‘The Addams Family’ is Gloriously Spooky

Get ready to snap those fingers, The Addams Family is back!

If the iconic theme tune didn’t already clue you in, everyone’s favorite bizarre family has at last returned, as MGM released the first teaser for the animated feature film, The Addams Family this morning!

Put on a frown, pull your awful morning coffees closer, as I’ll list my reasons why I believe this film has the promise to be frighteningly good…

The Cast

Addams Family 2019
screenshot from the teaser | MGM Studios

If you’ve been on the internet, circling around the Star Wars fandom, then you’ll probably recall when people noticed that Oscar Isaac looked a helluva lot like Gomez Addams in “Sucker Punch.” Many people – myself included – began hoping for an The Addams Family reboot starring Isaac in the iconic role…

Well, the powers that be delivered. Okay, so it’s not live action like everyone may have been clamoring for, but! Hello! How often does a favorite fancast wind up being cast as that character?

Aside from Oscar Isaac, the film also features a slew of well known, talented actors – including Charlize Theron as Morticia Addams, Chloë Grace Mortez as Wednesday Addams, and Finn Wolfhard as Pugsley Addams. Not bad, eh?

Gloriously Gothic

Addams Family 2019
Screenshot from the teaser | MGM Studios

Look, there’s a reason why one of my favorite television shows right now is Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – there is nothing I love more than when fiction has fun embracing a dark, creepy atmosphere.

Though, I doubt we’ll be hearing any “Hail Satan” chants ( like in CAOS) in the The Addams Family, it does promise a timeless, gothic aesthetic with every frame.

And for good reason, since the The Addams Family is most iconic for their bizarre gothic aesthetics – and the family mansion has never looked so gloriously spooky before. Anyone notice the gates look like spindly talons?

On that subject, can we take a moment to appreciate how gloriously strange the animation is? It perfectly captures the feel of the characters.

The Addams Family

Morticia and Wednesday Addams
Screenshot from the teaser | MGM Studios

The Addams Family is probably one of the healthiest, happiest family (and relationship, here’s looking to you Morticia and Gomez) dynamics in fictional history, and I’m thrilled to see it back in the spotlight.

While the teaser appears to put Morticia and Wednesday in center stage, we get glimpses at the rest of the fam’ too – and with Morticia’s regal presence and creepy spiders, her daughter’s melancholic attitude and red balloon (nice “It” reference, guys) it’s no surprise that the teaser tends to give them more highlights.

But I think right now is the best time for the Addams’ family to return; the land of fiction is currently dominated by Jedi and superheroes, providing touch stones and sources of inspiration to the audience – and that’s excellent! I love that, I love seeing so many people touched by these stories I love – and I believe the Addams Family has the potential to stand among the rest, inspiring people to be different, and a little bit odd and ironic – to march to your own beat, forge your own path, no matter unconventional.

Which, I gotta say, is the best way to live.

The Addams Family will hit theaters this Halloween! What did you think of the trailer?


Tegan Hall

I've had a lifelong adoration of fiction, stemming from family movie nights, piles of books to consume, and comic book store trips. In the intervening years, I've fallen deep into the well of fandom with no expectation or wish to leave it. I have a profound love for gothic and spooky tales, and that one movie franchise with the laser swords, dunno if you've heard of it.

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