‘Doom Patrol’ 1×08 review: “Danny Patrol”

Take us to Danny the Street.

Doom Patrol 1×08, Season 1, Episode 8, “Danny Patrol” aired on April 5th, 2019

Warning: full spoilers will follow

Welcome to Danny Street. Anyone’s invited! (DC Universe)

Individuality is running rampant in Doom Patrol as it pulls from the Morrison/Case toy chest with its introduction of Danny the Street. A sentient, gender-queer street where #representationmatters.

Fitting in or standing out?

A greater purpose looms for Danny’s presence in our heroes lives as Danny needs the Chief’s help by leaving a cake at Doom Manor to send a message for Vic and Larry to find Danny. The show does a great job giving a non-living thing a personality and in a way, Danny’s a lot more sure of itself (or is it himself?) than the gang. Vic and Larry find out that Danny’s on the run from the Bureau of Normalcy. an autocratic group that hits Larry a little close to home. Maura Lee Karupt, a former operative of the Bureau has gotten in touch with true self thanks to Danny.

Duet! (DC Universe)

Larry has been a sad sack for much of the story and dropping Danny the Street into the show gives his arc the direction he needs. It culminates into a song-and-dance number at the club where it feels like RuPaul’s Drag Race on crack. Matt Bomer, re-skinned and in a tux, gets to cut loose for a change and it was glorious! The joy was melting through the screen and a lot of the episode is brimming with it.

Work it, Larry! (DC Universe)

Turns out, it was all in his head, but this encounter with Danny was an eyeopener for him and the show as a whole embraces a slightly more optimistic point of view without losing its caustic sense of humor.

Too sweet to be sour!

Here comes the Bride! (DC Universe)

Meanwhile, Karen, Jane’s rom-com loving, Stepford Wife-in-waiting alter has surfaced and she’s so extra. “Me and Doug are endgame,” she says. There’s even an homage to The Notebook somewhere! Karen’s even further proof of Diane Guerrero’s chameleon-like versatility (something Tatiana Maslany has in spades on Orphan Black).

She was able to flip back and forth between Karen’s sticky-sweet disposition to Hammerhead’s raging, people=sh*t attitude. Cliff, still reeling over the ill-fated therapy session, was able to take solace in a young kid dressed up as a robot and watching Robotman popping and locking was a lot of fun. Karen’s hasty wedding to Doug came to a screeching halt when Jane goes catatonic. What could happen next?

Robotman objects! (DC Universe)

Doom Patrol can go to dark places at times, but there’s enough whimsy and fun to keep the balance and “Danny Patrol” is evidence of how well it meshes joy and misery together in Doom Patrol 1×08.

Various musings

  •  Maura Lee Karupt is a pretty genius name
  •  The undercurrent of LGBTQ representation is well executed
  •  Rita’s old-fashioned verbal skills clashing with Karen’s millennial lingo made for some amusing dialogue.

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