‘Charmed’ 1×18 Recap: “The Replacement”

The apocalypse is near...

Charmed 1×18 recap: Season 1, Episode 18, “The Replacement” Aired April 21st, 2019.

A demon has possessed someone close to the Charmed One’s and Macy refuses to take a cure for her demonic side. With Harry currently being looked after, the sister’s replacement comes along and it isn’t work out as they hoped… Bring back Harry!

Meanwhile, Fiona has already begun to take over the world, meaning one thing… the apocalypse is near.

Can the Charmed One’s defeat her and save the world? Or are they still in need of some training? Look like they’ve got no time to find out!

Here is what happened on 1×18!

Galvin’s adventure to Macy’s cure

We begin the episode with Gavin on a deserted island, making his way through all the tasks to help find Macy her cure. He locates a glowing artefact and takes it away with him, however, when Gavin is off on his way back home, the walls collapse in and a dark shadow attacks him.

Later on, Gavin shows up at the Manor to surprise Macy and make her aware that he is okay and everything was worth the struggle. Whilst the two of them are talking, a dead body falls from the ceiling – Galvin recognising him as the customs agent that checked him in at the airport.

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Harry’s replacement

The sisters are awakened in the middle of the night, by a suspected demon attack. Mel is dragged off of her bed and the book of shadows is set on fire.

The whole scare is not, in fact, a demon attack and it turns out that it’s just the new white-lighter, aka Harry’s replacement, putting them to the test. She isn’t impressed by what she see’s, expecting them to be more prepared and developed as witches. She reminds the girls that the reason they have their powers, is so they can become the Charmed ones and fight the Source – when the time comes.

The new white-lighter also insists on Macy ridding the demon side of her, which lucky for her, will be happening sooner than she thinks. Just as soon as Gavin arrives home.

The sisters create a boundary spell around the house, a way to discuss the elders and their new white-lighter, without them being able to hear anything. They try to set up a plan to move from under the Elders, however, none of them fully believe that they are strong enough yet.

Whilst the boundary spell is surrounding them, the sisters also decide that Macy’s demonic side has to stick around, as it could be useful to them and help more than harm.

The demons closer than you think

Tessa, the new white-lighter, inspects the dead body that occurred in front of Macy and Gavin, quizzing the sisters on what demon could have been behind the man’s death. The sisters are convinced that it may be a Vampire. Tessa tasks Macy and Mel with finding the Vampire, whilst Maggie stays in the manor, awaiting the dead body’s awakening.

Macy visits Mama Roz and shows her the artefact Gavin has brought home with him. Mama Roz warns Macy that things are about to get dark.

Macy and Galvin take a walk and talk about the new artefacts brought in to their life. She confesses to Galvin that she doesn’t want to cure the demon inside of her, as that part of her has helped save multiple lives and could continue to do so. Galvin is very understanding of this and tells Macy that it is completely her choice, and if she doesn’t want to take the cure, no one’s going to make her.

We go back to Mama Roz, who is studying the artefacts, when Galvin shows up. Mama Roz senses that Galvin is the demon and with this knowledge in her head, Galvin chokes her and threatens her, before showing his claws and stabs her.

Mel and Niko

Although Mel and Niko now have nothing keeping them tied together, since Mel’s split with Jada and no longer being part of the Sarcana, Niko still visits Mel to try and get more intel, however, she turns her away offering no help.

Nico also Mel of her upcoming engagement party, which will be hosted at the bar Mel is currently working in and now realising she is scheduled to work that day, Mel is partly in charge of setting up her ex-girlfriend’s engagement party. Can you hear all the hearts breaking?

Maggie’s culture

Maggie receives an email telling her that due to her mother’s death, she will now have to pay tuition, in order to be able to continue going to University.

Maggie goes online to apply for scholarships and realises that some of the scholarships are aimed towards African Americans. After finding out her real father is black, she wonders if she is able to apply for these type of scholarships, therefore, googles ‘what determines blackness’.

Maggie approached Macy about her new found culture, explaining that she is now eligible to apply to scholarships for black kids, however she has doubts about applying, as she didn’t grow up in the culture and doesn’t feel like she will fit in. Unfortunately, Macy struggles with giving Maggie an answer on whether or not it is appropriate, leaving Maggie to make the choice herself.

Maggie decides to go ahead with applying to scholarships for black kids and attends a meeting with black students. She explains that she is currently at a crossroad with her identity, when all of a sudden, the screeching noise she heard earlier, overwhelms her mind again, forcing Maggie to leave.

Maggie later on decides that she will not be applying for black student scholarships, as it doesn’t feel right.

Expanding powers

During her time researching scholarships, Maggie is interrupted by an overwhelming sound in the manor and calls for Tessa to help get rid of the noise. However, when Tessa arrives, the noise stops and Tessa assumes that Maggie’s empathic abilities could be growing and what she’s hearing, is actually the dead agent’s soul crying out.

Maggie confronts Mel about the noise’s she hears in her head and they both go to Mama Roz for more answers. The two sisters walk in to a dead Roz and notice that she has the exact same punctures, as the custom agent did. Tessa shows up a few moments later and helps Maggie try to reach in to Roz’ soul. Roz tells Maggie to “find the lost soul through a threshold, in which she then realises that maybe the noise she’s hearing, is actually coming from said lost soul.

The lost soul ends up being Galvin screaming for help – Mel and Maggie click on and realise that the demon has possessed Galvin.

Maggie and Mel search Mama Roz’ store for a dagger, in order to kill the demon and the sisters realise that the demon wants to feed on dead babies. Being as Macy was originally a stillborn – she is the demon’s true motive and target.

Defeating Demon Galvin

Demon Galvin and Macy are seen having a dinner outside, when Galvin moves them up in to the attic, so they can watch the full moon. Macy senses that something is wrong and the demon reveals himself. Macy attempts to fight back, however, her powers don’t work against him, so she escapes in to the woods.

The demon hunts down Macy in the woods, however, Macy and her two sisters have already come together before he can reach her. Mel and Maggie explain to Macy that Galvin is actually not Galvin, and is being controlled by a parasite demon. Tessa encourages to sisters to stab Galvin, however, they refuse, as they know Galvin is still somewhere inside.

Macy suggests tapping in to her demon side, stopping Galvin’s heart, pushing the demon to move on. Tessa refuses this suggestion, however, Macy insists that it is her who needs to make the final decision in this, therefore, trapping Tessa in a vortex, so she is unable to stop them.

Once Galvin’s heart has stopped beating, Macy tries to restart it again, however, nothing seems to be happening. All of a sudden, a white light enters Galvin mouth and he wakes up, returning to his human self.

The parasite demon takes hold of Macy and disappears. Mel and Maggie struggle to enter the Manor, however, Tessa has other ideas and takes the dagger from them, entering through the barrier.

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Macy is fighting for her life against a demon she is unable to see, when Tessa comes along, stabbing the demon with the dagger. The demon knocks Tessa out and the dagger disappears. Maggie uses a fire extinguisher to reveal the demon’s identity and with this, they are able to vanquish him and save Macy.

Is this the end for Macy and Galvin?

Tessa scolds the Charmed Ones for revealing their true identities and magic to Galvin, and continues to go against Macy’s demon side – however, Macy is not changing her mind on this one.

Macy again, reveals to the human Galvin that she will not be taking the cure. He shows his disappointment as clear as day, but Macy is determined to believe that her demon side is going to be of positive use and that all of it doesn’t define her.

Galvin is adamant that there is an evil inside of her and won’t ever be able to accept that. He tells Macy that he wants nothing to do with magic anymore, and with magic being such a big part of who Macy is as a person, the two decide to go their separate ways.

Maggie and Mel comfort a broken Macy – Maggie consoles Macy and promises her that the goodness she holds inside of her, won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, or ever.

The apocalypse is near

After the demon has been defeated and Macy has been consoled, Mel meets up with Niko, who believes that she is still lying about not being part of the Sarcana.

Tired of being accused and harassed by her ex-girlfriend, Mel reveals to Niko that she is a witch and tells her to leave, as something isn’t right.

Mel investigates the Sarcana and finds the majority of them dead. Jada is still well and alive, telling Mel that Fiona was behind the whole thing and killed everyone. Jada warns Mel that with the entire Sarcana being dead, this possibly means that the apocalypse is near. Jada tries to convince Mel to run away with her, however, Mel turns down the offer and insists that the Charmed One’s need to stay together if they’re going to win this fight.

Jada warns Mel that the three sisters need to be careful when the fight begins, as Fiona is the only person who can match up to the Charmed One’s powers.

Mel finds a key on the ground and recognises it as Harry’s. The sisters decide to use Tessa’s white lighter powers to find Harry, beat the Elders and Fiona, once and for all.

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