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‘A Podcast Remembers’ Ep 8: Here’s why the Night King won’t be at the Battle of Winterfell

Plus, how Catelyn, Ned Stark could make an appearance

This podcast is hosted by Eric and Liz Prugh. The two are married and use drinking wine and talking about ‘Game of Thrones’ as their date night. Now that season 8 has premiered, the pair will recap each new episode. Tune in to previous episodes where they look back at some of the most intricate storylines, characters, and myths in the world of Westeros. This episode features two special guests and ‘Thrones’ experts.

The first two episodes of Game of Thrones season 8 have been setting fans up for an extended episode 3 (around an 80-minute runtime), which will of course feature the Battle of Winterfell. Several fans have said that the infamous “Red Wedding” episode was simply a rehearsal dinner leading up to 8×03, so get ready for some of your favorite characters to get the chop.

But with the expected deaths comes a few surprises. At the end of 8×02, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”, we saw the Army of the Dead and a fleet of White-Walkin’ lieutenants—but where was the Night King? In this podcast we break down the Night King’s (probable) genius plan to take both King’s Landing and Winterfell, all in one fell swoop.

In this episode, we break down:

  • The major theory around the Night King’s scheming plan to trap Dany, Jon, and the rest of our favorites in Winterfell—for good.
  • How Sam’s thievery of scrolls from the Citadel has been brought up a few times already in season 8. Here’s what we think is hidden in the texts that could help Dany, Jon & Co. win the Battle of Winterfell.
  • How a famed character from the books could make an appearance (cough, Lady Stoneheart, cough)
  • Why hiding women and children in the Winterfell Crypt may not be the best idea (could the Army of the Dead raise the dead in the Crypt?!)
  • Where the heck Melisandre is
  • and more!

Listen here:

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Liz Prugh

Liz is the co-founder of PureFandom.com. She loves geeking out over any and all sci-fi/fantasy and always thinks vampires are cool. You can currently find her co-hosting the Pure Fandom Podcast and writing about pop culture. Nerd out with her on Twitter @lizprugh.

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