5 of OA’s best moments from ‘The OA Part II’

The Original Angel continues to be fierce and intelligent in the new season.

#1 Reconnecting with Scott and Rachel

OA jumped dimensions with no guarantee that her old friends would be on the other side. When she manages to find them, they’re trapped in the same way they were before, subjects of Hap, a part of his new experiments. Rachel’s in the worst situation.

Known for her beautiful voice, she finds herself in a body unable to really communicate. Just like how Hap used OA in Part 1, he uses Rachel to help him, underestimating her because of her disability.

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She’s seen his experiments, and knows what Hap’s trying to do. When OA comes, she manipulates Homer to leave her in a room with Rachel and Scott, and she finds a way for Rachel to communicate with them, using items in the room. Hap notices and comes in to stop it, but not before OA gets some key information. Along with that, Hap’s urgent manner of stopping the encounter increases Homer’s suspicions of his mentor.

#2 Meeting Old Knight

When OA meets Karim, she’s lost and confused in this alternate life. Then he explains about the missing child, Michelle (Buck), and her altruistic nature pushes her to help him. Along with that, she is adamant in defending Buck’s transgender status to Karim.

Through the investigation, they explore Nina’s (the new dimension’s OA) life, leading them to an underground club and a strange show where she seems to go often. With no knowledge of what’s going to happen, OA takes the risk and finds herself strapped into a chair as a telepathic octopus named Old Knight connects to her.

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While that by itself is enough to scare away a normal person, Old Knight then reveals that not only does he know who she is and that she’s a traveler, he wants to kill her to show her something. She has to trust him or go away without the information. OA says yes, and asks him if she will survive. He says it depends on a brother she didn’t know she had, and still isn’t sure who it is.

Would you trust an intelligent, talking octopus?

#3 The adventure in the house with Karim

OA’s search for answers about herself and traveling dimensions, and her investigation with Karim, parallel one another. Those two stories come together when OA and Karim finally enter the strange house to get to the red window. OA’s never one to back down from a challenge, and despite the fact that no children have ever gotten out of the house alive and sane, she marches right in, intent on getting the answers she needs.

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They get through a few puzzles then are separated, and OA ends up falling into a series of sentient trees who warn her of Hap’s plans, and tell her to create a group of friends to support her, a pride of sorts. The adventure also shows her how capable Karim is, and he becomes someone she can trust.

#4 When she finally accepts Nina

Knowing that her other self, Nina, has information she needs, OA tries to access it, but can’t. Another traveler, Elodie, visits OA, telling her that she has to merge and accept Nina as a part of her. She must do that by going back to her most traumatic experience: the bus crash (her NDE).

OA takes up the task in the bathtub of her apartment, drowning herself in order to draw out Nina, and she succeeds. The new and improved version of OA appears in the last episode, when she goes to visit Hap pretending to be Nina.

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With a perfect Russian accent, she rides up the elevator with Homer, telling him a dirty joke that he finds hilarious. There’s an almost kiss, and when she puts her hand up against the other side of the glass, the image pulls the real Homer out, finally.

It’s seriously one of the best scenes in the season, as OA destroys Hap’s influence on Homer as he watches, though we wish OA had more time with real Homer before the end.

#5 Her speech to Homer

Of course their reunion doesn’t last long before their pulled apart again. It’s becoming a pattern with them. Just after OA brings out the real Homer, she leaves, following Hap outside. He then reveals his plan to take her to a new dimension, one where she doesn’t remember herself and she loves him.

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Homer appears, punching Hap, but then he comes back and shoots him. Accepting that she will have to travel again to save him, she tells Homer what’s happening, and makes him promise to find her.

“We’re gonna jump. Together. It may take us to a place where I don’t know myself, where we don’t know each other. You come find me.”

“I’ll follow you.”

She puts her faith in him, knowing he can and will find her. It sets up the next part of the story, and proves their love for one another.

The OA Part II is now streaming on Netflix!

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