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‘Cloak & Dagger’ Reaction: Initial Thoughts on Ep 2×03, “Shadow Selves”

Cloak & Dagger, Ep 2×03, “Shadow Selves” aired on April 11, 2019

Oh, boy. I thought the last two episodes were strong, but C&D is absolutely on fire. The writing is on point and the entire cast is killing it. Especially Emma Lahana! Read further for some of my initial thoughts on Ep 2×03, “Shadow Selves” and then be sure to check our “Brad and Cort Talk” recaps where the hosts take a deep dive into the latest episodes. Spoilers for tonight’s all-new episode, “Shadow Selves” start after here. If you missed the episode, get gone and check it out NOW.

There’s so much I want to talk about, but I’ll keep this short and just go over the initial things that gave me absolute joy or had my mind working overtime. As I mentioned in last week’s recap episode, I love that this show tackles real world issues like this season with the missing girls. Most shows would have touched the surface of this issue and then jumped onto something else after one episode. This show far outpaces others that care only to delve into stories of teen angst and revolving love triangles or octagons. This week Tandy teams up with both Brigid and Mayhem in trying to track down those missing girls.

It’s interesting watching as Tandy finds herself relating to Mayhem. She appreciates that Mayhem gets ish done, but the latter’s methods leave much to be desired. Now that I think about it, I could totally see Mayhem breaking into some guy’s house and wrecking the place while he’s knocked out, but the vital difference between Tandy and Mayhem is that Brigid’s counterpart would’ve slit that guys throat without thought or regret.

Mina’s Back!!!!!!

I was so bummed last week. Yes, we got an epic two-hour season premiere, but my girl, Mina (Ally Maki) was nowhere in sight. Fear not. She’s back and just in time to drop some awesome science on us. Mina has remained in touch with Tyrone and Tandy over the past 8 months since the Terrors first hit New Orleans. She’s trying to recreate the effects of exposure to the chemicals from the Roxxon valve. She’s able to confirm what we already know about Brigid and Mayhem’s physical split thanks to her experiments on some mice in her lab. There’s one half that is always considered the docile one and the other is aggressive. That’s the perfect word to describe Mayhem. Mina also clues her friend into the fact that the aggressive one nearly always tries to kill its counterpart. This is something that the audience has already been clued into after Mayhem’s visit to Brigid’s hospital room.


BE-E Aggressive

She’s means well. Her intentions are more than understandable and in line with those of our main protagonists. Mayhem wants to find those missing girls. She also wants to track down Connors since he did try to kill her last season. It’s Mayhem’s methods that are wild AF. We find out that the split happened the night of the Terrors and that Mayhem has been doing her own thing this whole time without being caught. There’s something interesting about this character. She’s a little terrifying, but she does not come across as flat or plain evil. Lahana does a wonderful job of portraying these two extremes. There’s something about Brigid that shows how broken she’s been since that night. She’s not the same badass cop that we met early last season. The Roxxon chemicals she took a swim in have literally split those two parts. Can they continue to co-exist or will Mayhem eventually try to take out her double? Again.

Mayhem did manage to form a bond with Father Delgado. The former priest is no longer working at Tyrone’s school and has truly fallen on hard times. Mayhem’s interactions with the priest are curious and help in giving this aggressive character some interesting layers. The other interesting interaction? Tandy and Mayhem. You would think that Mayhem would be your typical lone wolf, content with handling everything on her own, but she invites Tandy along in her own search for the missing girls. Sure she has Brigid’s memories from before the split and that aggression that made Brigid such a badass, but are these moments we see with Father Delgado and Tandy the path for something more?

Random Thoughts

  • Where was Evita this week?
  • Is that one dude from the council meeting blackmailing Tyrone’s Mom? With what?
  • How cool is it watching Ty’s powers grow.
  • I loved the way time jumped around this episode and that they didn’t just pick things up last week by showing us that split. This way we got to see Mayhem making different connections and grow from purely aggressive. She’s not just some “terminator” character.

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