‘Riverdale’ 3×17: 5 biggest takeaways from “The Raid”

Gargoyles, dead relatives and annulments, oh my!

Riverdale 3×17, Season 3, Episode 17, “Chapter Fifty-Two: “The Raid,” Aired Mar 27th, 2019.

After a wait that we never thought would come to an end, the end has finally arrived and we are now in with Edgar Evernever. A yummy snack indeed. Betty takes The Farm in to her hands and teams up with Cheryl to get to the bottom of what Edgar is doing that is making everybody so obsessed with him, Jughead and Gladys go head to head, Archie and Mad Dog reunite, and Veronica is trying to convince Hiram and Hermione to make amends. What could possibly go wrong in all of this?

Here are the five biggest takeaways from “The Raid”:

Cousin Team-Up

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Cheryl and Betty have any sort of long-term interaction, so to see them come together to take down Edgar Evernever was extremely thrilling. During an open house, Betty takes a tour of the premises and submits to an interview with Evelyn. However, Evelyn wasn’t trusting of Betty and wouldn’t provide her with much information, therefore, Betty recruits Cheryl to go in for her. Betty, being the genius and only sane person in the town, implants a microphone in to Cheryl’s pin badge, allowing her to listen in on her and Edgar’s interview. Edgar pushes Cheryl to talk about Jason’s death, where she voluntarily tells him that she tried to commit suicide and saw Jason under the ice.

The next day, Betty sends Cheryl back in to get the interview tapes of her family, so Edgar has nothing to hold against them anymore and they can leave freely. However, whilst searching for said tapes, Edgar takes Cheryl in to a mysterious room which cuts the microphone out. The next day at school, Cheryl refuses to mention anything of her time at The Farm and although Betty says that her duties are done, Cheryl continues visiting The Farm of her own choice.

Betty manages to retrieve all family tapes, including Cheryl’s from The Farm and passes the news on to Cheryl that she does not have to step foot in there ever again. That being said, Cheryl still wants to stay, the reason being that Edgar allows Cheryl to see her dead brother, Jason. When we say ‘see her dead brother’, we mean she literally spoke to him. Yes, The Farm is THAT insane. Betty confronts Alice about Cheryl’s situation, in which she confirms that it is true and that Edgar also allows Alice to speak to her dead son, Charles, as well. Betty requests a sit down with Edgar and when they’re finally face to face with one another, she tells him that she wants to know everything.

Mother VS Son

Jughead and Gladys are going head to head – Jughead with destroying the Gargoyles and all traces of fizzle rock, Gladys with trying to step Jughead destroying the empire she has built for herself. The Serpents force information out of a former fizzle rocks dealer, giving them insight on where the Gargoyle suppliers are. However, during an attack on one of the Gargoyles, Jughead finds out that they intruded on an undercover drug bust, set up by FP. FP threatens to put Jug and the Serpents in jail if they continue to play vigilantes.

Luckily for Jughead, Archie comes to seek help from him regarding Mad Dog and his family, so the Serpents rally together in order to clear out a building filled with Gargoyles and replace them with the ex-prisoners. An extremely viscious fight involving guns blows out through the entire building, almost pushing Jughead to near death when Kurtz throws himself out of a window and takes Jug with him. After his near-death experience, Jug confronts Gladys and tells her that he will “choke your whole operation to death”. Though we’re so relieved Jug is still well and alive, somebody in the depth of the woods wasn’t. Baby Teeth, an ex-prisoner. FP finds Baby Teeth bloodied and mutilated. Archie and Jug find a quest card and chalice, with a yanked tooth on the front.


Archie & Mad Dog come together

Meanwhile, in Archie world, Archie gets a phone call from his cell mate, Mad Dog. MD tells Archie that they’re shutting down the Juvenile prison and moving them all to a wing of Hiram’s new prison. With the help of Ronnie, Archie gets a sit down with Governor Dooley, threatening to reveal the illegal underground club to everyone if he doesn’t excuse his friends. Dooley agrees with the deal and Archie moves MD and his other friends to his boxing gym as a place to stay, whilst he figures something better out for them. Unfortunately for Archie, Elio offered Mad Dog good money to fight for him, in which he eventually takes the offer to set his family up with the best house he can buy.

Family Reunion Gone Wrong

The Lodge’s really haven’t been having the best family luck for a while now and it’s only getting worse. Veronica is trying to hold her parent’s marriage together (no matter how toxic we all know it is) and presses them to see a marriage counsellor. Hiram announces that he already has an annulment and will continue to protect Hermione from any mob threats.

Is Edgar Evernever, Hiram, Gladys, the farm & fizzle rocks all connected?

Hearing the shocking news that Edgar has the ‘power’ to bring dead family members back, is it safe to say that there is a possible connection between The Farm and Hiram & Glady’s fizzle rock company? Is Edgar purchasing fizzle rocks from the two and passing them on to his cult members, allowing them to hallucinate and make them believe that this is all of his own doing? We don’t know for sure, but we can’t wait to find out more!

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