‘Charmed’ 1×17 Recap: “Surrender”

This one is for all the PLL and Roswell fans.

Charmed 1×17 recap: Season 1, Episode 17, “Surrender” Aired March 31st, 2019.

This one is for all the PLL and Roswell fans, as Tyler Blackburn makes his debut appearance on the show, as demon Viralis.

With Maggie on the look out for demon blood to cure Parker, Viralis was her perfect victim, however in unfortunate circumstances, she becomes his victim instead.

Harry is being punished for his relationship with Charity, after the Elders find out the truth behind Marisol’s death and his time alive is becoming limited.

Here is what happened on Charmed, 1×17!

Harry’s Punishment

Harry is punished at the start of the episode by the Elders, due to having a relationship with Charity and putting the girls in danger.

The elders punish him by stripping him of his powers, allowing him to immediately begin to grow in to his real age.

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The girls demand that the Elders give Harry his powers back, after being devastated at his new appearance, however, they refuse.

Curing Parker

Maggie refuses to give up on Parker and decides that she needs to take steps forward herself, in order to cure him of his demon side.

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She learns that there is a demon, Viralis, who puts girls under his spell, forcing them to surrender to him and then kill themselves after telling him their greatest desires.

Viralis needs ten girls to sacrifice themselves, in order to keep him alive for another ten years.

Maggie needs Viralis’ blood to help heal Parker, therefore goes undercover by attending a poetry night, where Viralis can see her vulnerable side and prey on her. Once she is in, all she needs is the blood to get back out, however, there is a slight change in plans.

Maggie goes under Viralis’ spell, therefore she no longer has control of her own mind and can’t focus on her true mission. Not only that, but Viralis has made it so no one can track any of the girls or him down.

With Harry now becoming old and grey, he still tags along to share his wisdom that has continuously grown over the years and helps Mel and Macy track down Maggie.

When Mel and Macy make their appearance, Viralise tells Maggie to kill them both. Maggie and Mel get in to a viscous fight, whilst Macy focuses on killing Viralis and getting the blood.

Mel and Niko

Prior to defeating Viralis, Niko seeks the help of Mel, after one of Viralis’ victims escape and shows up at her front door. Being as Niko doesn’t know about demons, she believes that this girl is related to the Sarcana.

Having to make it look like Niko is along to help, Mel brings her to the true location, but freezes her, so her and Macy can go fight the demon and save their sister and the others.

When they return to their original positions, Mel unfreezes time and tells Niko that all has been sorted, however, Niko notices a cut on Mel’s hand that wasn’t there before and grows suspicious.

Fiona and Harry

During the time when Niko was frozen, Harry also froze, due to him now being fully human and Fiona comes along to try and get inside his mind. For what reason, we do not know.

When the girls and Harry are back at their home, Fiona promises the girls that she can heal Harry and return him to his young self again. The girls trust Fiona to do what she says and allows Harry to leave with her.

Fiona takes Harry to the Vortex underneath the house, successfully healing him.

She doesn’t stop there though, as she then begins to do more magic on him and again, try to get in to his head.

We still are unsure as to what Harry has up in his mind that Fiona wants so much, but we can’t wait to find out and the wait won’t be long and Charmed is returning to the CW on April 21st!

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