‘Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’ 1×04 Recap: “The Ghost Sonata”

The Perfectionists 1×04 recap: Season 1, Episode 4, “The Ghost Sonata” Aired April 11th, 2019.

Things are only getting more and more exciting on The Perfectionists, as Mona and Alison embrace their Nancy Drews and get to the bottom of some very interesting mysteries.

Ava, Dylan and Caitlin’s secrets are more in trouble than ever and they need to decide on whether they reveal them before this new person does, or face the consequences when the time comes.

Noah’s Legacy Lives On

…Unfortunately. One of Noah’s close friends, Mason, has become taken to continue blackmailing Dylan, Ava and Claire, by taking on what Noah had already begun. This means that the three now have to be his fake friends and continue to write his term papers for him. Somehow Mason knows all of their secrets and he’s not afraid to use them.

In order to not let Mason have so much of a hold on them, Alison advises the three to be honest with each other and share their secrets, therefore if and when Mason outs them, they’ll already know.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: THE PERFECTIONISTS – “The Ghost Sonata” (Freeform/Scott Patrick Green)

Secrets keep you close

The only way to outrun a blackmailer is to take away the leverage he has over you, and that is exactly what our trio does.

Caitlin confesses to Ava that she is the one who revealed to Beacon Heights who Ava really is. This occurred because Ava had started dating Nolan, who previously was Caitlin’s ex and because of this reveal, it ruined Ava’s life of having a fresh start. As rightly so, Ava is furious at this information, however we are hopeful that the two will reconnect soon.

Dylan confronts his boyfriend, Andrew, about his one night stand with Nolan and due to this, it looks like their relationship has ended before we even got to truly see it. It was clear that Nolan’s intentions were to mess with Dylan and his relationship with Andrew, however, even though Dylan knew that this was the case, he still went along with it.

Ava is the only one to announce her secret, which is that she pays for her tuition with presumably embezzled money. She turns it in to a check every semester, in order to pay for her school. Dana Booker is suspicious of Ava and her money, although at this moment in time, she’s struggling to find a way to prove that this is all happening.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: THE PERFECTIONISTS – “The Ghost Sonata” – (Freeform/Scott Patrick Green)


Let’s see what Mona got up to this episode…

Mona had two very interesting online interactions – one dealing with her algorithm changing from identifying good Beacon Heights University candidates to identifying just a couple of people, including Caitlin and Alison. Mona is yet to figure out who the unknown person meddling with her system is and what this new algorithm means.

The third name identified on the new system is “Ray Hogdorn“, who Mona finds out is a maintenance worker, living in an abandoned building on campus. He seems to know quite a lot about the Hotchkiss family and what is going on around Beacon Heights, however, we don’t get to see Mona interact with him. Let’s hope they’re just saving that for the next episode!

Mona’s second interaction involves her online chess partner, Bad Bishop, who announced that they want to meet her in person. The plan was for Mona to put a chess piece on her table at a restaurant to indicate who she was. We also didn’t get to see this little meetup, due to the fact Mona was snooping around Hogadorn’s home. I assume that Mona did the right thing not following up her chess partner’s instructions, as I don’t believe that would have gone down very well. Who do you think Mona’s chess partner is though? I’m dying to find out nonetheless!

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: THE PERFECTIONISTS – “The Ghost Sonata” (Freeform/Scott Patrick Green)


In heart-breaking Emison news, Alison received her divorce papers from Emily and signed them. Yup… she signed them. Queue the tears. While this is completely devastating for all Emison fans, it seemed only right to break the two up in case this show runs for several seasons, that way Alison can explore a new love life. Can we still meet the twins at some point though, please?

I can’t wait to see what this means for Alison and whether or not she gets a new love life, or if she focuses on her independence. Either way, it’s all so exciting!

Alison meets Taylor

After finding out that Taylor might possibly still be alive, Alison has put all of her time and dedication in to finding out if this is true. When Alison found Taylor’s hand drawn map inside her collection of L. Frank Baum’s OZ books, she went trespassing in to a woods and found an RV. During the time that Alison is snooping around the RV for clues, Taylor comes back and is face to face with Alison, however this doesn’t last long, as in a rush of panic, Taylor locks Alison in the RV and makes a run for it.

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