How ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Part 2 lets everyone be their own hero

Featuring Sabrina taking control of her destiny like a queen, as per usual.

Theo (prev. Susie) Putnam

While last season merely hinted at Theo’s gender identity, Part II gives his transition valuable space in the story, portraying it naturally and positively. By episode two, Susie’s changed his name to Theo, and he’s told Roz and Harvey, who accept their friend as he is. With Dorothea Putnam as an example of defying gender expectations, Theo finds the strength to accept himself, and in turn introduce and encourage the people he loves to accept him as well.

A key moment in his story is coming out to his father. Despite at first glance appearing a lot like Harvey’s father, traditional and narrow-minded, Mr. Putnam loves Theo. He sees that all Theo wants is to be accepted and tries his best to learn and understand. Later on, Theo is also very important in convincing Harvey and Roz to trust Sabrina, and he helps stop the demons from getting through the Gates of Hell.

Theo’s much braver and assured of himself this season, and it shows in the way he carries himself. He’s finally comfortable being himself, and uses that newfound confidence to help his friends.

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Rosalind Walker

With Rosalind, her story continues with her Cunning getting more serious, until it inevitably ends up with her going blind. While we would’ve liked to see an embrace of a disability, Roz’s blindness is a curse from the witches. Being cured by Sabrina fixes their friendship and faith in one another, and gives Roz back some of her control and agency.

But even after that, Roz doesn’t ignore the Cunning or let it be a hindrance. She understands its value, and even learns how to use it when she wants to. Along with that, Roz has a romance this season. While we all saw the Nick, Sabrina, and Harvey love triangle coming, Rosalind and Harvey’s relationship is a nice surprise. Their relationship is cute and feels natural.

By the end of the season, Roz has become a force of nature and strength equal to Sabrina. She has control of her Cunning ability, with Harvey and her friends by her side. Also, they manage to stop the Apocalypse, so that’s pretty BA.

Prudence and Ambrose

We love how the new season’s brought these two together. Both characters have been looking to Father Blackwood for guidance and as a father figure. In Prudence’s case, he really is her father, something he’s been unwilling to openly declare. She wants to have a family, to be claimed, with a true sense of identity and value. Because of that, she blindly ignores Blackwood’s clearly misogynistic ideals, hoping to be the exception.

Of course, Prudence has always been powerful and pretty amazing. We see this early on as the Weird Sisters help Sabrina in the Top Boy competition, and later when they fight against the Witch Hunters. Once she gets over her dream of being Blackwood’s daughter, Prudence accepts that she already has a family with her sisters. At the end of the season, we see Prudence decked out in warrior gear, including two swords. She’s ready to go after Blackwood and stop him.

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Ambrose feels the same sense of belonging with Blackwood and the Judas cult. Blackwood realizes this, and makes him Top Boy, a huge honor in the magical community. Just like Prudence, Ambrose excuses Blackwood’s actions and ideals, until it’s too obvious and harmful to ignore.

But before he can do anything, Blackwood uses Leviathan, Ambrose’s familiar, to control him and murder the Anti-Pope. A gift from Father Blackwood, Leviathan’s manipulation is a horrible betrayal. To make matters worse, Blackwood imprisons him, tortures him, and intends to kill him. Despite all of that, Ambrose’s loyalty to his coven is strong. With freedom in sight, he stays to helps fight the Angels/Witch Hunters.

Though Prudence helps imprison him, Ambrose understands exactly what she’s feeling, and why she did what she did. In the end, these two team up, armed and ready to find Blackwood and get their revenge. It’s going to be a beautiful moment for these two amazing characters, and we cannot wait to see it.

Nicholas Scratch

Nicholas Scratch has managed to steal the hearts of everyone this season, including Sabrina, despite the small betrayal (we don’t hold it against him, as they’ve all done The Dark Lord’s bidding for fear of retribution). Fully devoted to Sabrina, he helps her with all of her schemes.

At the beginning of the season, his motivations are a mystery, but we put our faith in him along with Sabrina. As the season progresses, Nick’s loyalty to his girlfriend remains strong. Even through her intense rebellion against the Church of Night, Father Blackwood, and of course, The Dark Lord.

When Sabrina finds out that The Dark Lord urged Nick to romance her, it really threatens their relationship. But Nick’s love for Sabrina has become his whole world. By her side to the end, he uses his affinity for bindings to capture The Dark Lord. He loves Sabrina, and wants to save the world she loves, so he sacrifices his own body as the vessel to hold The Dark Lord in.

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Harvey Kinkle

Harvey, on the other hand, spent last season as the innocent human boyfriend who Sabrina was trying to protect. Now he has to deal with the knowledge of witches, and all that comes with that.

Separated from Sabrina, Harvey and his friends start to build their lives without her at the center. Harvey and Roz get together, and his relationship with his father is much improved. But while Sabrina’s human friends aren’t a part of a lot of the magical trouble that occurs this season, they become key to her defeat of The Dark Lord.

When everything starts going a little crazy, Harvey remembers the creepy mine he saw when he went to work with his father. He overcomes his PTSD and fear to explore Mine 13, uncovering the prophecy showing Sabrina and her destiny to rule alongside The Dark Lord. To go even further, Harvey, Roz, and Theo, go there again, realizing it’s the Gates of Hell, and hold them closed, a feat worthy of recognition.

Harvey doesn’t let any jealousy or hard feelings ruin his relationship with Sabrina, and they manage to be pretty great examples of Exes to Friends. This season establishes Harvey, Roz, and Theo (The Humans) as extremely smart and useful, becoming a true part of Sabrina’s team and her upcoming adventure to save Nick.

Zelda and Hilda

The Spellman sisters’ storyline in season one was about their relationship with one another, and how they fit in with the magical world. In Part II, they’re a real team. With Sabrina finally going through her Dark Baptism, and Mrs. Blackwood gone, Zelda’s goal is to establish her power and influence in the Church of Night. Her plan to do this is through marrying Father Blackwood, a smart move. But it turns out he’s a step ahead, and Hilda has to free her from an enchantment.

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Hilda spends a lot of time this season rescuing her loved ones, proving she is a force to be reckoned with. After Ambrose is framed for murder and imprisoned, Hilda uses her charm and kind demeanor to trick the Weird Sisters and get him a way to escape. She also finally focuses on herself and getting what she wants, which happens to be Dr. Cee. He says he can’t be with her because he’s possessed by an Incubus, but that manages to be no problem for Hilda. Her magic quickly makes it a non-issue, and they have a pretty cute romance.

Zelda’s true rise to power comes after she realizes Father Blackwood’s evil plan. She lets go of her faith in him, and with everything happening with Sabrina, she also lets go of her faith in The Dark Lord. The Spellman family comes first. When Blackwood flees, Zelda takes control of the Church of Night, becoming the first High-Priestess, a well-deserved position. At the end of Part II, The Spellmans are a united force, taking control of the magical community in Greendale.

Sabrina Spellman and Lilith

Part I of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina set-up the show’s intense feminist ideals, but Part II finally fulfills them. Last season, we got WICCA and Sabrina denying her Dark Baptism, but eventually she’s forced into saying yes. In Part II, Sabrina finally gets the power and freedom she needs and deserves, and so does Lilith.

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The two women strongly parallel each other, as Lilith fights a history of legendary status oppression from The Dark Lord. For years she’s believed in his grandiose promises of power and a crown. Now she’s finally realizing that men’s promises are worthless. The Dark Lord used a mix of fear, intimidation, and affection to keep Lilith loyal. Seeing Sabrina so easily defy something as intense as a prophetic destiny, Lilith realizes she has always had the power to take what she wants.

In an absolutely amazing team-up, Lilith and Sabrina realize they want the same thing, and The Dark Lord is no match for their combined power. Sabrina initially feels the pressure of her family and the Church of Night to do as The Dark Lord says and accept her status as his subject. But we all know Sabrina isn’t one to follow the rules, and she continues to defy the misogynistic system at every turn.

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From running for Top Boy, to literally coming back from the dead, Sabrina’s power continues to grow, and by the end of Part II, she’s literally changed her own destiny. Alongside Lilith dethroning the ruler of Hell, these two women are beautiful and empowering, and we can’t wait to see what new trouble they get into in Part III.

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