‘Shadowhunters’ 3×18: Almost kisses, betrayals and break-ups

Our hearts were taken on a roller coaster ride in this episode!

Shadowhunters 3×18, Season 3 Episode 18 “The Beast Within” aired April 15, 2019

Ouch. That episode hurt. In this episode of Shadowhunters, it’s Halloweeen, but with the level of relationship drama, it felt more like Valentine’s Day. In “The Beast Within” we saw just about every couple make a move. Some toward forgiveness, some towards an interrupted kiss, some toward a blow to the head and some toward a break-up we never, ever, ever, ever wanted to witness. Let’s talk it out, ya’ll.


Channeling Demon Royalty

After Magnus shared his anguish with Alec in 3×17, Alec decides he needs to make a bold move in order to get Magnus his magic back. Alec uses a warlock to summon Asmodeus, (Magnus’ dirty dealing demon daddy). The deal that Asmodeus offers Alec? He will give Magnus his magic back, but only if Alec breaks up with Magnus. Seems unnecessarily dramatic, but hey – demons.

Twinning No More?

The Wonder Twins – Clary and Jonathan are still bound by their twinning rune. In hopes to break their bond, Izzy comes up with a serum to inject into Jonathan. It’s very science-y and it’s very painful. The serum doesn’t work and they are back to square one. Boo.

SHADOWHUNTERS – “The Beast Within” – (Freeform/John Medland)

Clary and Jace are hunting stuff

Screw candy! Who needs trick-or-treating when you can go hunt demons, right? Jace and Clary are out in the streets protecting the adorable costume clad peeps from the demons lurking in the shadows. Jace refuses to give up on his girl and even tells Alec that he would do anything to save her – but he wouldn’t if it meant never seeing her again. Dark.


Simon’s adorable sis arrives in town (unannounced for whatever reason) to celebrate Halloween with her vampire bro. She is entranced by the Shadow World, but even the fairies, wolves and warlocks don’t distract her from seeing the sparks between Simon and Izzy. She sends Simon off with Izzy AND they almost kiss in Izzy’s lab! SIZZY IS HAPPENING!

Maia and Jordan

These two have a lengthy history and it’s filled with lots of trauma. He scratched her, turned her and left her. She was scared, scarred and alone. This season we have seen Jordan step up in a major way, most notably when he took a silver dagger to the gut to save Maia. He’s healed now and Maia has forgiven him (even if the fandom hasn’t). Yes, it sucks that he left her like that, but it’s good to show that people can change and evolve. Jordan may not feel like he deserves forgiveness, but Maia has moved on and even asks him to join her pack.

Now, here comes the pain…

SHADOWHUNTERS – “The Beast Within” (Freeform/John Medland)

Dark Clary rises

It’s unclear if it was Izzy’s serum or just that she was launched into a wall by a demon, but Clary’s halo was knocked off her head. Our girl has gone darkside. The once unbreakable Clace bond is shaken when Clary hits Jace in the head and portals to the Institute to save her brother. It’s creepy. It’s dark. And it’s happening. For so long Clary has been torn between the angel on one shoulder (Jace) and the devil on the other (Jonathan) and this time, the devil won.

“Stay with me.”

Holy shit. That scene was absolutely devastating. We understand why Alec is doing this. He loves Magnus so much that he would rather live his life without him in order to make Magnus feel whole. It’s great in theory, but that’s just not how love works. Magnus doesn’t feel right without magic and he is broken and lost. He opened up to the only person in the world he trusted with those feelings (Alec), not so Alec could fix him, but because Magnus was hurting.

This misguided attempt to “fix” Magnus will do just the opposite. Losing magic rocked Magnus, but losing Alec will destroy him. It’s so much more angst than we needed from these two this late in the game, but if we are looking at this with optimism, it’s clear what this rift will set up.

This drama will lead to a conversation that needs to happen. Alec needs to hear from Magnus that he is the most important person in the world and in Magnus’ life AND BELIEVE IT. Alec all too easily dismissed what he means to Magnus by saying that there have been others before him. What Alec fails to see is that he means so much more to Magnus than anyone ever has or could.


How do we know this? Magnus gave up his magic to save Jace for Alec. After seeing how much Magnus treasured his magic, and seeing the after shock of it’s loss, it’s clear to us that Magnus only did this because he loves Alec more than anything or anyone. Alec somehow doesn’t realize this. Yes, it’s noble of Alec to try this, but still – nope.

WHEN (not if), WHEN Magnus realizes why Alec broke up with him, they will have this talk and that’s important. Alec knows Magnus loves him, but Alec needs to see that he isn’t just another one of Magnus’ loves, he is THE love.

That all said – still, ouch. The raw emotion, the dialogue, the kiss – GAHHHH. This hurt so, so much. We were ready to see the Malec engagement, but instead we are left with a Malec shaped hole in our hearts. Magnus is too smart to let this go on for too long. The second his Dad shows up to give him his magic, Magnus will sniff out the crazy and end this unwarranted angst-fest.

At the Malec wedding we will all just laugh about this (or cry), but whatever.

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