‘The Umbrella Academy’ recap: Episode 1×10, “The White Violin”

Allison saves the day. Sort of.

“The Umbrella Academy. A total failure.”

Hargreeves’s strange history

In the last episode of the season, we see a strange scene of Hargreeves’s history. A woman, who we assume he loves, is dying, along with the world. She tells Hargreeves he has to go, and outside the window we can see a bunch of rockets taking off from a futuristic landscape.

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It’s unclear where Hargreeves travels from, whether it’s from a different time or a different planet, but he ends up on Earth and sets up his plan for The Umbrella Academy.

Klaus tries to convince his siblings about Ben

At the end of the last episode, Vanya powers up. Now, she breaks out of her cage and goes on a rampage, destroying the Academy and killing Pogo. When one part of the building is about to fall on Diego, Ben pulls him out of the way. Of course, Diego can’t see Ben, so he thanks Klaus for saving his life.

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While they all recoup and form a plan of attack at the bowling alley, Klaus tries to convince his siblings about Ben. With his tendency to lie and manipulate, they don’t believe him. Luther helps Allison say goodbye to her daughter Claire, then The Commission arrives to stop them from preventing the end of the world.

The end of The Handler

With a message to meet at the motel, The Handler draws Five away from the fight to try to ensure his family fails at saving the world. Of course, he quickly catches on, and hurries to the theater to help.

Though The Handler offers Cha-Cha and Hazel a way to fix their mess, Hazel is done with following orders. He kills The Handler to save Agnes and gain his freedom.

Concerto chaos

Having arrived at the concert to the tune of “Barracuda” by Heart (super BA, btw), Vanya makes her first-chair debut. Luther, not surprisingly, ignores Allison’s plan of talking Vanya down. He tries to sneak up and attack her, and that definitely makes her angry.

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She starts playing again, her abilities become extremely destructive, and the audience flees for safety. Then The Commission arrives and attacks the siblings, again. Cha-Cha appears and Diego attacks her, but the memory of Patch convinces him to let her live.

Klaus, who was supposed to be the lookout, comes in late, having stopped for food. Turns out he’s actually a capable member of the team, as he uses his abilities to give Ben substance so he can use his own power and attack everyone.


As the saving grace that she is, Allison uses a gun to not shoot Vanya in the head, but go off by her ear, so the sound messes up her ability. All of her power is let out in a shot at the moon. Though they stopped Vanya, the apocalypse wasn’t avoided, as the moon is falling to the earth in pieces.

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Five convinces his siblings to let him bring them to a different time, where they can train and prepare for the end of the world. Then Vanya can learn to control her powers, and they can come back with a plan.

We will see how that goes in season two, which was just announced by Netflix.  Watch season one The Umbrella Academy now!

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