores. At first they both believe the can knock it out quickly. Then Sara begins to struggle. It comes to light that one of Sara’s biggest fears is life being normal.

Ava reminds her that relationships are great, but sometimes you have to do the boring stuff. This ends up being Sara’s last straw.

“Just tell me what you want to say or do and i’ll do it.”

“If I tell you, it won’t mean anything.”

All of the sudden Ava disappears. Sara understands now that her actual greatest fear is living without Ava. She frantically runs to find her. The store starts to close up. Captain arrives in a hallway filled with Avas. They are all different ones for different occasions. She screams that she only wants her Ava. This takes her to the real one. They kiss and awake.

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