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‘Supergirl’ recap: 4×18 “Crime and Punishment”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 18, “Crime and Punishment” aired April 21, 2019.

Every season of Supergirl needs to have at least two episodes dedicated to Lena Luthor and Kara Danvers. The plot must have the two of them trying to solve a crime together. Writers, please continue this tradition in the future. Thank you.

The Perfect Duo

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This week our perfect duo go on the hunt to track down Lex Luthor. I mean a bunch of other stuff went on in the episode too, but literally who cares? Kara and Lena decide to go back to the prison he escaped from and start there.

  1. They talk to the warden and he claims to know nothing.
  2. Lena did her due diligence and knows he is lying. She traced his bank records to a secret account and knows he worked for Lex.
  3. The two threaten to tell his husband if he doesn’t start talking.

If you threaten to tell the spouse, they always cave! He admits it all. He knew Lex was leaving the prison, but he didn’t know how or to where. Warden gives them access to cellblock D and Lex’s room. He can clear it for 30 minutes. The two head over.

The Clues

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Lex’s cell was loaded with a bunch of pretentious crap: chess board, an art sketch, books, etc. Lena gravitates toward the chess board. She tells Kara of the times when she would play Lex. Lena notices oddities on the board and rearranges the chess pieces. This unlocks a hidden compartment. in it are all Lex’s journals.

Watching Lena investigate is a sight to see. We are used to Kara investigating, but Kara goes on intuition and story. Lena approaches things very differently. She uses her wit and cunning. Kara has the muscle, Lena the brain and they both have the heart. There isn’t a single thing these women can’t figure out.

The Obstacle


Otis Graves always has to ruin everything, so he crashes the party. Metallo opens all the cells on the block and offers a reward for Supergirl’s head. Why all the idiots think they can take her is beyond me, but I digress. Supergirl leaves Lena to figure out Lex’s clues. She has to go handle the situation.

  • Lena gives Supergirl a kryptonite shield to protect her from Otis’ suit.
  • Supergirl kicks all the inmates butts, because…duh.
  • Otis and Supergirl fight.

Neither of them can hit their final blows because the government crashes the party. They came to arrest the Girl of Steel. The army are willing to put all the prisoners lives in danger just to take her down. Surprisingly this upsets Kara. They are unsuccessful and she goes to find Lena.

The Secret Door

Lena had to go through a series of entries of her failures in Lex’s notebooks. He did his best to drudge up as many bad memories for her as he could. She managed to get through it all and find his secret door. The door unlocks.

Ms. Luthor finds surveillance equipment and a bunch of other trinkets. Her search is interrupted by Supergirl because they have to go. Unfortunately the soldiers end up destroying everything in the room before they can find anything useful. They make their way out.

The Whistle Blower

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During all the chaos Supergirl meets Steve, an inmate. He was across from Lex. She knows he has information, but he refuses to tell her. At a point during the riot Supergirl must transform back into Kara to hide. Steve and another inmate find her.

Steve doesn’t let the other inmate harm her, because he is a huge fan. He is the editor of their prison journal and he recognizes the talent of a good writer. This is an adorable scene by the way. Kara asks for an interview with him after the riots are over. He agrees.

“The pen is mightier than the sword.”

Steve quotes this during their interview. He hands Kara a hard drive. Steve had backed up Lex’s computer before the blast. Kara smiles.

“In this case I think you’re right.”

Thanks to Steve and Lena Kara now has the means to uncover Lex’s plans! What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you agree we need more Kara and Lena team up episodes? Sound off in the comments!

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