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‘Game of Thrones’: Office builds 40 foot long paper dragon

So. Many. Papercuts.

As we gear up for the final season of Game of Thrones, we have been all over the internet reading theories, listening to the Game of Thrones Podcast here on, A Podcast Remembers and constructing a giant paper dragon – just kidding, that would be crazy! Right? Well, not if you are Viking Direct, the office supply company!

Viking Direct

The peeps over Viking Direct took their love of Game of Thrones a step further than most and constructed a 13 meter (42ish feet) long dragon made entirely out of paper! This thing is massive and beyond impressive! The bosses at Viking Direct worked with artist Andy Singleton to design and construct the Game of Thrones inspired piece.

“I wanted the dragon to be an expression of my approach and style of work, so I did not look at any other reference images while making it, apart from my drawings. I wanted parts of the dragon’s armor to look like faceted minerals, but also to have softer elements almost like fur on the underside. The color choices just felt right when I was selecting the specialist paper.” – Andy Singleton

The dragon took 100 studio hours to design and another 10 hours to assemble at the Viking Direct office. Check out this time lapse video to see the entire construction process!


AMAZING! If you plan to replicate this huge, fire breathing work of art – better get started now – Game of Thrones returns Sunday, April 14th!

viking direct dragon
Viking Direct

For in-depth theories and episode discussions, listen to our Game of Thrones podcast, A Podcast Remembers.

Viking is a global company, established in 1960 and now present in over 11 countries worldwide. It is part of Office Depot, one of the largest suppliers of office stationery and products in the world. Viking’s UK headquarters is in Leicester. 


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