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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 4×11 “Top Moments of Seance and Sensibility”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 4, Episode 11, “Seance and Sensibility” Aired April 15, 2019.

This week’s Bollywood centered episode was all over the place. We had a funeral, an almost wedding, a kaupe attack, and a spirit haunting. The Legends continue to ride the wave of crazy with their hearts on their sleeves. Here are the top moments of this week!

Love is dead.


The Legends arrive in Jane Austen’s time to discover the whole town has gone love crazy. People are making declarations of love all over the place. All matters of “romance” go out out the window. This effects Jane Austen so much, that she stops writing.

She believes the grandeur of love is gone. This makes Mona extremely upset, while Charlie and Sara agree with Jane. Mind you Sara recently got in a fight with Ava and Charlie hasn’t met anyone in a long time, so take that as you will.

Zari is determined to figure out this mystery and stop Mona from being in anymore pain. Amid Zari’s walk a carriage almost runs her over. The driver stops the horse and reaches for her hand. Cue the first meet love scene.

A funeral and a lie.


Nate, Zari, Rory, and John are at Hank’s funeral. Typical to form, someone is haunting the event. John finds out it’s Hank. He is trying to tell Nate something and he refuses to listen. Ray is having his own issues.

  1. Ray really thought Nora was turning over a new leaf.
  2. She tells him she didn’t do it.
  3. He believes her and let’s her crash in his room, while he figures out what to do.

John finds out that Hank made a deal with a demon and it backfired. He wanted to build an amusement park with magical creatures in it. The demon he made the deal with, is the same one Constantine’s boyfriend died protecting him from. Finally the secret is revealed! 

The Kamasutra God


Zari figures out the mysterious man is the fugitive. The driver turns out to be the new God of the Kamasutra. Something happened to the old one, I don’t know what. Kama decides everyone needs to chill out.

  • He sprays is magic dust on everyone while they are sleeping.
  • Charlie dreams of Bon Jovi, Sara dreams of Ava, and Zari dreams of Nate and him.
  • Zari decides to take a break from it all and ingests the magic with him.

They begin to sing. That’s right, it gets all Bollywood up in there. Under the love spell Zari decides they should get married. It is now up to the Legends to stop Zari from making a big mistake. How do they save her? The only way they can, by singing about it.

Ultimately it is Mona that talks Zari down. What was this episode about? Our characters dealt with grief and decided they deserve to open their hearts up to happiness. Next week Sara and Ava will test that theory, when Sara takes a walk into Ava’s mind.

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