‘Charmed’ 1×15 Recap: “Switches and Stones”

Freaky Friday meets Charmed

Charmed 1×15 recap: Season 1, Episode 15, “Switches and Stones” Aired March 17th, 2019.

Freaky Friday meets Charmed with this fantastic episode, allowing Sarah Jeffery and Melonie Diaz to showcase their incredible talents even more. From perky and girly Maggie, to a stubborn and irritable Mel. From a stubborn Mel, to a girly Maggie who has completely taken over her fashion sense.

This episode had me wrapped up in it’s charm and had me laughing at how big of an impact the switch had on the girls. Mel in a full face of make-up, scarves and leopard print? I never thought I’d see the day! The two girls kissing each other’s partners and their reactions – hilarious!

Although I smiled from cheek to cheek, start to finish – the episode ended in the most devastating way, regarding Marisol’s killer and I look forward to seeing what is to come of the reveal and who just so happened to witness it.

Here is what happened on Charmed, 1×15!

Macy and Charity

Macy, Charity and the other elders have a meeting about the demonic traits she is exhibiting inside of her. Bianca, an elder, asks Macy if she has had any strange dreams or visions, however Macy tells them that she has not.

Secret Vortex

Following on from the previous episode when Maggie and Parker fell through the house, the sisters, Harry and Charity all go to inspect the room.

It is located under the house and appears to be a vortex that can expand a witches power. Maggie and Macy feel the ruins around the wall before Harry dismisses them from doing so.

Fiona (Charity’s sister) is alive

Mel and Jada have taken a trip to Ireland, in order to retrieve the Sorona stone, which is able to help Fiona heal. At this point, Mel doesn’t know why they’re in Ireland, so Jada explains that Fiona is sill alive and that she is not to say a word – not even to her sisters.

Mel finds out from Jada that the elders were scared of Fiona, due to the fact that she was born to the keeper of the sacred flame, she is the source of magic and she joined the Sarcana.

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Freaky Friday meets Charmed

When Mel returns from Ireland, Maggie is angry because she has not been able to get in touch with her sister all day. They get in to an argument involving the way Mel has been acting recently and Maggie touches her, in an attempt to hear what she’s thinking.

As the night goes by and morning comes, both Mel and Maggie wake up in each other’s bodies. Harry explains that this is due to Maggie touching the walls in the Vortex and that the two of them switching bodies is a more advanced version of feeling the other person’s emotions. The only way for them to turn back is if each master the other’s powers.

Maggie goes to visit Jada in Mel’s body, where she finally finds out everything Mel has been keeping from them. The main one, of course, being that Fiona is in fact, still alive, and she even gets to meet the woman right there and then.

Mel, on the other hand, has been taking to a frat house in Maggie’s body, to celebrate her sorority’s rush. While inside the van taking them to the house, she hear’s another sister, Daphne’s, thoughts and realise’s that she is worried about going to the frat house.

A Dream Come True

Prior to originally telling the Elders that she has not experienced any strange dreams or visions, Macy ends up having a dream about someone turning in to stone. Later, on the school campus, the three sisters are greeted by an actual person turned in to stone.

Macy worries that she turned the person in to stone, as a result from also touching the Vortex’ wall, and may have now awakened the demon inside of her.

Macy tells Bianca about the dream and is tested to see how far her demonic side has progressed.


Two more people have been turned in to stone and Macy believes that Medusa is the one behind it all.

Charity reveals that Medusa used to be a witch, once upon a time, and was unfortunately raped and punished, turning her in to the woman she is today.

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Medusa shows up at the frat party and starts turning more people in to stone. Mel notices that one of the guys turned to stone was originally looking up a hashtag called ‘Lollipop Guild’, which is about girls performing sexual acts on men. They see Daphne in one of the photos and realise that she has accidentally summoned Medusa and now she is seeking vengeance on everyone involved in such a disgusting hashtag and also the people who know about it, yet haven’t done anything about it.

Macy spots that everyone turned to stone by Medusa is turned away from her, coming to the conclusion that Medusa wants to be seen by someone.

Macy talks to Medusa and tells her that she see’s her. Medusa then disappears and turns everyone back.

Mel realises that she has mastered Maggie’s powers, therefore the two girls are able to switch back in to their own bodies.

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Marisol’s killer is revealed

After monitoring how Macy’s demonic powers have progressed, Bianca comes back to her with the results that she has the evil sight and is able to see evil acts from the past – including her mother’s.

Macy takes the opportunity to get closure on her mother’s death and witnesses the night for herself. She see’s that Charity was behind the murder all along.

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When Macy is brought back to reality, Charity has killed Bianca, making us all fear for what might happen to Macy now she knows the truth.

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