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‘Roswell, New Mexico’: Michael Guerin is the Jon Snow of Roswell

He's the alien prince that was promised, ya'll!

Discussion of Roswell, New Mexico 1×12, Season 1, Episode 12, “Creep,” aired April 16, 2019

(Full Roswell, New Mexico spoilers and mild Game of Thrones spoilers ahead)

Holy guacamole, chips and the entire menu at Chipotle – THAT EPISODE WAS CRAZY! We won’t get into everything that went down in this episode here, but we will be focusing on the connection between Michael Guerin and one of the Caulfield prisoners. This is a game changer for our resident angry cowboy, Michael Guerin and (thanks to our new theory), links him to another curly haired dude – Jon Snow.

“I know you!”

In Roswell, New Mexico 1×12, Michael, Alex and Kyle head to Caulfield to investigate and they realize that a bunch of aliens are being held captive by the government. As Michael walks past one of the cells, he stops and says that he knows the woman inside, but he is unsure why. They share a psychic moment and he realizes the woman is his mother!

Roswell New Mexico 1x03
Roswell, New Mexico — “Tearin’ Up My Heart” — The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

This moment isn’t just emotional for Michael, it’s Earth shattering. Michael Guerin grew up in the foster care system, was moved around, abused and never had stability or love. That moment with his mother, although brief was the first and only time Michael has been given parental love (that he remembers). He was not raised in a caring household like Max and Isobel and always feels like the outsider.

“You know nothing, Michael Guerin.”

This reminded us of another character – Jon Snow, the bastard of Winterfell. Jon grew up with siblings that he loved and definitely had a loving bond with Ned Stark, but he always felt unwanted. Even his name made sure that he never felt like a member of the family. Like Michael, he was always on the outside looking in.

After seeing that Michael had a mother and learning some key details from Noah about how Max, Isobel and Michael landed on Earth in a “first class” pod situation, it got us thinking – what if Michael, Max and Isobel are alien royalty? That’s right, we think Michael Guerin is an alien prince.

roswell, new mexico premiere

It’s not that far fetched really. In the original show, Max was the King of his home planet! The idea of the Pod Squad having royal lineage is already a thing. If this theory holds true, Michael will be going from a life of feeling unwanted and cast aside, to realizing he was royalty all along, just like Jon Snow.

We bend the knee

These two characters have always fought so hard to prove themselves. They are smart, they are brave and are both victims of circumstances out of their control that have vastly changed the course of their lives. Jon’s identity was kept secret from him to protect and (if this theory is true) Michael’s memories pre-stasis were lost. Plus, he wasn’t adopted into a family like Max and Isobel, so never had even the concept of a family like they did.

Jon and Michael grew up without the privilege that their siblings did and now that they are learning the truth about their respective families, it will be interesting to see how much of their identity is rooted in the societal isolation they were both subjected to. Royalty or not, learning that they had caring parents all along will create a monumental shift in the lives of these two characters and we are eager to see how that information changes them.


Michael Guerin and Jon Snow may be from two totally different worlds, but they have a lot more in common the closer we look. The Jon Snow theory has been proven correct, so now we just wait for Michael Guerin to get the alien crown he so rightfully deserves. Michael still needs to get some answers because right now, “You know nothing, Michael Guerin.”

Michael Guerin is the Jon Snow of Roswell, New Mexico and we gladly bend the knee to our curly haired alien prince!

What did you think of the latest episode and our Michael theory? Comment below or hit us up on twitter and tell us your thoughts!

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