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‘The Flash’ recap: 5×18 “Godspeed”

Barry's trust is tested as Nora tells her story.

The Flash season 5 episode 18, “Godspeed”, aired April 16, 2019.

We’re back, The Flash is back! It’s been a while hasn’t it?

To re-jog your memory, Sherloque figured out and told the team that Nora has been working with Eobard Thawne, so Barry immediately threw her in the pipeline. Dude, what the fresh hell?

At least the rest of the team are willing to give Nora the benefit of doubt. Ralph suggests they read Nora’s diary to find out how she started working with Thawne.

Book club: a short history of Nora West-Allen

In 2049, Nora is a tardy CSI (does that sound familiar?). Her relationship with Iris is already strained, even before the dampener, but more on that later.

Nora is working on a case of a new speedster stealing chemicals. While investigating a lab with her CSI partner Lia, she encounters the meta, Godspeed.

the flash godspeed
image: the CW

Godspeed hits Nora with lightning. Cut to Nora waking up to Lady Gaga (does that sound familiar?) in the hospital.

Lia hands Nora the dampener that the nurses found in her shoulder wound when they used a defibrillator on her, buts drops the item. Nora activates her speed catching it. Later, she tries to stop a robbery but ends up botching it due to lack of control.

Nora decides to visit Eobard Thawne to understand a villainous speedster’s psych. He immediately figures out she is a speedster, but doesn’t answer her questions.

the flash eobard thawne harrison wells

Nora and Lia figure out Godspeed is making an advanced Velocity9 serum that would remain stable, and make to steal the last ingredient before Godspeed does. However, the speedster finds them and kills Lia (by vibrating hand of course) in front of Nora.

At this point, Iris fetches Nora to let her explain for herself.

The Small Runner

In the future, an older Iris returns from an assignment. Are those supposed to be grey streaks in her hair? To make her look older? It looks like a weird bleach job to me. Anyway, Nora confronts Iris about the dampener before running out.

She returns to Thawne and begs for his help to stop Godspeed. Thawne initially refuses, until he learns Godspeed killed Nora’s best friend in front of her (does that sound familiar?)

Thawne guides Nora to defeating Godspeed. He even re-delivers his iconic “feel the wind on your face” speech, however Nora wastes it and psychs out of phasing. They manage to get Godspeed in the end regardless. As a reward, Thawne gets a Big Belly Burger meal. Possibly his last meal.

Nora asks Thawne to train her as a speedster, but he declines. “My time on this earth is coming to an end,” he says cryptically, glancing at the countdown outside his cell. He does however tell Nora how to get into the time vault at Star Labs. There, Nora learns Barry’s identity as The Flash.

She also finds a video Barry recorded way back before he disappeared, telling Nora he loves her. The context in unclear, but there is something apocalyptic going on.

the flash barry allen

Barry what the heck part 2

Back in present day, Barry still doesn’t trust Nora, not when she still went back to Thawne after learning he killed Barry’s mother. This time, he doesn’t speed her to the pipeline. He brings her back to the future and warns her not to time-travel back again.

the flash barry allen nora west-allen

Iris is going to whoop his ass next week.

Barry then confronts Thawne in prison. Thawne is merely amused by Barry’s emotional reaction. He tells the younger speedster not to blame Nora for just wanting to see her father. Barry spits out that Thawne will soon get what he deserves, as if he knows what the clock is counting down to. It shows 10 minutes to go. What does it count down to??!


  • This episode was the directorial debut of Danielle Panabaker!
  • The team told Sherloque off for not sharing his suspicions of Nora with them from the beginning. But to be fair, they wouldn’t have believed him if he did. I’m with “Sherley” on this one.
  • “Naming metas is not easy.” – Lia. Someone try telling Cisco that.
  • Speaking of, there are theories going around that Lia may be Cisco’s child, possibly with Caitlin. Thoughts?
  • The guard at Thawne’s detention center tortures him by firing lightning at him.
  • Godspeed can’t just be a villain-of-the-week, can he? He is Big Bad material.

Can’t time travel to next Tuesday for the next The Flash episode? Keep yourself occupied in the Pure Fandom Flash zone.

(featured image: the CW)


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