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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 4×10 “The Getaway”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 4, Episode 10, “The Getaway” Aired April 8, 2019.

Legends continues their sad vibes this week. Mona, Sara, Nate, and Gary are all depressed. Mind you they all have different reasons, but it’s still a lot to take in. Let’s break down the sadness and see what’s up.

Mona Blues


Mona is reeling from the Kaupe’s death. On top of that she is keeping her transformation a secret, from the Legends. Meanwhile, Nate’s Dad and the Time Bureau are still after her. This poor woman can’t catch a break.

  • The Legends decide to keep her on board.
  • Sara takes Mona with her on their next assignment.
  • Mona struggles with telling them the truth about the men in black deaths.

Mona’s cover ends up being blown by the end of the episode. The men in black attack her and she turns. Sara and John get her to calm down and turn back. Ms. Lance vows they will protect her, because she is now one of them. Yay Mona isn’t alone anymore!

Sara Woes


Mona and Sara are going through the same sh*t this week, only slightly different. I am glad this random friendship begins. It doesn’t make any sense, but I like it. Sara is going through the motions this week. Much like the viewers, she doesn’t know where she stands with Ava. We feel yah, girl.

  1. She is distracted by their fight/ potential breakup.
  2. The magical creature forces the characters to tell the truth.
  3. Sara blurts out all her woes about her relationship and the Legends.

The bug (the magical creature) finally leaves her body. Captain Lance realizes she can’t keep it in any longer. When Mona is in Kaupe form, she lets all her emotions out to connect with Mona. This gets Mona to turn back and they hug it out.

Nate’s Heartbreak


Nate and Zari pretend to be on the side of the Time Bureau so they can gain information from Mr. Heywood. Nathaniel and his father go on a road trip to track down The Legends. They semi bond. This would be adorable, if Hank wasn’t trying to capture all his friends.

They finally catch up to The Legends. The moment the Legends are at gunpoint Nate steps in.

“Dad, if you trust me, you will let my friends go.”

In a moment of clarity Hank tell the Bureau to lower their weapons. Hank gets back. He confronts the demon wearing John’s ex’s face. He tells him he won’t work for him anymore. The demon isn’t having any of it and kills him.

Nora of all people feels what the demon is doing and breaks out of jail to help Hank. I want to pause for a moment and point out, how is Nora connected to all this? Let’s un-pause because, who cares, at least we get to see Nora! The only problem is Nate walks in on Nora and his Dad and thinks she killed him.

Gary’s Confusion


Can we all agree that Gary needs to be a series regular next season? He is the voice of the people. Every time he is in an episode my heart flutters. Zari informs Gary of their suspicions about Hank. When they are talking he points out several things.

  1. He is devastated over Sara and Ava’s potential break up.
  2. That he crochetes.
  3. He thought things were shady around the Bureau.

Our Gary is always on the side of good. It should be a rule that if Gary says something or feels it, it must be good. Now with their mole properly planted Nate and Zari can focus on other things. Like the writers awkwardly trying to get them together for no reason.

This week was full of reveals, death, and hugs. It’s just a typical day in the Legends world. What will happen next week? Will Nate believe his eyes or his heart about Nora’s involvement in Hank’s death. We will see!

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