‘Charmed’ 1×13 Recap: “Manic Pixie Nightmare”

Charmed 1×13 recap: Season 1, Episode 13, “Manic Pixie Nightmare” Aired March 3rd, 2019.

What would a Supernatural show be without an evil Pixie? Except, this Pixie may not be as evil as The Charmed Ones and Harry believe.

Here is what happened on Charmed, 1×13!

Meet Manic Pixie, Chloe

Chloe is not your typical sweet and girly pixie, not being very shocking since this is a world filled with Supernatural creatures, however she is very glittery and giggly making it easy to fall for her.

We first meet Chloe with film student, Judd, on a rooftop with a picnic, live-streaming the entire thing. Chloe gives Judd an arousing speech on how he can do anything in the world – including fly – which at this moment, watchers will think absolutely nothing of it.

However, moments later, the two make a run for the ledge, where Judd falls to his death and Chloe disappears in a puff of glitter.

Parker confronts the Charmed Ones about the suspicious death, claiming that he believes it is most definitely more than a suicide and involved Supernatural beings.

Maggie assumes that Parker is just looking for an excuse to be around her and dismisses the Judd case as nothing to do with them. Harry, being in this world much longer, disagrees on leaving the case and assigns the Charmed Ones to look in to it.

Seeking out Chloe

The quartet consisting of Mel, Maggie, Macy and Harry continue their search for who is behind Judd’s ‘supposed suicide’, by attending his memorial filled with film students like Judd himself.

Harry initially suspects that a Goblin could be behind recent events and encourages the sisters to look out for someone wearing a hat, however, that can be pretty tricky to deal with in a room full of guy who love wearing hats.

Parker, being in a film class with Judd, introduced the sisters and Harry to all relevant guys, including Noah, who has screenshots from the live-stream of a mysterious glittery ball flying away after Judd’s death.

Charmed — “Manic Pixie Nightmare” — Image Number: CMD113b_0233.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Melonie Diaz as Mel, Rupert Evans as Harry, Madeleine Mantock as Macy and Sarah Jeffery as Maggie — Katie Yu/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights reserved.

We then see Noah outside, retrieving his phone from his car to show the sisters the photos from the live-stream, however, he encounters Chloe on his way and falls under her spell immediately.

He forgets about his mission to share the photos and finds himself skipping along in puddles with Chloe in the street, ending up with him being hit by a car and falling in to a coma.

The team comes to the conclusion that Chloe is behind Judd and Noah’s mysterious accidents and confirm that she is a pixie.

Harry, being quite charmed by the magical creatures, tells the sisters that Pixie’s are usually harmless and retrieves his big book of pixies to prove just that, although he gets trapped by Chloe’s pixie dust for a few moments, proving that witches and demons are immune to her spell, however whitelighters are not.

Parker’s Immunity

Parker believes that he is immune to Chloe’s charm being as he is half-demon, however, Maggie warns him to stay away just in case.

Maggie and Mel go to the college campus to distribute an immunity potion that Harry conjured up to other potential targets.

Charmed — “Manic Pixie Nightmare” — Image Number: CMD113a_0127.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Melonie Diaz as Mel, Adam DiMarco as Zack and Sarah Jeffery as Maggie — Katie Yu/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights reserved.

Back to Parker, he accidentally bumps in to Chloe and a puppy on the street opposite the campus and immediately falls under her spell.

Maggie finds Parker skipping happily down the street and heading towards an oncoming bus, but saves him just in time before he goes splat.

Maggie learns that Parker’s mum has been putting a serum in to him to hopefully take away his demon powers and that is why he became so entranced to Chloe. Maggie breaks the spell using her empath powers.

Demon Macy

Macy is currently working with Julia on a prototype serum for Parker and his demon powers made by mouse cells. Macy’s own journey to curing her demon side has been discouraged, as her process is a lot harder, as she has demon blood, but no demonic cells.

Macy finding out about her own blood has allowed her to feel more sympathy for Parker’s situation, however Maggie is having none of it due to the deceit and lies he shared with her.

Gavin, Macy’s boyfriend, decides to support Macy and seek out her cure further, away from the lab. He believes a story his late grandmother used to tell him might be the key to helping them, so the two go on their way to communicate with her through Mama Roz.

The two meet Mama Roz, in order to learn more about Chiriji, who performs a ritual to rid a person of the ibi. Unfortunately, Mama Roz doesn’t know how to perform this ritual, Galvin’s grandmother being one of the few who do and she calls upon her spirit.

When Gavin’s grandmothers spirit is present in the room, she senses Macy’s presence and refuses to help. She takes Galvin in to her hand away from Macy and the ibi, where Gavin explains that he is trying to help Macy and asks how he can learn to perform the ritual.

He finds out that the Chiriji will conduct a series of tests before fully trusting him with the ritual knowledge, concluding that if he fails the tests, it will cost him his life.

Capturing Chloe

Whilst pursuing the big book of pixies, Mel comes across a pixie trap, including a spell literally just involving giggles. Harry, Mel, Maggie and Macy all giggle and to their pleasure, Chloe easily falls in to the trap.

Chloe tells the sisters and Harry that she is a good pixie and that she’s just following orders from the person who has her heart. However, Harry, for some reason, didn’t take the immunity potion and falls under her spell once more, stealing the Book of Shadows and disappearing with Chloe.

However, it turns out that Chloe wasn’t lying about someone having a hold of her heart, as woodland pixie have hearts shaped like acorns, funnily very similar to the one around film student, Zack’s neck (the guy we previously saw Mel and Maggie give the immunity potion to). He reveals that he wants to be the greatest film-maker alive and Harry, still currently under the spell, retrieves a wish fulfilment spell and offers to be the sacrifice.

Although Maggie doesn’t want Parker to “swoop in” and help, his demon powers prove to be useful to the sisters, therefore, Maggie allows him to join them. Together, Maggie, Parker, Mel and Macy retrieve Harry and the Book of Shadows, steal back Chloe’s heart and stop Zack.

Chloe, now in the possession of the sisters, reveals that Zack wanted to get in to the advanced film seminar, however was convinced only one white guy would get in and thanks to Chloe, he was able to eliminate the competition. Chloe is overwhelmed with guilt and the sisters encourage Chloe to find other pixies and team up with them, in order to protect their hearts.

Mel uses a Sarcana hex to convince Zack to own up to the death of Judd and attempted murder on Noah. Although Macy and Maggie allow Mel to do the hex, they are still both very concerned about the spell, her relationship with Jada and the influence the Sarcana’s have on their sister.

Maggie and Parker

After all the pixie trouble is behind them, Maggie see’s Parker on campus carrying the puppy Chloe had a hold of the last time he under her spell.

He reveals that whether he is under her spell or not, he will be keeping the puppy, as he has always wanted one.

Maggie is taken by how sweet and human Parker has become around the puppy and kisses him. The puppy, maybe being a little jealous, then kisses the two of them.

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Macy asks Maggie if she scared to be with Parker whilst he still has his demon side, in which she admits that although she is scared, love itself is pretty damn scary. The pep talk gives Macy all she courage she needs to allow Galvin to go on his journey with the Chiriji, despite the two of them being terrified. Gavin admits that although he’s scared, he wants to try to make things right because he loves her.

Mel and Jada

Meanwhile, Mel and Jada’s new relationship has officially reached the toothbrush stage, despite the two being one huge secret. Mel is assigned the mission of heading to The Haunt to seek out more around Judd’s memorial, and whilst she is doing so, she also tries to find out the true identity of the Sarcana Sister who was rescued from Tartarus. The shocking identity is revealed as Fiona, Charity’s ‘supposedly’ dead sister.

Later on in the episode, Jada reveals to Mel that her parents want to see her and that she was adopted, however when her powers showed themselves to her, she lashed out and ran away, eventually finding her place with the Sarcana. Jada asks Mel if she would come along with her to meet her parents and when they do so, a black van pulls up and Jada is shot in the shoulder with a crossbow.

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