‘Charmed’ 1×14 Recap: “Touched By A Demon”

Fan-fiction brought to life...

Charmed 1×14 recap: Season 1, Episode 14, “Touched By A Demon” Aired March 10th, 2019.

With this filler episode, fan-fiction was brought to life in an extremely fun way, whilst Maggie and Parker’s relationship hit an even funnier mark when something ever so random happens in the bedroom. It seems that the girl’s powers are becoming stronger by the day.

Here is what happened on Charmed, 1×14!

Parker and Maggie

Maggie and Parker spend their first night together intimately, only for Maggie’s crotch to blast Parker across the room. What on earth is going on!?

At the end of the episode, however, Maggie and Parker are able to get back to what they had intended on doing successfully. That is until Parker turns in to his shadow demon and they fall through the floor in to an empty room.

Heaven’s Vice Brought To Life

Whilst Maggie is telling Macy about her little incident in the bedroom with Parker, Macy accidentally puts her hand over the stove and burns herself, however she feels absolutely no pain.

Harry informs her that this is a trait of being a demon and heals her. In order to get her mind off of the demon situation and Gavin being away, Macy gets herself comfy on the couch and watches re-runs of 90’s sitcom, Heaven’s Vice.

Macy accidentally spills escape oil, belonging to her mother, on the router, bringing two characters, Levi and Gideon, from Heaven’s Vice in to the real world. A vampire also escapes the portal to the real world, but luckily for Macy, since she has watched this show before, she knows how to call him.

Although Macy is excited to have Levi and Gideon around in the real world, it is also completely insane and should definitely not be happening, therefore, she tries to convince them to go back in to the show. Gideon does not want to.

Gideon pushes Macy and Harry through the portal, sucking them in to the TV show. Being as she had seen this season finale episode before, Macy knew that there was only 15 minutes left of the show, meaning that if they don’t get out before the show ends, they’ll be stuck in there forever.

Battling a TV Demon

During the scene that Harry and Macy are in, they come face to face with a devil and need to kill him before Maggie and Mel manage to re-open the portal. Macy, in an attempt to also save the lead female, chops off the horns off the devil and kills him.

Maggie and Mel make another escape oil, however it needs two weeks to boil. Mel then uses her new powers of time manipulations to boil the oil quicker and the sisters open the portal to get Macy and Harry back home.

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