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‘Black Lightning’ Season 2: Top 10 moments (part 2)

Let's reminisce together!

Black Lightning season 2 may have wrapped, but instead of being sad, how about we reminisce together over some of the best moments from the season!  I have previously rounded up 10 top moments from the first half of season two (check them out here), so now I’m going to focus on my fav scenes from the second half of season 2.

Let’s take a look at Black Lightning’s top 10 moments of S2 (part 2):

#1 When Jen and Black Lightning took down Tobias

Episode 16, “The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega,” Aired Mar. 18, 2019

Jen was with Gambi when he gots a ping on Tobias’ location, and as soon as she saw where it was, she was off. Despite Gambi advising her not to go off again on her own, Jen (stupidly didn’t learn her lesson) flew off to fight Tobias, like, literally! When she turned up, her plan was to kill Tobias for good. Luckily, Black Lightning turns up and convinces her that killing him is not the way to get justice.

Jefferson has fought with his inner-self if killing Tobias was the answer or not, but when faced with seeing his daughter possibly killing him, he knew that he could not let her do it. It may all be good knowing never having to worry about Tobias again, but loosing your soul in the process wouldn’t make it worth it. They both stood down and let Tobias live.

Tobias got captured instead and placed in federal custody – where he got relocated to a place called The Pit. Um, don’t think that’s a place I’d like to end up at any time soon.

#2 When Khalil sacrificed his freedom (and later his life) to try bring down Tobias

Episode 10, “The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros”, Aired Jan. 21, 2019

Khalil agreed to go into police custody and testify against Tobias, even if it meant his life could be on the lines. However, while Khalil was being transported to the police station, Cutter took down all the SWAT team, and then dragged him back to Tobias. By the the time Henderson arrived, it was too late.

Next thing we know, Tobias took a low blow by ripping out Khalil’s mechanical spine that was implanted into him, leaving him to bleed out. Cutter then moved him and flung him in front of Reverend Holt’s church.

Um, how upsetting was that scene? I found it tough to watch! Khalil may have done some bad stuff, but that was just cruel af.

#3 When Jen got her own suit

Episode 14, “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four: Original Sin,” Aired Mar. 4, 2019

Jen was ecstatic when she got told she was getting her own dope suit (designed by Gambi)! Gambi and Lynn tried to remind Jen that her suit isn’t meant to look pretty, it’s meant to keep her safe, but Jen wasn’t having any of that chat, with her reply being, “I shouldn’t have to sacrifice style over practicality.”

YES, JEN! A girl got to stay cute, right?

#4 When Jen stood up to Principal Lowry for Khalil

Episode 12, “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Two: Just and Unjust”, Aired Feb. 4, 2019

Jen finally goes back to school, but everything goes to sh*t when she saw  the janitors taking away Khalil’s shrine that the students made. Jen got riled up and told them to stop removing Khalil’s memorial, but they told her it was orders from the Principal. So what did Jen do? Make a new shrine.

Principal Lowry then tried to force Jen to move from the shrine and for it to be taken down again, but the two got into a major argument. Everyone else was on Jen’s side, so things got awkward fast. Someone even filmed the principal’s reaction and the strong words Jennifer had to say. Despite all the bad that Khalil did, his life did matter. Black lives matter. Jen just wanted to get that across, instead of forgetting his death even happened (like Lowry would prefer).

Jen called him out as a racist, but then Lowery got her dragged off by the schools police, and Jen gets suspended. It was even better when Jefferson stuck up for his daughter!

#5 When Jefferson gets offered to be principal again

Episode 13, “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire”, Aired Feb. 11, 2019

The video of Principal Lowry shouting at Jen and the kids went viral. Due to public backlash about it, the school board called a meeting to discuss whether or not Lowry was still the right candidate for the job. This opened things up for Jefferson to take back being principal.

All seems well with the idea of Jefferson being principal again, until he had a run in with Lowry. Lowry reminded Jefferson that he wasn’t around enough for the students so how could he be a good replacement again.  This hit home a bit. Jefferson came to the realization that he can’t be both Black Lightning and the principal, as he wouldn’t be able to give his all into either. This would be unfair for his students, and could end up potentially causing more harm. So he turned down the proposition to become principal again.

I agree with Jefferson and think he made the right call about not becoming principal again. End of the day, Jefferson wasn’t always there and that’s not what the school needs. However, I 100% do not think that Lowry should be principal. That means, another candidate should be promoted instead. One who understands the students there and allows them to be in a safe place to grow and get educated.

#6 When Anissa figured out that Grace must be a shapeshifter

Episode 15, “The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter One: The Alpha,” Aired Mar. 11, 2019

Anissa couldn’t find Grace when she tried searching for her, but came across a strange man and a half eaten dead animal when following up a lead. Weird as hell, right? Once she explained to Gambi what she found, he told her she may have came face-to-face with a shapeshifter. It wasn’t until later on, when Anissa was venting to Jen, that she had an epiphany, and suddenly then realized that the shapeshifter she met must have been Grace.

Crazy stuff! I love these two gals together, and really hope they get a reunion in season 3.

#7 When we find out Khalil is ‘alive’ in one of the pods

The CW

Episode 16, “The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega,” Aired Mar. 18, 2019

Just as we got over our heartbreak from Khalil’s death, we learn that Khalil isn’t really dead. We catch a scene where we see Khalil in one of the pods that the Green Light kids had been in, so that can only mean that Khalil is ALIVE, right??? Such a good twist!

I screamed so much when I saw Khalil’s face in one of them pods. Couldn’t quite believe it!

For now, we can just assume Khalil can wake up eventually and return to his normal life. I really hope this can happen, as Khalil deserved better! It was really brutal what happened to him, and he got no justice for his death.

It is going to be such a beautiful and emotional scene whenever Jen and Khalil’s mom finds out that Khalil isn’t gone for good. PLEASEEEE writers, we need a happy story.

#8 When we discover that the Pierce family was under surveillance

Episode 14, “The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four: Original Sin,” Aired Mar. 4, 2019

The Pierce family were having a night chilling at home and catching up with each other, but it turned out that something more sinister was happening. Someone was watching over, with secret cameras placed around their home. It was later revealed that they mystery person spying on them was actually Odell, along with a couple of ASA agents.

Just as I thought it couldn’t get more shocking, Odell then shot and killed the ASA agents. WTF at Odell!

In the season finale, we learn the reason why Odell was spying on them. Turns out his plan was to recruit them into helping to protect Freeland from the Markovians.

#9 When Jen electrocuted the racist woman’s car

Episode 11, “The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son”, Aired Jan. 28, 2019

Jen was so heartbroken over the news that Khalil was going to die, that she ran out into the hospital parking lot and began to cry. Jen had some bad luck because she stood by a car of a racist woman. For some unknown reason, the woman called the police on Jen and told them that she was trying to break into her car. This was of course inaccurate, but the woman wasn’t listening to Jen. Jen then got mad and electrocuted her car (causing it to explode).

Maybe the woman shouldn’t have made up lies and called the police on her for NO REASON HUH.

#10 When the Bounty Hunter finally appears in Freeland to capture Dr. Jace

The CW

Episode 16, “The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega,” Aired Mar. 18, 2019

We last saw the mysterious meta back in episode 2×09, but had no idea who he was, or what he was planning to do when he turned up in Freeland. All we could guess was that he was some sort of assassin. However, we FINALLY saw him again (took long enough), and discover that he actually is a bounty hunter. Oh, and there is more (of course) … his clients are none other than the Markovian’s!

The Markovians hired the meta to capture Dr. Jace, as a backlash to her conducting those previous unethical experiments. The police had Dr. Jace in a cell, but the bounty hunter can time travel, so he was able to teleport into her cell, grab her, and teleport back to where the Markovians were. Damn, so crazy!

Did your top moment make the cut? Make sure to let me know in the comment section below about your thoughts! P.S. hit me up with any predictions for season 3 too.  I wanna know what y’all think! And don’t forget to give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa. Make sure to keep up-to-date with all my posts here!

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