‘The Bold Type’ 3×03: Spoiler free review “Stroke of Genius”

Things get serious in the Scarlet bullpen

The Bold Type 3×03, Season 3, Episode 3 spoiler free review, airs April 23rd, 2019.

As the Bold Type charges further into its third season, we hit the real first emotionally charged real-world topical story of the season, and the laughs are far and few in between in the Scarlet bullpen this week as Alex grapples with a stunning revelation, while Kat and Sutton find themselves looking down potential new futures, and Jane prepares for her eggs to be extracted. This episode, if anything, is sure to get fans talking.

THE BOLD TYPE – “Stroke of Genius” – (Freeform/Philippe Bosse)

Ask Alex…

Season three hasn’t been afraid to utilize its side characters, or surface new sides to them – a softer side to Pinstripe, a laid back Richard, Oliver and his daughter – and Alex isn’t to be excluded. In “Stroke of Genius,” Alex finds himself the subject of a #MeToo story, and is confused as to how he wound up in the position he finds himself in.

It’s a difficult, important topic to wade through, but the writers handle it with grace, lending a nuanced depiction. Matt Ward (who portrays Alex) is truly the man of the hour, as we watch Alex struggle to come to terms with the past, and what to do moving forward. His storyline is sure to stir up conversations, as it lampshades more than one topic that happens (too) frequently in these times.

THE BOLD TYPE – “Stroke of Genius” – (Freeform/Philippe Bosse)

My vote goes to…

Last week, we saw Kat fighting tooth and nail to stop the Wild Susan – one of the only lesbian bars in New York – from closing, and all of it for naught. Her fight, however, shed light on a sleazy councilman who, in Kat’s words, doesn’t give a sh*t about the people living in his city.

Furious at his refusal to help the Wild Susan, Kat searches for a way to channel her rage and depression, and soon finds it in volunteering for his opposition in a future race. With each new episode, we see Kat pulling herself off the ground, fighting the good fight, and pouring all of her resolve, confidence and resources into making change happen.

Kat’s storyline is perhaps one of the most inspirational of the entire episode, as she champions for change and equality, and her actions might make us all believe we can change the world.

THE BOLD TYPE – “Stroke of Genius” – (Freeform/Philippe Bosse)

Elsewhere in Scarlet…

Sutton finds herself questioning a possible new future when her creative side is sparked during a photoshoot, and the prospect of becoming a designer hits her.

Of course, it’s Sutton, so she wrestles with the rationality of this potential new career track. Should she actually try and make it as a designer? Or should she stay on the path she is now? As Alex once advised, everyone’s allowed a crazy dream.

Sutton’s story-line is almost a breath of fresh air from the heaviness from others (namely, Alex’s) but her arc often cleverly overlaps – and it gave us an emotional, thoughtful scene that is still on repeat in my head right now.

Though this episode lacks the light hearted tone previously seen, it’s one that you won’t be able to shake from your mind so easily.

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